repair time

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Wate the endo head with mangel is golde or golden Freddy's endo skeleton. So who's endo skeleton comes out of the prize box some times when the music box terns off?

A second endoskeleton that was brought in to replace/repair Spring Bonnie. Every time someone tries to open Spring Bonnie, though, the locks snap in place and scare off the person tinkering with it. So the second endo is left alone and wanders about at night, getting into places out of curiosity.

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I haven't seen anything about this so I'm about to hit you with a hard hitting question. I've done my research and no one has told me. Will I, or will I not, be able to do the helicopter. I know it's a sensitive question and I know that it just may be too serious to ask via tumblr but I don't know if I can stand the delay of knowledge.

I’ve run all the required tests, analyzed the data, and…. yes, you can in fact helicopter after phallo. It’s not easy but it’s possible.

Doctor Who Christmas Special thought

It opens with The Doctor trying to repair the time stream in New York, since we have seen that it is so damaged that he can barely travel there anymore…

That episode takes place right after The Husbands of River Song. He had just seen his wife for the last time before she died… and he was trying to make it so he could visit her parents.

I’m not crying, you’re crying.


Hey guys!!! So as some of you may know, I’m working towards my BFA in art, and in order to achieve this I have to put in a senior exhibition.

Well today I have not only figured out the theme of my show but I’ve also found out the dates for it!

It’s April 16!

My show theme is basically I’m going back to the body positivity series that I did about a year ago, but it’s also going to be a narrative. One figure will move through the pieces, interacting with others. And some figures plant seeds with the original figure and these are optimisms that flower and grow, but other figures tear at and destroy the original figure. It’s about how things we say to each other or of others bodies hurt and can cause lasting damage, but there are ways to repair it slowly over time. This series is about body imagery and individual impacts of words and actions upon others. I’ll have examples of other figures and the damages and praises they’ve experienced too and the flower meanings will be extremely specific to each individual.

I’m really excited and if I seem to disappear at times, it’s purely because I’m working on this.

This is the culmination of my college career, and I need to make it amazing. It’s a very personal subject to me, and to others I feel, and I hope it turns out nice.

“I think to myself that disappearance indeed does not always equate to non-existence.”


Bonus: 2 hyperactive teenagers being overexcited 

might color some panels later but idk

@caden-shok here’s the doodle thing i was talking about :Y


eruhan attack on titan/pacific rim au:

Commander Erwin Smith loses his copilot Mike Zacharias during a Kaiju attack. Jaegars and Jaegar pilots are in short supply, however, and it’s a race against time to repair his Jaegar and find him a new copilot.

Hange Zoë is a biologist, more interested in dissecting Kaiju than fighting them. But everyone is required to test for drift compatibility and, as it turns out, she and the Commander are.

“You’ve never killed anything before in your life, have you?”

“Of course not. I’ve been too busy being a badass and worrying about the apocalypse.”

Okay so


Right now in World of Warcraft, a new expansion is coming out, and with it a pre-patch event. It’s all about hellfire, doom and gloom, and demons pretty much invading the world. 

Right now, our primary fraction capitals have these Doomsayers scattered around.

They are standing around in the major cities saying “the end is nigh!” and give everyone pamphlets. If you get one, you have to wait 15 minutes until you get one again. That is, unless you die in a sudden and unexpected way. Say, for example, falling from a great height.

You can probably see where this is going.

We are literally throwing ourselves to our deaths at their feet so we can get an achievement. 

Ladies and gentlemen - our army of heroes.

That concludes episode 21.

Well… That was very interesting. An episode focused solely on examining the relationship of two regular ol’ people of no real importance in the grand scheme of the world. I really quite liked this, I think.

There wasn’t a “happily ever after” magic solution at the end. There was damage done, and damage left, and all that’s left to do is repair it over time.

I rate episode 21, Joking Victim, a 7/10.

Episode 22 will begin shortly.