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Iris and Lillium’s designs for mine and @i-read-good-books   Android AU collab!! (VERY NieR:Automata inspired by my (very annoying) requests.  hahaha ) 

Text by her:


“from dusk til dawn

getting to know each other”


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Barbie (Chapter 6)

Chris Pine X Reader.

Summary:  What started as a simple date ended as a failed romance. Or has it truly failed?

Warnings: Cursing. naughty moments. 

Chapter 1. Chapter 2. Chapter 3. Chapter 4. Chapter 5. Chapter 6.  Chapter 7.  Chapter 8. 

You’d been home less than an hour and your apartment didn’t even look the tiniest bit clean or fixed. On top of the window that was now shattered and the hole in the wall, you had to pay a fortune to the landlord to repair them. You room was another story, clothes tossed out of the drawers, items thrown everywhere and not a single clue as to what this robber was searching for or even took. Other than a trail of messes, nothing looked gone. 

Your emotions where still on high from the night before. What made it even worse was when you walked into the kitchen and there was the rag you used on Chris’ forehead resting in the sink. Just when you went to reach for it to discard, a knock on your door scared the daylights out of you. 

A sharp intake of breath as you turned, your hand on your heart as you headed to the door. It was a teenager with a bouquet of flowers in his hand and a clipboard in his other. “Are you Y/N Y/L/N?” He asked looking around your apartment in confusion. 

“Yeah.” You said walking towards him. “Who are these from?” 

He looks at the clipboard, “Doesn’t say.” 

He hands you clipboard to sign and then the large overpriced bouquet of deep red roses. You gave the teen a small tip and closed the door gently.  There was a small card on the roses that read nothing more than, “I’m sorry” and in the trash can they went. Another act of apologies from Chris was the last thing you needed, he didn’t even have the respect to leave them at the office again. Now you were angry cleaning, throwing things in every direction; angrily shouting that Chris was overstepping his boundaries. 

“He thinks he can apologize and then send me flowers and still be on my good side. He’s got another thing coming.” You shouted as you lift you bookshelf up, pushing it back up against the wall again. The rest of the morning was spent cursing Chris’ name and the robbers name not only had he destroyed your apartment that created a bill but he’d also broken the small frog shaped jewelry box–which couldn’t fit a single thing but you’d had it since you were a child meaning it had a place in your heart plus you’d cut your hand when you taped the window up–which technically wasn’t his fault but you were blaming him anyway . 

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He breathed in. He breathed out.
He forgot how to exhale when he wasn’t at home.
Time kept its own clock here. A day at Aglionby was a smash-cut slideshow of images that didn’t matter and conversations that didn’t stick. But the same day, spent at the Barns, proceeded with lazy aplomb, full of four times as many things. Reading in the window seat, old movies in the living room, lazy repairing of a slamming barn door. Hours took as long as they needed.
—  The Raven King by Maggie Stiefvater
Going to Eurofurence!

This Sunday the 13th I am hopping on a plane to Berlin (well, to Frankfurt, and then to Berlin) to join the festivities at Eurofurence as a Guest of Honor! This will be my first time ever going to this con, or to Germany - my first time traveling outside the US, in fact! I’m super excited, but also super nervous because there is so much I need to do to get ready!

One of the things I am doing - I was offered a space in the art show, so I am putting together a brand new head! I am calling it “Anubis Acolyte” - a jackal, in-theme as a sort of priest of Anubis. I’ll be posting WIP photos soon! Wish me luck, I hope I can finish in time!

I don’t have a dealer’s table at the con, but I will be there in suit:

I’m in the fox suit on the Left; Kittiara is wearing Tierney on the Right - she’ll be there, too!

And I am running four panels over the weekend! Here is my panel schedule:

Clockwork Creature Meet & Greet
Day: Thu - Con Day 2 - 2017-08-17
Time: 11:00:00 — 12:30:00
Room: ECC Room 2

Taking a Realistic Approach to Fursuit Making
Day: Fri - Con Day 3 - 2017-08-18
Time: 13:30:00 — 15:00:00
Room: Club Stage — ECC Room 1

Character and Creature Design
Day: Fri - Con Day 3 - 2017-08-18
Time: 18:00:00 — 19:30:00
Room: ECC Room 4

Fursuit Repair and Maintenance
Day: Sat - Con Day 4 - 2017-08-19
Time: 15:00:00 — 16:30:00
Room: ECC Room 4

Also, there will be a Clockwork Creature Fursuit Group Photoshoot - the current plan is to do this on WEDNESDAY August 16, right after opening ceremonies in the evening. I would like to hear feedback about this plan! For instance, if you are not arriving until Thursday but want to be in the photoshoot, please let me know ASAP.

And speaking of fursuit repairs - I have gotten LOTS of inquiries about repairs at the con. Obviously, I have a pretty booked con schedule so far, but I want to try to help everyone that I can as much as possible. I can also do some repairs at my Fursuit Repair and Maintenance panel!

If you need a repair, PLEASE get in touch with me via email this week. I am bringing a repair kit, but my space is very limited, and there are some things I won’t be able to do. I will be giving some more info about at-con repairs in a separate post.

vexahliaderolo  asked:

rolling with the idea of the marquet getaway being their secret honeymoon, percy trying to calm vex down after the Shenanigans between vax and tary that ruined their room and belongings and him trying to save the first night after they've relocated to their new room?

I may come back to this later and get a little more, ahem, involved, but for now…

It takes both of them some time to calm down after the runaway prank war, especially Percy, who’s not quite as ready to forgive Tary and forget as Vex is. But there’s also not much point in dwelling on unpleasantries, especially once they repair to their new room and Vex declares, “After all that…”

She pushes open a door inside their suite to reveal a small bathroom, one that’s mostly filled with a respectably sized tub. Vex looks over her shoulder at Percy.

“I think we both ought to freshen ourselves up, don’t you?” she finishes.

Percy pauses for a second, looking down at himself. He’d taken care not to step in anything…well, untoward…that the dogs had left behind, but after all the running about trying to solve the issue, and whatever might have gotten kicked up along the way, and who knows what else, there’s really only one reasonable reply. “You present a valid point.”

Vex sidles up while he tugs with distaste at his rumpled clothing. “Darling, that’s not the only one I was making.”


He looks up again to discover that Vex, standing very close now, is wearing a distinct smirk. Suddenly the urge to see her wearing nothing but is hard to resist. “We could share the bath,” she says archly. “Again.”

“Ah. That’s…yes, that’s a better point.”

“I thought so. I mean, this is supposed to be our getaway together. Seems appropriate.”

He actually blushes at that, at the implications they’ve been trying not to make in front of the others. Here, though, out of earshot… “That it most definitely is.”

She smiles, more softly this time. “Is that also why you asked for our replacement room to be a bit more private?”

“Well, for one thing, I wanted to be well away from the nonsense that just happened…but yes, in fact, it was.”

Vex, going up on tiptoes, almost brushes his lips with hers when she says, “Such a smart man I’ve married.”

Percy chuckles, feeling Vex’s fingers slide in alongside his to unfasten a button. “I did lock the door,” he tells her, trying to continue to be helpful. “So hopefully we won’t get any interruptions this time.”

“Oh, everyone has been well and thoroughly informed that we are not to be disturbed again tonight.”

“Have they now.”

“Oh, yes,” she says lightly, as she pushes his shirt off his shoulders. It lands in a puddle behind him, while her fingertips slide over and around his bare shoulders to begin drawing him closer. “I think we deserve the peace and quiet.”

“Peace, maybe.” Newly inspired, he leans in and murmurs in one ear, “I’m a little less interested in being quiet.”

Vex’s eyes brighten, and she gives him a very we’ll see about that sort of smirk as she tugs him into the room.

And he does try during the activities that follow not to add water damage to the list of things on their bill, but if they both get a little overenthusiastic, well…

It is a honeymoon, after all.

The Ilvermorny Sonorus

In the fall of 1867, a handful of bright, inquisitive students from Thunderbird and Horned Serpent somehow managed to convince the staff of Ilvermorny to allow a school newspaper to be created. One of the students’ parents had an old broken printing press that they were willing to donate to the cause. They brought the press into an old, empty classroom in the South Wing of the castle, and over the course of a few weeks, they cleaned out the room and repaired and enchanted the press. Thus, The Ilvermorny Sonorus was born.

Currently, an 17-year-old seventh year advisor (often more than one) acts as the editor of the newspaper and “adult” supervision. Therefore, teachers are not compelled to interfere with the Sonorus unless it somehow abuses its privileges. Students are allowed to join the editorial squad at any age, though most often, fourth years and above actually get to report, while the newest member will still be learning the ropes and work more “behind the scenes”, such as running the enchanted press itself. The Sonorus is delivered weekly in large bundles to each House common room and the staff housing by owl.

Articles in the Sonorus:

Current Events

Quodpot Reviews

Staff Member of the Week

Advice Columns (General, Classes, Relationships, etc)

Inter-House Competition updates

Student polls

Student/Staff Highlights

Charm of the Week

~Prefect Selwyn

Image was made entirely by me on GIMP. The Ilvermorny Sonorus will now be a common medium for our posts about school happenings, similarly to the pendant announcements.

My Lady Ain't No Lady-by Pat Parker

my lady ain’t no lady

she doesn’t flow into a room—

she enters and her presence is felt.

she doesn’t sit small—

she takes all her space.

she doesn’t partake of meals—

she eats—replenishes herself.

my lady ain’t no lady—

she has been known

to speak in loud voice

to pick her nose,

stumble on a sidewalk,

swear at her cats,

swear at me,

scream obscenities at men,

paint rooms,

repair houses,

tote garbage,

play basketball,

& numerous other un lady like things.

my lady is definitely no lady

which is fine with me,

cause i ain’t no gentleman.

galadrieljones  asked:

Post-Trespasser Reunion Fluff: Iwyn is having trouble deciding on a color for the drapes in their bedroom. She wants to ask Solas his opinion. But Skyhold is a big place, and still sort of empty. Hallways, sunlight coming through the stained glass windows. She goes to find him, and when she does, she is met with a pleasant surprise.

This prompt was so lovely, <3. Thank you!

For @dadrunkwriting

 Iwyn Lavellan and Solas making a home for themselves in Skyhold after they reunite. 

Iwyn Lavellan x Solas | post-Trespasser, post-reunion | romance
fluff, magic


The afternoon sun casts its bright light through the windows and the open doors to the balcony. It paints the room in rich orange and greens through the stained-glass windows. Iwyn looks at them and frowns. It looks lovely, but the windows on the other side light up with the dawn. It didn’t use to bother her, she was up with sun so often. But now, now she wants to linger in bed, bury herself in the scent of man besides her.

This is what leads her to her current problem. Drapes will solve the issue, but she cannot decide on a color. She will not break down and message Josephine for advice, she is still the leader of what is left of the Inquisition, and it is her bedroom. Hers and Solas, she thinks with a smile. Green would fit the stained glass. Blue his eyes and the sky above the mountains. Deep red would match the carpet. Maybe midnight blue would be soothing, and surely keep the light out? Too many choices, but she wants it to be perfect. She wants him to feel happy, to feel at peace here. She groans and sits on the bed. Maybe she should just ask him.

Decided, she hurries down the stairs, expecting him to be in rotunda, reading or putting the final touches on the completed murals. He isn’t and there is no half-opened book, and no wet brushes. A raven caws, and she looks up, but there is only a few birds in the tower, and no new messages.

He might be in the garden, reading, but once she gets there it is mostly empty. He is not in the smithy, he is not in the old diplomatic suite where they take their meals. He might be hungry, though, so she heads to the kitchen. He is not there either, but the cook is still there – he refuses to leave Skyhold no matter how few people lives here now – and he pushes a basket of warm cinnamon bread in her hand.

She makes her way down to the wine cellar and the underground library, calling his name. No one answers. Where could he be? She walks from the kitchen to the stables, and up the archway to the inn. Sera is away, a Red Jenny task calling her. The Chargers and Bull is out on a mission, and she just finds Maryden in the inn, composing a song.

“Have you seen Solas?” she asks.

Maryden shakes her head.

Skyhold feels so empty, these days. Her friends have finally decided they can leave her alone with Solas, no more coordination of who is here to keep track of him, no more watching over her like she will shatter and break. She enjoys her time with Solas, and she appreciates their trust, if it wasn’t for the fact that it feels so lonely at times. It is nothing like height of the Inquisition, where the constant buzz of voices reached her everywhere. The War Room is empty too, though she must have lapsed, someone has moved the marker for the Tevinter forces. They are on the move. She frowns, she will worry about that later.

She already checked the garden, but she checks it again. He is not in the room where Morrigan’s eluvian still stands, for safe keeping, of course.

She calls his name yet again, where is he? She can’t find him, and she is gripped with a sudden fear, that he left, that he is gone, that maybe he was never really here. She stops a moment and takes a deep breath. It is nonsense, and she realizes she has not checked the battlements or any of the towers. He would not leave her, not now. She takes another steadying breath, she doesn’t want him to see her upset, to see his eyes filled with guilt and concern.

She climbs the stairs and steps into the now-empty mage tower.

“Solas! Solas!”

No one answers, just words echoing off the half-finished walls. The mages have gone with Fiona, or with Vivienne, and they are still in the middle of turning the tower into a suite of guest rooms.

She exits on the other side, and the sun is almost gone now, slowly sinking below the mountains. The sky is orange and crimson, vermillion reflections on the snowy mountainsides.

The door to the corner tower is ajar, and she slips in, then stops in her tracks. The fallen ceiling is repaired, the room cleared, and a ladder leads up above.


She hears a sound like a bell on a clear winter day, and then a thump. She climbs the ladder, the basket of cinnamon bread balanced in her mouth. She puts it down when she emerges, almost dropping it.

Solas is there, the green glow of magic pulsing in his hands, sweat on his brow.

“Solas?” she repeats.

He turns to her, and the magic scatters, the light in his eyes dissipating, leaving just the man standing there.

Vehnan,” he says with a soft smile. “I am almost done.”

She jumps to the roof platform, which doesn’t look like a roof at all. She just stares, turns her head and takes it all in. It is so lush, so green. Impossibly, she is standing on a carpet of grass. Willow archways rises above, each covered with roses blooming in a myriad of colors. She breathes deeply, and the sweet scent overwhelms her. Behind her, she can hear a fountain trickle, and a large butterfly flutters past her, the yellow wings shining in the evening light.

“You did this?” She doesn’t trust her eyes. It is lavish garden, an oasis, nothing that belongs in a military fortress, or should even exist in the cold winds of the Frostback Mountains.

“I… Yes.” He steps close to her, takes her hand, and looks down at it. A blush creeps into his face. “Do you like it?”

“I love it. It is so beautiful. But how? Why?” She looks up at him, and her heart sings at the way he looks at her. She feels like her emotions are filling her up, spilling out of her, making her whole body sing. She leans into him, coming home. Grounding herself in his touch.

“There used to be …” he stops, and he put his arms around her. “It doesn’t matter. I wanted you, us, to have a quiet place, somewhere beautiful and restful.”

“It is. Thank you.”

They stand there for a moment, suspended in time, in the present, where nothing but their togetherness had ever been, or would ever become.

“Show me all of it,” she then says, and he does.

Then they lie in the grass, and they eat the cinnamon bread, while one star after another emerges on the night sky.

She forgets to ask him about the drapes.

anonymous asked:

This might be a bit of a personal question, but since you mentioned that your Saniwa is female, how does she deal with that time of the month? Were there any swords that weren't aware of such a thing and how do you care for her?

Those of us who had been household swords were aware that there was something, though we were always unsure as to what. Very few of us have ever belonged directly to a woman before and none of have us experienced menstruation before, so it’s still something of a mystery to us. My textbooks explain the biology behind behind it but little else.

We were a little nervous the first few months but eventually we settled into a routine. I keep painkillers in my lab and in the repair rooms. Taishou will come to me to collect a small stash (she tries not to overuse them), and recently I’ve started keeping chocolate for her in my lab as well. I have to be sure to hide it from Houchou, though.

Mikazuki was once owned by Nene, the wife of Toyotomi Hideyoshi. He brings taishou a heating pad and offers her back rubs. He and I are in league in encouraging taishou to drink plenty of water, and he’ll usually sweet talk her into going for walks around the garden since physical exercise eases cramps.

Oodenta was horrified when taishou, in obvious discomfort, locked herself away only a week or so after his arrival. He was convinced that his spiritual powers had harmed her and when he overheard Souza mention that she was bleeding his panic worsened. The thought of approaching taishou and asking her what was happening or what he should do didn’t seem to occur to him. I suspect that he thought his presence would only harm her more. He instead enlisted Ishikirimaru and Taroutachi and asked them to help him perform a protective rite on taishou. They agreed despite not knowing why he wanted to do one and got to work. I camped out down the hall with Tsurumaru–he brought popcorn–and waited to see what would happen. Taishou smelled the incense and overheard the Ishikirimaru chanting outside her door so she stepped out of her room to find them in the middle of a ceremony. Ishikirimaru didn’t stop chanting and Taroutachi greeted her normally, but Oodenta turned white and started backing down the hall. She very gently caught his hands in hers and told him in a patient voice that she was fine, really, and then told Ishikirimaru to please stop making noise and let her sleep. As punishment for waking her she dragged Oodenta into the room and made him stand guard while she napped, just in case anyone else got the idea that making noise was a good idea.

Tsurumaru makes very excellent popcorn, by the way.

I've lost everything

Me and my family had one hell of a past 2 months. We went out of state to get my friends birth certificates back in February. We left in an rv. When we got to Oklahoma it blew out it’s mufflers costing a few hundred dollars in repairs. When it did that it caused the timing chain to jump. (If you don’t know cars, when a vehicle jumps time, it’s not good). We had to leave that at a mechanic to get fixed and bought a pt cruiser . We didn’t get far before it started having overheating issies. We could only travel maybe 100 miles a day. That thing cost us nearly $5000 in repairs and hotel rooms. It finally blew it’s head gasket just 200 miles from our destination. And by the time we got there we had nothing. No money. We got stranded. And while we were stranded for 2 months with no money to get back to colorado, we got evicted. We had no way to pay rent.

By the time we made it back to Colorado we have no home, no clothes or stuff except what we brought with us, and no food stamps. We lost everything. Our rv is in storage and we can’t get it untill we pay a steadily growing storage bill which is 25 per day. We have no idea what we are going to do.

Please, if anyone can help, my PayPal is

Bodhi Rook x Reader, Part 3

Title: The Sky is Ours / AO3
Part 1: Hey FlyboyAO3
Part 2: Stars in His Eyes / AO3
Length: 8.8k
Rating: Mature for language and sexual content.
Summary: Bodhi refuses to take Reader off world anymore for fear of putting her in danger again but Reader finally manages to convince him for one more flight among the stars.
A/N: Dedicated to @nightwriterescapingreality who was having a bad day and Bodhi cuddles were required to make everything better :)
Masterlist / WIP List

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Newt Scamander

Newt Scamander x reader
Note: your like Tinkerbell from Peter Pan
Warning: none
I used some of the screen play to wrote this and have no intention of claiming I own it (which I do not). Please enjoy.
Newt enters Jacob’s room and stops, staring: the room is completely destroyed. Footprints, broken furniture, shattered glass. Even worse: a massive hole in the opposite wall- something huge has blasted its way out.
Jacob groans from the corner and Nrwt crouches beside him. He lies on his back, eyes closed, and moaning.
Newt tries to examine a small red bite on Jacob’s neck, but Jacob keeps unconsciously batting him away.
“Mr. Scamander!” Tina calls, running up the staircase of Jacob’s building.
Newt jumps up, desperately preforms a repairing charm. The room is righted, the wall repaired, just in time before Tina enters the room.
She hurries inside to find Newt, trying to look innocent and composed, sitting on the bed. He calmly reaches for the latches on his case.
“It was open?” Tina questions.
“Just a smidge…”
Just as Newt starts to latch the case, a little ball of (f/c) light zips out of the case.
Tina screams lightly in surprise.
The little ball of light starts jingling angrily at Newt.
“Yes, I know- now, you know I never - why (Y/N) that’s beneath you - oh, you know I’d never leave you on purpose.”
The little ball of light, revealed as (Y/N), huffs angrily and settles herself on the floor, changing full sized.
Tina gasps again as a (h/c) haired girl suddenly appears in the light’s place. She has a (f/c) dress in that reaches her knees and a pair of shining, clear wings on her back.
(Y/N) turns towards Tina and glares. “Who’s she?”
“(Y/N), this is Tina, she works for MACUSA, and Tina, this is (Y/N), a fairy.” Newt explains.
Y/N narrows her eyes. “How do you do?”
“Er..” Tina stands dumbfounded at the sight in front of her. She can make out pointy ears behind (Y/N)’s (h/c) hair.
“What’s with her?” Y/N asks.
Jacob groans from the corner.
“Oh, now who’s this?” Y/N questions.
Tina drops Jacobs case and makes straight for the injured Jacob.
“His necks bleeding, he’s hurt! Wake up, Mr. No-Maj…”
“No-Ma- what in the world’s a-” y/n is cut off by Newt grabbing her hand, she let’s out a surprised squeal as newt makes for the door.
Suddenly, Tina emits a guttural scream as the murtlap comes scuttling out from under a cabinet and latches onto her arm.
Newt releases (y/n) and spins, catching the creature by the tail and grappling it into the case.
“Mercy Lewis, what is that?” Tina says.

“Nothing to worry about. That is a murtlap.” “What else have you got in there?” Jacob opens his eyes. Y/N looks over. “Oh, Mr. No-Maj is awake.” “You!” Jacob cries, recognizing Newt. “Hello.” “Well,” y/n says. “You just made all kinds of friends while I was in there didn’t you?” “Easy Mr. -” tina starts. “Kowalski…Jacob…” “I thought his name was Mr. No-Maj.” “Oh, no, love thats the American equivalent to muggles.” Newts explains. “Oh. You made friends with a muggle?” “Er- not exactly.” Tina takes Jacobs hand to shake it. Newt raises his wand. Jacob recoils in fear, clutching at Tina who moves protectively in front of him. “You can’t obliviate him! We need him we a witness.” “I’m sorry - you’ve just yelled at me the length of New York for not doing it in the first place.” “He’s hurt! He looks ill!” “He’ll be fine. Murtlap bites aren’t serious.” Newts says, putting away his wand. Jacob retches into a corner, while Tina looks at Newt with disbelief. “I admit that is a slightly more severe reaction than I’ve seen, but if it were serious - he’d have…” “What?” “Well the first simptom would be flames out of his anus-” Y/N cracks up as, terrified, Jacob feels the seat of his pants. “This is balled up!” “It’ll last forty-eight hours at most! I can keep him if you want me to-” “Oh, keep him? We don’t keep them! Mr. Scamander, do you know anything about the wizarding community in America?” “I do know a few things, actually. I know you have rather backwards laws about relations with non-magic people. That you’re not meant to befriend them, that you can’t marry them, which seems mildly absurd to me.” “I know that fairies prefer Americans to mess with.” Y/N beams. “Much easier to fool I’ve heard!” Jacob is following this conversation, openmouthed. “Who’s going to marry him?” “I don’t see why I need to come with you -” Y/N glared, “I definitely agree we leave her in the dust.” Tina tires to lift the only partially conscious Jacob from the floor. “Help me!” Newt starts over, but Y/N stops him and flicks her wrist, (f/c) fairy dust swirling around Jacob, lifting him into the air. Tina watches in amazement as Jacob looks dazed. “I’m… I’m dreaming, right? Yeah…I’m tired, I never went to the bank. This is all just some big nightmare, right?” “For the both of us, Mr. Kowalski.” Tina said. Newt whistled and y/n turned. Newt pointed and flicked his wrist in a circle. “Shrink, please.” Y/N rolls her eyes and in a flash she’s a little ball of light again, settling on Newt’s shoulder. They disapparate. *** As Newt, Tina, and Jacob tend to the beasts, Queenie and Y/N (full grown again) wait by. Y/N watches Newt talking to Pickett and smiles. Suddenly, Queenie giggles. “I think its cute that you have a crush on Newt.” Y/N looks at her stunned. “But-” “Please,” Queenie smiles. “Your fairy shield may keep me from reading your mind, but only a fool couldn’t see what you feel for him.” Y/N sighs. Her fairy shield drops for the first time in years and she allows Queenie to read her thoughts. “You’ve been through a lot together. Oh, he saved you from a hunter…thats sweet…oh…” Queenie turns to a photograph inside Newt’s shed, which shows a beautiful girl- the girl smiles suggestively. “Hey, Newt. Who is she?” “Ah…that’s no one.” “Leta Lestrange? I’ve heard of that family. Aren’t they kinda - you know?” “Please don’t read my mind.” But Queenie drinks the whole story out of Newt’s head. She looks both intrigued and saddened. Newt continues to work, trying hard to pretend that Queenie isn’t reading his mind. Queenie steps forward. “Sorry, I asked you not to.” Newt says, angry and embarrassed. “I know, I’m sorry, I can’t help it. People are easier to read when their hurting.” “I’m not hurting. Anyway, it was a long time ago.” “That was a real close friendship you had at school.” “Yes, well neither of us really fitted in at school so we-” “-became real close. For years.” Y/N bites back tears, putting up her shield again, turning small and fluttering away, jealous and angry at Queenie for being able to get the story out of him that she had tried to for years. Queenie looked at him, concerned. “She was a taker. You need a giver.” **** Newt lands on his back and Graves immediately sets upon him, casting spells in a whiplike motion with increasing vigor. Graves’s immense power is evident, as Newt writhes on the ground, unable to stop him. Y/N speeds into the scene, jumping in front of Newt at full size, the whips hitting her instead of him. But Graves continues anyway, unfaultered with a crazed look in his eyes. “N-no, Y-Y/N,” Newt says, reaching for her. Her fairy magic snapped and she screamed in pain, causing Credence to succumb to the blackness - his body enveloped and overcome- the Obscurus rising up and blasting down the tunnel towards Graves. Graves stops and watches mesmerized. Y/N faints into Newt’s arms. Graves falls to his knees beneath the vast black mass, pleading in wonder. “Credence.” The obsurus let’s out an unearthy scream and dives towards Graves, who disapparates just in time. The obscurus continues to blast around the tunnel. Newt looks at Y/N helplessly with sad eyes. She reaches up the touch his cheek. “Get Credence,” she whispers. Newt nods and quickly disapparates Y/N to a safe spot before going back in. Graves and Newt Disapparate and Apparate around the subway, trying to avoid the Obscurus’s path. This causes the station to disintegrate even faster. Suddenly the force accelerates, becoming a giant wave that consumes the entire space before flying out the roof. The obscurus screams and dives, bursting through the subway roof - for a split second, both Newt and Graves seem on the point of death- as they lie on the tracks, cowering beneath this Dark force. Tina stops. “Y/N?” She whispers. Y/N points towards where Newt and Graves were. “Credence…” Is all she can say. Tina takes off. “Credence no!” Tina runs onto the tracks. Inches from Graves’s face, the obscurus freezes. (I take it you all know what happens after this and you come nowhere in it so, skipsies!) “I refuse to bow down any longer.” Graves walks away from the aurors. “Aurors, I’d like you to relieve Mr. Graves of his wand and escort him back to-” As graves walks away, a wall of white light appears in front of him. “I think you should stay a while, don’t you Mr. Graves?” “Y/N!” Tina and Newt shout in unison as Y/N, weak, but alright, flutters towards the group, hand held forward glowing the same as the wall. “A fairy,” Madame Picquery breathes. Graves thinks for a moment - a sneer of derision and irritation crossing his face. He turns. Graves strides confidently back along the platform, firing spells at both groups of Aurors facing him. Spells fly back at him from all angles, but Graves parries them all. Several Aurors are sent flying - Graves appears to be winning… In a split second, Newt pull the cocoon from his pocket and releases it at Graves. The Swooping Evil soars around him, shielding Newt and the Aurors from Graves’s spells, and giving Newt time to raise his wand. With a sense he’s been holding this one back, he slashes it through the air: Out flies a crackling rope of supernatural light that wraps itself around Graves like a whip. Graves tries to hold it off as it tightens, but staggers, struggles, and falls to his knees, dropping his wand. “Accio.” Tina says, Graves’s wand flying into her hand. Graves looks around at them, a deep hatred in his eyes. Y/N lands behind Newt and follows him as he and Tina slowly advance, Newt raising his wand. “Revelio.” Graves transforms. He is no longer dark, but blond and blue-eyed. He is the man on the posters. A murmur spreads through the crowd: Grindelwald. Madame Picquery moves towards him. “Do you think you can hold me?” Grindelwald sneers. “We’ll do our best, Mr. Grindelwald.” Grindelwald stares intently at Madame Picquery, his expression of disgust turning into a small, derisory smile. He is forced to his feet by two Aurors, who move him towards the entrance. As Grindelwald reaches Newt, he pauses - both smiling and sneering. “Will we die, just a little?” Y/N waves her hand over Newts shoulder, snapping a cloth over Grindelwald’s mouth, preventing him from speaking again. He is then led away, up and out of the subway. Newt watches, bemused. (A little while after all that and the sad shit *cries*) Newt and Y/N sit inside his case, tending to her injuries. “You haven’t got anything too severe thanks to you fairy magic, any minor injuries should heal in a few days.” Y/N nods, a sad expression on her face. Newt touches her cheek, she looks up into his eyes. “Next time, try not to get yourself killed saving my life.” Y/N smiles, placing her hand over his. “Thanks Newt.” “Anytime, love,” Newt left her to go feed his creatures. Y/N could only think of one thing. “He called me love again…” ***** The end! Hope you enjoyed. If you could have anyone play you in a movie, who would you want? I’d want Jennifer Lawrence because she cracks me up and is my favorite actress.

cherrypichu  asked:

Ooh a new Touken Ranbu ask blog! Hello there! How would the swords (Mikazuki, Tsurumaru, Kashuu, Yagen, Horikawa, and Ichigo) react to their Saniwa, who they really love, passing out in front of them on the floor due to exhaustion? Thank you in advance and good luck with blog btw!!! <3

This got a little bit long ahahaha more of a scenario than a headcanon..? It’s also not an exact request but the passing out theme is there hope you don’t mind OTL In varying shades of the definition of love (romantic, platonic, etc.)

  • They’ve been at it for days and as the attendant, Mikazuki could only watch as his Master used more resources searching for that elusive sword spirit. Mikazuki lost count how many times he tried dissuading his Master but one stubborn look and refusal to budge anywhere out of the room was all his Master offered. Not that Mikazuki would leave the position as attendant and offer it to someone else. They asked for him after all. “It’s done,” were the relieved words from the Saniwa before promptly passing out. Mikazuki was quick to catch his Master, cradling them easily in his arms. He chuckles softly, though his eyes betrayed the worry and wonder he feels. “You did well, Master. Now rest.” He adjusts his hold before sitting comfortably next to the hearth, waiting for the new sword the Saniwa recently forged.
  • Tsurumaru was excitedly recounting his latest endeavor (prank) when he glanced to his side and found his conversation partner gone. “Master?” He looked around but saw no trace of the Saniwa. “Where…” his wondering stops when his eyes trailed down and found his Master’s body firmly plastered on the floor. He blinked twice. “Well this is surprising.” He sighs then shakes his head helplessly before hauling their master’s body over his shoulder (not the gentlest but the fact that they didn’t stir was enough telling). He takes them to his room (no way he’ll go to Master’s room with Hasebe as attendant standing guard). He later teases the Saniwa how they snore from exhaustion.
  • Kashuu never thought fieldwork would be enjoyable at any point but somehow, working with the Saniwa makes everything feel great. Maybe because Kashuu likes this arrangement of earning a smile or thank you whenever he brings the harvested vegetables to the Saniwa’s side, but he could do this all day. “Master~ I’m done with the tomatoes. Don’t really like them but they’re good for the human body so I picked them extra ca~re~fu~lly~!” He was expecting another flash of smile but instead, he found a sleeping figure next to the potatoes. He panics, then worries, but immediately assesses the situation like a trained soldier. No visible wounds so his master is safe. Bone tired to fall asleep during fieldwork but safe. Kashuu uses the opportunity to skip work and enjoy their presence. Yasusada later finds them both asleep, heads resting on top of each other.
  • Gokotai was near hysterical when he came running to Yagen’s room and the words ‘Dead Saniwa’ and ‘Dining Hall’ had Yagen sprinting out. His heart stops when he sees them on the floor. He crouched low and checked for their vitals before breathing out a sigh of relief. His master is simply asleep. He’s quick to calm Gokotai’s string of apologies and usher his younger brother to get some comfortable beddings for their master. When the Saniwa wakes up, they found their head on top of Yagen’s lap, his fingers absently brushing on their hair. “Sleep. Dinner’s still 4 hours away.” The calming ministrations of Yagen lulled them back to sleep.
  • The Saniwa has this bad habit of sleeping late, Horikawa takes note when he was assigned to be the attendant for the night. He watches them be deeply absorb in their little world. Books, modern gadgets, or a white paper with incomprehensible words and madly drawn lines. They bit their lips, their hand massaging a spot on their shoulder blades. Horikawa was immediately behind his Master, his hands kneading the tight knots. The Saniwa protested but it was too weak and all too soon they were leaning on Horikawa, lulled by relaxed muscles and Horikawa’s ministrations.
  • The oodachi blade swung heavy and made a deep gash on Ichigo’s chest. His vision blacked out and his last memory was Namazou’s furious eyes as he charged straight on to the Kebiishi to avenge his brother. The next memory was kinder; soft white sheets and warm skin. Ichigo didn’t feel any pain anymore but he felt incredibly tired. He tried moving his head, only to see the Saniwa’s sleeping face a mere inches from him. At this point, he blushed and tried to put some distance between them, only to find that he can’t and his master’s grip was tight. “You’re still healing,” they mumble, though their eyes didn’t open. “Sleep.” Ichigo was hesitant at the order but eventually complied, slightly guilty but more grateful how his master saw to his injuries personally. When he wakes up, he finds the rest of his brothers staring at him curiously, and was promptly asked why his limbs are all over their Master. Midare teases him endlessly. It was safe to say that Ichigo was extra careful not to get any damage to avoid the repair room again.

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So today my dad was talking about how stupid non-binary people are and I'm non-binary and I died inside. I mean they're also very homophobic and I'm very not straight... Pls help

You have many friends here, but in many ways, I do not think turning inward is healthy. I am not suggesting you come out to them, if it has the possibility to make your life right now painful or dangerous, but often times, these people do not learn because these people have no experience. They don’t understand how widespread it is, and they speak in complete stupidity. Sometimes when they learn that someone near them, whom they protest to love, is gay, or nonbinary, they amend their opinion. That is the ideal, of course.

I don’t know how old you are, but if you are older than say, 16, I would say it is now time to begin establishing your personal boundaries. If you can do so safely, begin having, not angry or hateful reactions, but definite and dismissive responses to bigoted comments. It may even be prudent to simply say that you do not want to engage in conversations that are disrespectful to other people, and then walk away. This may earn you negative replies and consequences, BUT it is good for several reasons.

Firstly, you declare the ethical high ground, and their only possible reply is “But I want you to see how bigoted I am!” Which makes them look terrible (even to their subconscious). Next, it allows you to set a precedent of your boundaries and feelings WITHOUT revealing what you are to them. Thirdly, it requires NO EXPLANATION. You simply do not engage in cruelty or dismissive behaviors. Those are your personal boundaries. And they will either respect them or earn your disapproval. I know you may be scoffing, thinking that they are the authorities and could care less about your disapproval, but I assure you, they ABSOLUTELY care. They may not interpret it as you want them to, but ALL parents can tell when their children are disappointed in them. Recall that they are human. They had parents, and even if they agreed with their parents upon every point, at one time or another they absolutely found themselves at odds with their parents, and had to find a way.

Eventually, the hope or idea is, that they will learn to stop doing those things in front of you, but only if you handle it properly.

You must not display any sort of rage, frenetic behavior, or emotional state. Your affect should be cold, dismissive, and definite.

You should not engage in answering “Why” questions. If you interrupt their remarks with “I do not engage in disrespectful discriminatory behavior, and I am leaving this conversation” and they attempt to defend their bigotry, it stands to reason they will eventually ask what is wrong with you- a why. At this point, you have simply to distance yourself further by either repeating yourself, or saying that speaking ill of others in a way that is ignorant of their circumstances is not something you condone. The most important thing is not to use any phrasing that is “name-calling”. You cannot call a bigot a bigot. They stop hearing you. So always talk about the behavior and the aspects about THE BEHAVIOR that bother you. Give them a chance to be a better person. Give them the opportunity to qualify what they have said in a more pleasant way. If they do, this means they are aware of their fault. It makes them easier to engage. If they do not “back pedal”, then you have met a brick wall, and you walk away.

If they pursue you or belabor the point, resist the urge to engage. Repeat yourself. No matter what they say. Repeat that you do not engage in such behaviors. Find a way to leave safely, whether it be to repair to your room, or to step outside.

This is the way you teach others how to engage you. This is how you stand up for yourself and gain ground WITHOUT imposing upon them. If they continue their bigotry as a pageant to upset you, well then…

They have taught you PRECISELY what sort of enemy they are, and have made themselves more obvious. You will have learned a simple truth about your family, and that is something to confront in different ways with a separate strategy.

I am sorry you have to deal with this. But this is a plague on the human mind, one that is hundreds of years strong, but you represent a generation largely immune. Uphold that. Defend it. I know that it can be frightening (and please do not do anything that is dangerous. I cannot know your circumstances, and you know your parents.) but all of you must step back and let them define themselves. Once they have, they are easier to beat.


FT Fluff week Day 4: Promises | Always

                                                     Lucy: Age 17   |||   Natsu: Age 18

“Dear Mama,

… Do you remember the time when I told you that Natsu and I kissed in the rain? 

It turns out, the idiot assumed that I’m his girlfriend the whole time. Nobody can blame me though, he never asked!

But… he asked me today… and… I… agreed.

He promised to be with me forever. And that he will always be mine. And he will cherish me until the end.

Gosh, I really love this idiot.

You fell in love with Papa around my age, right? Papa told me. We both can’t hide the relationship from Papa so we uh… it was funny really but uh… Natsu and I prepared a feast for Papa before we broke the news to him. The poor man almost choked on his chicken bone. Fortunately, he approved of us (after he thwacked Natsu in the head while saying that he will castrate him if he hurt his little girl. Poor Natsu.) and in the end, Papa cried because it reminded him of your love story, Mama. He told Natsu where you two met: In a business called, “Love and Lucky”. The place where you guys got my name. He told Natsu your love story and he was amazed. Although we were all crying when Papa was telling the story of your death. We miss you so much, Mama.

Papa gained his composure and told me that he was glad that I chose someone reliable. He told Natsu that he trusts him so much and that he considers him as his child. Papa admits that it’s kind awkward for his two children to get together but… as long as we’re happy, then he’s happy. He hopes that I wouldn’t get pregnant soon though because that’s what happened to you and Papa around our age.

Of course, I will not get pregnant! Yet… gosh I’m blushing.


Tomorrow, Natsu will introduce me to Grandine and Igneel as his girlfriend. I think they’ll be delighted because they even had bets about our relationship. Geez, adults should be mature and yet…

I’m kinda nervous… I’ve met them so many times and yet… ugh. This is different. But I’m sure it’ll be fine.

So, I have a boyfriend now, Mama.

I hope you approve of him. He may be an idiot at times but he always takes care of me. Ever since we were children, he’s the one I’m always with. I trust him with my whole life and it is mutual. 

I love you, Mama. Thank you for always being there.

Love, Lucy”

Goodness. I’m 12 days late. HAHA. My tablet is miraculously working in perfect condition and I’m back in my room. The repairs are done wahahah (for now). Gosh I missed drawing. I kinda forgot how I draw Lucy and Natsu in this style so uh haha sorry for the inconsistency if you noticed lmao.

                                                      Part 5 of 9

Parts: I (Puppy) // II (Together/Come On) // III (Music/Games)  //  IV (Starlight/Rain)  // V (Promises/Always)  //  VI (Count On Me)  //  VII (I Lived/Show Me)  //  VIII (Serendipity)  //  IX (Happy Ever After)