OMG! I may have found the young marauders!

At least in singing.

Gianluca should be James with his eyes that sparkle like mischief gold.

Piero has the learned, mature look with a sense mischievousness in his gait.

And damn, Ignazio, you lady-killer, with your dimples, and your smile that has mischief written all over them.

Waahhhh, a Marauders era centered around opera? Oooh, the possibilities. XD XD XD

youtube from repad (the best quality ever in a youtube video)


Ok so I am an older woman. Sometimes my computer skills aren’t the sharpest and I make typos. I am from SW Virginia and maybe write the way I talk. My questions and comments may be too simple or dumb for great minds. Or my communication skills are lacking. Then perhaps I am just not one of the gang. If I am any or all of these, I suppose that is justification for being rude.

I am simply an interested fan who is in love with Outlander, and specifically Sam and Cait. I felt so blessed when I happened upon this Tumbler group. I will not follow anyone who puts down fans and or “shippers” because I have no interest in their negativity. I thrive on. repading what all the people I follow have to say about Sam and Cait.

If I have offended YOU, I am truly sorry and apologize. As much as I love to interact, I will refrain. May everyone who reads this be blessed with many happy Sam and Cait moments.