I just want to put a little light on my little tumblr blog here… I’m more focusing on my pictures here at REP96st, but I’m no longer putting my artwork here as much. 

It seems that some of my more popular artwork is being reblogged from here, but I’d rather a tumblr, where it’s just focused on my artwork.

For that, please go to for all my artwork.

Please, if you repost, I ask that you tell everyone where you got it from, it only helps me out, I think.

Thanks and Props in advance.


Wishing Rep96st a happy birthday.

Talented, inspirational, humourous and ridiculously loyal to his friends and family.

He also makes a great rival on Xbox Live. He’s crazy and good at being so.


It’s about that time, people! Shout out to my small assistant, who seen the similarities..HAHA! Ivory, this goes out to you.. Happy Holidays!