In honor of the California students who came out of the shadows today, I have decided to help several Mississippi Legislature “come out” about their status… as members of the American Legislative Exchange Council!  It’s hard to live a double life, I’m sure they’ll find my help to be a liberating experience for them, just these undocumented students found their “coming out” experience to be liberating for them! and would welcome your phone calls about their approval of Voter ID, Personhood, Book Censorship, and Anti-Immigrant rhetoric.

On behalf of freedom lovers everywhere, I give them a nice ¡NO MAMES!

From top to bottom:

Rep. Bobby Howell, Rep. Jessica Upshaw, Rep. Randall Patterson, Rep. Sam Mims V, Rep. Tom Weathersby, Rep. Bill Denny, Rep. Mark Formby, Sen. Dean Kirby, Sen. Joey Fillingane, Sen. Melanie Sojourner.

Happy coming out of the shadows day!