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Spoilers if you haven’t watched 9x06

So GALLAVICH is canon king.

If you’ve been watching the show shameless, you know Gallavich, arguably the show’s most popular and withstanding ships. It centers around two men, Ian Gallagher and Mickey Milkovich, who struggle with loving each other and growing up on the South Side of Chicago, where gang violence, crime, and a huge stigma around LGBT people and youth exist.

Ian Gallagher is a youth that comes out to a mostly accepting family on the South. His arc, really, is how he helps Mickey learn how to accept his sexuality and face the years of abuse and neglect he suffers at the hands of his father.

Mickey Milkovich is someone who doesn’t want to believe he’s gay. He’s in fact, very scared- of his father, of the streets, of himself. Especially in the beginning, he tries to hide and cover up his relationship with Ian, even saying ‘you’re nothing but a warm mouth to me’. It takes him a while to accept himself but with Ian’s help, he does get there. Eventually, though, the tables are turned- it’s Mickey who takes care of Ian, who was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, trying to get him the help he needs.

Sadly, in one of the mos t’s one of the saddest moments of the series, they breakup, sending many fans into despair. And then they get back together. And then they breakup again.

With these two, it’s very much ‘will, they, won’t they.’

To be honest, I didn’t mind that they broke up. When they were together, the relationship wasn’t necessarily that healthy at that time- they needed time to grow and work on themselves.

Gallavich is one of the most angsty, heartbreaking, and real ships on TV today. I’ve been watching the show for a while, and though I shipped Gallavich, I never really thought it was good LGBT rep because of all the shit the characters had to go through.

God, they were put through everything.

Homophobic family, conversion practices, statuatory rape, prison, beatings, internalized homophobia, mental illness and more is prevalent throughout the seasons. I wouldn’t advise looking up the clips if you have a history with mental illness/depression. It’s so raw and real and honestly? quite triggering, especially the scene where Mickey’s dad catches Ian and Mickey fucking. The thing about it is that is so frighteningly real, like it could be happening to any one of us, and that is what makes it horrifying to watch. If you’re a youth with a religious family terrifies to come out, it let’s you see the consequences of coming out at the wrong time. It makes you want to hide in the closet.

But do you know what it also shows you? What happens after the storm is over.

It shows you the freedom of making your own decisions, finding love, losing it, and finding it again.

It shows you how your family doesn’t have to be the one you’re born with, but the one you choose.

It shows you that no matter what your circumstances are or where you are at, you still deserve happiness.

It shows you that life does get better after coming out- that after all those shitty things happen to you? You can still be happy. You can still find love. You don’t have to lie anymore.

And that? Is so, so important to find. Having a happy end for a gay couple who had been through so much, is something TV has been scarce to provide. Many TV shows (coughcough the 100 & voltron coughcough) have taken advantage of queer viewers and LGBT youth by giving a tragic gay love story with one or more of the couple dead by the end of the arc.

As an LGBT+ youth myself, it’s been saddening to watch the characters you often heavily relate to not get a happy ending. It makes me feel that maybe after all this shit, after coming out, I will never be happy. But Gallavich changed that- their reunion, them coming back together, we got to see them be happy in fucking prison, for god’s sake. It made me feel like no matter what happens to me I STILL HAVE A FUTURE. I still have a chance.

So thank you, Shameless.

Thank you for giving us a gay couple, though handed so much, who both still got through it.

Thank you for letting them break up, showing us that breaking up to work on yourself/becoming healthy is an OK thing to do.

Thank you for letting hem reunite, giving us a healthy, happy, canon LGBT+ endgame.

Thank you for showing us that it really does get better.

pan culture is wanting to be critical of pan rep, but also feeling like you can’t because there is so little pan rep

The one thing I don’t like about the male version of Bubbline (Gumlee I believe) is how many straight girls I’ve run into who mostly only ship the male version over actual Bubbline. The wlw and dynamic of Bubbline was important to me growing up, and yes, people do keep saying “stop fetishizing gay ships” but it’s because it keeps being a problem.

I don’t hate straight girls, but there’s the fact that most online fandoms contain an over abundance of girls and (usually) straight people, which tends to somehow mean that it’s more common for a mlm ship to become extremely popular, while (nearly) the only people who sit in the corner shipping wlw are lesbians/bi girls and straight guys.

This bisexual wlw ship was amazing for us. Please, straight Bubbline shippers, as important as rep for mlm is, don’t let it take over how you ship the ship. Don’t erase our wlw representation simply because you don’t like it as much as mlm.

Edit: I’m not attacking you. I’m not telling you not to ship gay ships. I’m asking you to respect my sexuality and the representation of it.

anonymous asked:

your diejoni art is so good!! I was wondering what got you to ship it? did you gradually fall in love with the ship or was it like more like this is my ship now lol

omg this is such a good ask thank you anon..

i must admit when i first got into steel ball run i was more of a gyjo diehard, not gonna lie.. i really like gyro’s character, i’m personally more of a fan of him in the manga than his fanon characterization, and i think that’s also what made me detach from him and johnny as a ship to begin with.. ? i read their relationship more as a really.. immature, boyish display of friendship- in the sense they don’t always get along especially well, and while it’s clear they care for eachother they only get to soften in their most dramatic moments, a trope i understand the charm of but i personally don’t.. love that much. 

diego showed up uninvited.. i wasn’t planning on having any strong ships with him because i find his whole character to be already intriguing and interesting as it is, but eventually thinking harder about him i realized there were so many things that were left as sort of loose ends.. and that the only person that could somewhat, if not completely, relate to the pain of a bastard father, the loss of a mentor and friend- diego’s mother for him, nicholas for johnny- and a growing expectation from the world they were involved in.. was johnny himself.

also in a canon-oriented view the only way one could know about diego’s past would be having been part or witness of it; so even if johnny never paid attention to him as they grew up, he remembers diego from his childhood, and diego remembers him. it’s more than they can say of anybody else, and i think the starting point of their core rivalry is exactly this. to be honest, i don’t think either of them are god-knows-how sentimental, but when people say there’s a thin line between love & hate they know what they’re saying. if they stopped being proud and cocky they could be not only good allies but good friends as well, and , you know..

i think what got my eye in a creative sense is they’re the two really tiny hcs i have.. they look different probably in my characterization more than in canon, and that’s also something that has me 💗💓💕💕💗… i love their outfits in canon and i have a solid modern hc for their style so probably that’s why i draw them so much !! with time they just grew into my most important comfort ship and i’m so glad the diejoni tag on here is slowly detoxicating.. they deserve better

Character: James Holden

From: The Expanse (Novels) 

Representation: Multiracial (book only), cancer, mlm 

Their Importance: Holden is a light skinned mixed race man. He has eight biological parents, at least three of which are stated to be black or brown. In book 4, Cibola Burn, he jokes with another character (Elvie) that they could be cousins as she and one of his fathers are Nigerian. In book 1, Leviathan Wakes, Holden is exposed to large amounts of radiation and develops cancer as a result. Throughout the rest of the series he has to take pills to keep his cancer from developing further. His medicine becomes a major plot point during book 4.   His cancer is treated very matter of factly by the characters and the narrative, and it is mentioned casually at least once a book.

In a reddit Q&A one of the authors answered a question about Holden’s sexuality, saying that Holden is “mostly interested in women.” Holden is important in that he is a mixed race man who is the dashing, heroic lead of a series. He also acts as important representation for people who have cancer to show that they are more than a tragedy or an inspiration for abled people. Holden is also an m-spec man who is in a long-term(30+years), monogamous relationship with a woman.

Issues: Holden was whitewashed in the show with the casting of Steven Strait (who is shown in the picture above). The writers are often very ambiguous about the sexualities of their main characters despite there being many LGBTQ+ side characters in the series.

Thanks to anon for the write-up!