rep the rose

It kills me how greg is nice but stupit as fuck like if IIIIII was fathering an ALIEN HYBRID with aN ALIEN who was going to DIE BEFORE MOTHERING HER CHILD w only ALIENS WHO HAVR LIVED ON THIS EARTH FOR THOUSANDS OF YEARS WHILE STILL NOT KNOWING HOW HUMANS WORKED, i, personally, would say “i am going to be fathering your fucking child leave me some sort of idea of how gems work and maybe tell me about a history our CHILD IS GOING TO BE CURIOUS ABOUT BECAUSE HE IS AN,ALIEN HYBRID AND GEMS CANNOT FULLY GRASP THE CONCEPT OF LEARNING AND,CHANGE”

like the more i learn about rose/greg or rose/anyone im just like. Wheres the communication. PEARL shouldnt be this confused and feel this bad if i was rose,id damage control between the two people i love the most because????? It good??

i guess a good show frustrates u but like. Breh

Anime North 2016 cosplay!! (2/2)

On the Sunday I threw on my Kuzco costume I’d been tweaking since I first wore it last Halloween.  I’m so happy with the end result, I felt FIERCE as HELL! 

Here I am with probably actual Briar Rose, repping all the Disney Kids!!