rep stripe

Temps have dropped, again. If I were to leave the house sans jeans, hoodie, t-shirt, and rain coat today this is what I’d wear. A concession to mother nature. 

Harris Tweed is thick, rough to the touch, and warm, warm, warm. If you look at the close up photo of the tweed two posts below, you can see how the colors in the tie (navy, light blue, and tan) play into the threads woven into the tweed. The orange in the pocket square is complemented by my socks, should anyone, at first glance, think it looks off (not that it’d bother me if they did–but I like to have colors, textures, and/or patterns match in unexpected places). The socks even have thin blue stripes in them that echo the shades of blue in the foulard pattern on the square, and those found in the tie.

Jacket: Harris Tweed, thrifted $5

Shirt: Polo Ralph Lauren OCBD in a sun bleached orange color, thrifted $5

Tie: Robert Talbott English Regimental, thrifted $2

Pocket Square: Nordstrom Rack, $8

Pants: Dockers Alpha Khaki Corduroys, $35

Shoes: Florsheim Royal Imperial shell cordovan longwings, traded for a pair of shoes I thrifted for $17


…I interrupt the narrative flow of today’s unfolding WIWT drama to bring you this post of my ties from yesterday’s post-haircut thrifting expedition. Burberry navy, green, and yellow English silk foulard; Ferrell Reed for Nordstrom navy, yellow, brown English silk foulard; vintage Brooks Brothers silk rep stripe; Robert Graham crazy pattern/weave with an awesome bird on it–that was the clincher. $2.50 each.