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can’t get over how aphobes will swear up and down that straight aces are straight, fully straight, completely straight-

but like, gay/bi aces really aren’t as oppressed as real gays, and headcanons for us aren’t real lgbt rep, and we need to stop talking about ace issues and let real gay people be the center of the community.

no matter how many times you tell me that “gay aces are gay so straight aces are straight!” i really don’t think you believe that first point

I’ve been trying to draw Damon Albarn since July (since getting back into Gorillaz which were my life when I was 11/12) but I finally feel happy with a drawing of him! Me and my twin are seeing Gorillaz twice this summer and it’s going to mean the world to me. Also I know theres so many drawings of Damon in this shirt and in this pose but I needed a ref haha. ♥ ♥ ♥ 

sana for season 4

If you guys have been following me for while you know that I’m the the biggest sanafors4.

So I honestly hope sana is the season 4 main because she is such an interesting character. Like she is such a role model for so many western muslim girls especially me because she is unapologetic muslim and she is so proud of her faith and confident in herself.

But at the same time you can see her struggles, the microaggressions and the islamphobic/xenophobic people she faces as muslim girl in an european country and it is relatable for so many. I honestly believe season 4 is sana’s season due the fact that the show’s format is focusing on the ‘99 kids but that is just me. Sana is the first real muslim rep I got for her to get her own season makes me so emotional just by thinking about it.

A sana season also means :

  • different muslim characters
  • MEET HER FAMILY !!!!!!!!
  • vilde & sana moments (you know their friendship is the cutest)
  • sana & isak brotp moments
  • and so much more


my workplace added an “other” gender option to our safety waivers for customers, and i was really pleasantly surprised because it’s in my hometown which is just…not a place that embraces anything LGBT. But then i had to listen to two of my coworkers discuss how pointless they think it is and how people should just check male or female on the form and stop “complaining about things that don’t matter” :/

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hey so i listen to a lot of taz, and knowing their actually assholes means i need to find something new to listen to to fill dead space? do you know of any good dnd podcasts or podcasts in general i can listen to?

Hey so I talked to the discord and so far we’ve got: 

Carpe DM - a slow start on the first few episodes but it’s got a lot of lore and gay characters! I personally started listening because the dragonborn Dee is confirmed a 2S native lesbian. I’m only halfway through episode 2 so I need to do some catching up but I trust Dee’s player because he’s a friend of mine. 

Extra Credits - not a podcast but a channel that talks about video games and why they’re important. They have an introductory video you can watch when you click the link, it looks promising. 

Minority Korner - none of us have listened to it yet but it looks promising and I believe it’s made by black gay creators! They’re on Maxfun and have a BUNCH of episodes. Looks like 86 so far, so you have plenty to fill in that space. 

I’m actually into the idea of getting into dnd podcasting myself, but that’s just not an option for me as of right now. (No materials, gender dysphoria heavily centered around voice, etc.)  I’m working on fixing those things now but I wouldn’t expect anything given how long that stuff takes. 

Again not a podcast, but Car Boys has gotten a lot of positive attention and the last episode was hilarious as someone who hasn’t even watched the series. Downside is there’s no real rep because it’s just 2 guys, some cars, and lovecraftian horror. 

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"Shipping Camren helped me in the lowest point of my life. It's awful to know that your fave hates you bc you found solace in a ship even when I was always respectful." Lauren doesn't hate you love! Please don't think that. She's talking about anyone, not just CS, who tell her who to love and sexualize her. That doesn't sound like you at all! I'm so glad you're better now and glad you found solace in Camren. Lauren would probably just encourage you to find inspo in real LGBTQ reps as well.


it just hit me that i’m gonna be like an official film student not film production sure, but it’s part of my modules. and an English Literature student, if I even make it that long & get the right grade.