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Can’t believe I missed this footage earlier.

talesfromcallcenters: Be scared of your Bankers

For context my company provides fraud monitoring services for other financial institutions(FIs). We look at the activity on the card and contact the cardholder on the FIs behalf. I mostly took inbound calls in regards to this. The customers name is very common so I hope that it’s usage will not bother someone. As the pronunciation of it further expands on the intelligence of those involved.

So I get this call and immediately red flags are popping on the caller. So we have Me, Obvious Fruadster(OF), and Stupid Bank Rep(SBR, we will be coming in shortly).

ME: Hello this is Finlanderboy with card services can I have you name please?

OF:(in strong middle eastern accent) My card number is XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, it is blocked unblock it

Me: (Definitely fraud pulls up the account right away, Jacob Smith from a Midwest state int he US, tons of 5000 dollar max transaction amount purchases swiped in Dubai at jewelry stores) I still need your name sir.

OF: Hac-up Smyff, I need you to unblock my card now.

Me:(still have to do security verifiaction) For security purposes can I get the last four of your Social Security Number.

OF: I gave you the card number just unblock it.

Me: Well we require you to verify security questions before we can continue. Can I verify the last four of your Social Security Number?

OF: 1234(yes he actually gave this)

Me: Sorry, that does not match. You have one more attempt, or you would need to contact your financial institution for further assistance.

OF:(Quickly) Thank you bye.

Now I start noting his account for obvious fraudster call in, and field a few more calls when I get a call on FI line. This is where banks call in on behalf of customers.

ME: Hello this is Finlanderboy with card services can I have your name please?

SBR: Hello this is Stupid Banker Rep code of the day is XXX(this is a code for us to know it is a banker, this must be kept secret and should not be given out if a customer is on the line as they can then use that to pretend to work for the FI and unblock cards they stole.) I am calling on card number XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX and I have the customer on the phone with me. Say hello jacob. This is for Jacob smith.


ME: Well since I have the customer on the line I would need to verify them for security purposes as well. Sir can I have your name.

OF: Jay-cup Smyff(First name sounded better last name still off)

ME:And for security purposes can I verify the last four of your Social Security Number.

OF: I do not have that, I need my card unblocked. I am travelling.

SBR: Let me get that for you Mr. Smith. Your Social security number is xxx-xx….

ME: ( i interrupt him realizing how stupid this bank rep is, i would fail the call monitoring for doing this call but this bank rep is too stupid) SBR the customer needs to verify, and please do not use the whole Social Security number.

SBR: Well let me just give that then.

Me: No! that is a security breach and I would need to terminate the call if you try to verify for him.(Making stuff up, not sure what the protocol was)

SBR: Well Mr. Smith does not have his last four of his Social Security Number.

Me: Then how do you know it is really him?

OF: It is me, trust me.

SBR: How would he have the customers card number if he was not the customer?

Me: (too baffled by obvious idiocy to give an answer)

SBR: So his last four are XXXX.

Me: I am sorry but since the customer could not verify I am unable to help with this.

SBR: We verified his Social Security Number and the code of the day, please unblock his card.

Me: I am sorry sir, but our protocol is to verify with the cardholder if they are unable to we can not help. If you would like I can get a supervisor, but I can not take action on this card.

SBR: I will just unblock it on my end good bye.

So I immediately contact my team lead and let them know what happened and why. They reviewed the call, and reblocked the card, and they would reach out to the bank manager. But wait it is not over. The dialer program we have will try to route a call back to the original person. So I got this call…

ME: Hello this is Finlanderboy with card services can I have you name please?

SBR:(not aware it is me) hello, the code of the day is XXX. I want to unblock card XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. For Jacob Smith Me:Sir this account is confirmed fraud by the cardholder(by this time the real Jacob smith called in to confirm it was fraud)

SBR:(surprised) But I have him on the other line? Me: Yeah apparently someone called in pretending to be him to unblock the card. So our outbound team called him at XXX-XXX-XXXX and he confirmed the activity was not his. He did not leave the country.

SBR: Ohh, well I called to complain about the previous agent I spoke to here. He was rude and would not block the card for me when I had the customer on the line. I would like to file a complaint about him.

Me: Sure SBR. Let me get one of my supervisors. All are calls are recorded so if someone tried to cheat a customer we can find that out right away

SBR: (Hangs up)

This bank rep compromised our call line by giving a fraudster our code of the day, and then gave customers private information. He could do serious harm to his institution’s customers because he is so stupid. I am not upset he lied to get himself out of trouble, that is common. I am upset this guy had/has a job where he can and will hurt people.

By: Finlanderboy

I can definitely see where people are coming from with reading Jughead pre-this canon as subtly coded as gay - he very obviously balks at (from what I have seen) only women & their advances. It feels a lot more like gay-coding than ace-coding to me.

Since we have so little ace rep, I love seeing how explicit Jughead’s aceness is in th rcurrent comics. But old comics being used in “Jughead is ace” masterposts feels off to me - because that wasn’t ace-coding; it was gay-coding.

sanguinem-mittat  asked:

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