Some individuals and groups in America possess far more material and organizational resources than others. … But … we often fail to use the resources we do have, which may be of a different kind. “Most of us … have been subjected to a set of experiences in our childhood and adult lives that make us feel that we do not deserve to have power.”
—  Paul Rogat Loeb- Soul of a Citizen: Living with Conviction in a Cynical Time
Food for Thought-Deception 1 John 3:1-7

Food for Thought-Deception 1 John 3:1-7 #Lectionary #Sermon #UMC #UMInsight #Preaching #Epistles #Homily #1John

I don’t like to be lied to, deceived, or have sunshine blown up my ass. When I read the concluding verses of this week’s epistle lesson (1 John 3:1-7), is how I feel I’m being treated. Somebody, deep in the mists of ancient time, is feeding me a line of theology that is not only hard to buy but impossible to believe. What is the source of this incredulity? John has gone on at great length about…

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