I really wanted to finish this but the sketch is such a mess that I can’t use it for shit so I’d have to remake a whole new one and I really don’t think it’s worth it so oh what the hell have this sketch

cockblocking seagull has arrived

notice how it’s smiling at john

[01:42] AR: [dirkjohn] anthem
[03:14] AR: can i ask you to draw john as the cute guy
[03:14] AR: i forgot his name
[03:14] AR: but he’s a flawless john
[03:14] CB: That’s what I WAS GOING TO DO
[03:14] CB: stop it
[03:14] CB: stop reading my mind
[03:14] AR: sorry
[03:15] AR: he’s my headcanon john now
[03:16] AR: beautiful my john

dirkjohn is kpop

also, john has contacts or somethin’ I forgot his glasses and it’s to late now to fix