‘Super Junior K.R.Y Twitter Updates & Replies ‘160409

@ryeong9: [Note: Open Promotion, Attention ㅋ] Seoul Gangnam-Eonju Reod 114 17 103. Master Roy ^ Master Chef-nim and Taeyong hyungnim work together that the place~ today I tried (this food) for the first time~ Really delicious, strongly recommended!!!! trying Sushi rolls for the first time

@GaemGyu: Japanese language is very hard ..😰🤔

@ryeong9: @GaemGyu ^^!!! it’s wonderful~~ you’re a good student Kyu_chjan~ it is difficult but do your best~^^ I love you. Goodnight 😚😚

@shfly3424: What should I drink ? The best conflict in a long time …. 💦 #Tea #conflict
@ryeong9 to @shfly3424: ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Aww so cute~~~ Harmonious family^^
@shfly3424 to @ryeong9:  You also (post) family photo, go go??? (T)