Space Magic Masterpost

Cosmic Witchcraft 101 - tips and ideas, research sggestions, 

Phoenix Cluster Rebirth Spell - candles, incantation, bath or shower, tea, incense, 

singularity - Friday, or new moon, picture of a black hole, candles, incantation

Uranian Coffee Scrub - coffee grounds, brown sugar, oil, cinnamon, bath or shower

Celestial Warding - tips and ideas to use celestial bodies for protection and aid. list of celestial bodies

Charging items with a Telescope - telescope, moonlight

Audio Reocrdings of All 8 planets + pluto + universe’s creation - links to youtube, ideas and tips for uses in magic 

Full Moon Reflection Jar Spell - full moon, mirror, small bottle, salt, eyebright, seashells, aquamarine, moon water, telescope/binoculars, incantation

Planetary Aspect Sleep Sachet - small bag or sachet, herbs, crystals, pillow 

Star Spell - incantation 

Planetary Correspondences - by planet + sun + pluto + moon, gives qualities each corresponds to

Venus Jar Spell - to deal with negative entities with love and care, jar, herbs, venus water, crystals, bells, ribbon, candle, glue, mirror, incantation. 

Moon Grounding - moon light, meditation 

star Grounding - starlight, meditation

How to Make Star Water - water, new moon, jar

Things to Include in a Planetary Calendar - tips and ideas

Hubble Galaxy Classifications as Sigils - associations with different types of galaxy formations

space Themed Tarot Spread - tarot spread, 10-11 cards

Stars Guide me Home Spell - sight of polaris, magnet, herbs, sigil, fire