Both volumes of the Stranger Things soundtrack are getting limited collector’s edition vinyl pressings on July 14 via Lakeshore Records. The Netflix series’ instantly iconic synth score is composed by Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein.

Each 2xLP release is pressed on 180-gram multi-colored vinyl with a retail price of $44.98. They feature gatefold packaging with alternative cover, new liner notes (series creators the Duffer Brothers in Volume 1, Dixon and Stein in Volume 2), an 11x22 fold-out poster, and five character cards (kids in Volume 1, adults in Volume 2).

Invada Records will release its own Stranger Things collector’s edition box set on an exclusive colorway in the UK; it’s pictured below.

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Space Magic Masterpost

Cosmic Witchcraft 101 - tips and ideas, research sggestions, 

Phoenix Cluster Rebirth Spell - candles, incantation, bath or shower, tea, incense, 

singularity - Friday, or new moon, picture of a black hole, candles, incantation

Uranian Coffee Scrub - coffee grounds, brown sugar, oil, cinnamon, bath or shower

Celestial Warding - tips and ideas to use celestial bodies for protection and aid. list of celestial bodies

Charging items with a Telescope - telescope, moonlight

Audio Reocrdings of All 8 planets + pluto + universe’s creation - links to youtube, ideas and tips for uses in magic 

Full Moon Reflection Jar Spell - full moon, mirror, small bottle, salt, eyebright, seashells, aquamarine, moon water, telescope/binoculars, incantation

Planetary Aspect Sleep Sachet - small bag or sachet, herbs, crystals, pillow 

Star Spell - incantation 

Planetary Correspondences - by planet + sun + pluto + moon, gives qualities each corresponds to

Venus Jar Spell - to deal with negative entities with love and care, jar, herbs, venus water, crystals, bells, ribbon, candle, glue, mirror, incantation. 

Moon Grounding - moon light, meditation 

star Grounding - starlight, meditation

How to Make Star Water - water, new moon, jar

Things to Include in a Planetary Calendar - tips and ideas

Hubble Galaxy Classifications as Sigils - associations with different types of galaxy formations

space Themed Tarot Spread - tarot spread, 10-11 cards

Stars Guide me Home Spell - sight of polaris, magnet, herbs, sigil, fire

150710 // trb in sydney

SO i just got home from trb and im aching and tired but i wanted to get this gay bts feelings dump out of the way before i forget everything bc even now im feeling a little fuzzy and disorientated so you dont even have to read this bc its mostly for myself so i can remember this so yeah!! this actually ended up super super long so ill be honestly shocked if anyone reads this whole thing haha

for some bg info this was not only my 1st kpop concert ever but my first CONCERT ever in general so it was a Pretty Wild Time

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