I was talking with @sovereign-slayer about memes ans SCPs and ended up writing this idiocy that they wanted me to share.

Test Log Y-010/682

Termination Test Reocord: D-123456 entered the containment chamber carrying an ordinary “snap back” cap. SCP-682 is introduced into the containment chamber.. D-12345 was instructed to place the snap back upon 682’s head. 682 proceeded to [DATA EXPUNGED] D-12345 while [DATA EXPUNGED] as he was screaming [REDACTED] [DATA EXPUNGED]. Two hours later SCP-682 regurgitated the snap back and placed it on its head. All attempts to remove the snap back have led to [DATA EXPUNGED]. As of Containment Breach on 10/**/2017, O5 has declared that any attempts to reclaim the snap back are to be discontinued.