I want it to become a reoccurring joke that Peridot occasionally forgets that Lapis has wings.

Veggiehead would somehow get himself stuck on top of a tree and Peridot starts panicking and desperately tries to get him to get on floating trash lid so she can safely hover him down. Lapis just flies up to retrieve him and Peri is like, “Wings, that’s right.”

When watching the stars one night, Lapis accidentally slips off the barn roof. Peridot, trying to play hero, jumps after her, but only falls for about a second until Lapis catches her and says, “Peridot…I can Fly, remember?”


Klance Aesthetic: Starfighter AU

“I’ve always been the best,if you slow me down don’t think I won’t leave you behind. But if you can keep up…I’ll show you something nice.”

Forced together by military command, Navigator Lance ‘Pisces’ McClain is paired with the notorious fighter Keith 'Aries’ Kogane who has next to no concept of 'respect’. Between using their starfighter Leonis to waste Galra fleets and nightly reoccuring power struggles, Lance begins to notice increasingly odd behaviour from his partner the closer they get to attacking the Galran Central Command System. He tries to ignore it, tries to make up probably excuses, he really does. After all, 'keep your friends close but your enemies closer’ is just a stupid Earth saying, right?

Ft. Commander Alfor, Lead Fighter Shiro, Lead Navigator Allura, Navigator Pidge, and Fighter Hunk.


     The night was cold and quiet, two things the wraith loved. Or, that’s how Talon had taught him to think. The comforting embrace of the shadows were to be his only friends. Everyone else was either above him and to be listened to, or below him as nothing but ants. Those that didn’t fit? Targets. Life was just that simple. 

     Unless it came down to the man he’d been stalking the past week. Jesse McCree was one Reaper remembered clearly. He’d left behind all but Jack and Jesse. Those were two reoccurring specters in his brain. One he wanted so desperately to kill, the other he would kill to bring back by his side. The time he’d spent in Blackwatch was remembered, and the hassle he went through with the kid? He’d never forget it. Besides; Talon could use someone with skills like his anyways.

     He eased himself out of the shadows, upon seeing his target walk by. Now is the opportune time. Half formed tendrils of smoke move, the form slowly beginning to take shape properly the closer it gets until it materializes beside the target. A bold approach, but he figures if he’s shot, he can take it. It’s not like it will kill him. 

     “Don’t look now, Jesse, but I think the ghosts of your past have just caught up to you.”


You best know J-Hope’s about to get an ass woopin from Suga

Please help me save Chrom!!! -updated-

Hey guys! Thanks for all your help. Chrom got his surgery and has been doing well ever since. He’s a big happy cat now thanks to you guys. Again thank you sooo much.

Hey, Ina here. I’m sorry for this, but I’m in desperate need of help. 

Chrom has been in and out of the vet for the past 2 months. He has been suffering from chronic urinary blockages back to back. These urinary blockages only happen to male cats and causes them extreme pain and can even lead to death if the cat is unable to urinate. Due to all these emergency vet visits my family has already dished out over $2,000 trying to treat these blockages and since they are rapidly reoccurring the doctor suggested Chrom to get the perineal urethrostomy (P.U. surgery) for cats, which essentially widens his urethra so he can pass any blockage. He already had his 3rd blockage in just of June,13th and is in dire need of this surgery.

Unfortunately, we cannot afford this $3000 surgery and my parents are thinking of putting him to sleep. Chrom is only 4 YEARS OLD and has plenty of time left in this world. I DO NOT want to euthanize him just because we cannot afford a simple surgery.

My step brother made a gofundme here to help raise some money. I’ve only have $500 left in my emergency savings and would really appreciate the help. Even if you can’t donate, please reblog and share this around. I’m seriously determined to help save my sweet prince, Chrom.

Thank you so much for taking your time to read this. Your help is much appreciated.  ; A ;