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Greetings in Te Reo Māori - Mihi

[When I went to New Zealand I took evening classes in Te Reo Maori; here are some of my notes.
Please note that this isn’t a complete list of every possible greeting but rather a list of the ones I encountered the most frequently. Feel free to correct me if you spot any mistakes/make additions :)]

Saying hello


Kia ora - hello
Kia ora kōrua - hello to you two
Kia ora koutou (katoa) - hello to you (all) (3 or more people)


Haere mai - welcome
Tēnā koe - greetings to you (1 person)
Tēnā kōrua - greetings to you two

Tēnā koutou (katoa) - greetings to you (all) (3 or more people)
Tēnā koutou, tēnā koutou, tēnā koutou katoa - greetings, greetings, greetings to you all (3 or more people)
Tēnā koe e hoa - greetings to you friend


Mōrena - morning
Ata mārie - peaceful morning
Ahiahi mārie - peaceful afternoon
Pō mārie - peaceful evening

Saying goodbye

E noho rā - goodbye (said to someone staying)
Haere rā - goodbye (said to someone leaving)
Ka kite (anō) - see you (again)
Aroha nui - lots of love (often used to sign off letters to friends/loved ones)

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Hiya! Can I get Mibuchi and another guy/s of your choice just admiring their s/o while they're going through their morning routine please? Basically domestic fluff, because it's the best. Thanks a bunch!!

HAIZAKI: He didn’t want to call himself soft. Because he really fucking wasn’t. He liked things rough, including sex. He liked seeing purple bruises blooming on his lover’s skin after a sleepless night filled with the echoes of skin against skin. That’s what he liked most.

But seeing you then had something different, sweeter, nagging in his heart. He liked it all too much, seeing you pad over to his bathroom, use the toothbrush he had prepared for you a few days ago, brushing your hair and humming to yourself. His heart warmed at the sight. He found himself wanting to see this again and again. And then you spoke. “Shō,” you said, words slow and tainted with sleep. “Do you want breakfast?”

He wouldn’t admit it to anyone then, but that might’ve been the moment Haizaki realized that he was in love with you. He tucked your hair behind your ear and nodded, smiling, “Sure, babe.” 

MIBUCHI: Mibuchi had always been more fond of physical contact. That was his love language as some might say. He always thought that touching and kissing and hugging and any form of physical interaction were the only ways one could express their love for their lover. But he should’ve known better.

Sitting there on the kitchen stool and watching you sway your hips to the voice crooning a sad melody from the speakers as you drifted around the space, Mibuchi found himself smiling. He hadn’t realized that he had been smiling until you tapped his nose and giggled. A sound that could rival the angels’ hymns in the heavens. “What are you thinking about?”

“You,” he answered earnestly before capturing your lips with his own. 

Takao: You’re beautiful, Reo-san.

Mibuchi: Kazu-chan…////////////

Did I ever mention how much I love TakaMibu/MibuTaka??? kyaa /)////(\ Rakuzan/Shuutoku will rise.

KnB Season 3 Vol. 8 Drama CD

Hahaha. According to what was written on my drafts I was supposed to post this last December. 

Even though I’m a trash, I’m also an old rotting trash so I don’t have the energy to draw even though I was planning to but since it’s 5/4 A.K.A. MAYUAKA DAY *CRIES*, I wanted to do ANYTHING so Mayuzumi drama CD for anyone who wants to read!! TTATT!! 

3rd Season Volume 8 Drama CD feat. Mayuzumi Chihiro


  • Ousaka Ryouta as Mayuzumi Chihiro
  • Hatano Wataru as Mibuchi Reo
  • Masuda Toshiki as Hayama Kotarou
  • Fujiwara Takahiro as Nebuya Eikichi
  • Kamiya Hiroshi as Akashi Seijuurou

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So, if some of my characters were in Miraculous Ladybug, I think Reo would def have a dog Miraculous (I’ve drawn him as such multiple times in the past, too.), and bless this idiotic affectionate gentle giant, he’d drive poor Adrien up the wall without even meaning to xD

Either he’d be too clingy, or he’d start a prank war with him. Oh god, the bad pun battles too. Poor LB.

I also think Devi would be a Tasmanian Devil,(And another character of mine, Vi, who’d be an Asian Fairy Bluebird) would just follow Ladybug around like a lost puppy.

Mayuzumi Moments in Kurobas Cup 2015

I made this for my own convenience. A list of things I read from different fan reports here in tumblr and at twitter which all involved grumpy senpai Mayuyu~

- Ohsaka Ryota, Mayuzumi’s seiyuu, said he was in awe of the crowd while introducing himself. He also mentioned that he was jealous because Mayuzumi does not have a chara song (yet).
- In the pamphlet given to attendees, the VAs were asked to list their dream team with their respective chara as the main player. Ohsaka’s team for Mayuzumi included Takao, Kuroko, Kise, and Fukui.
- In the Rakuzan skit, Mayuzumi was called over by Akashi to help with the mural painting. It sounded like he didn’t want to come, but Akashi said the third-years were supposed to go. When he got there, it was revealed that the wall painting wasn’t obligatory lol. Anyway, Reo and Hayama were happy to see him while Mayu was just resigned to his fate. They saw a pineapple drawing on the wall and I think it was Hayama who wondered if someone was hungry while painting. Then Akashi teases Mayuzumi and suggests that he draws an apple next to it. (“Like hell I will!”)
- For those of you not in the know, Ringo means apple and it is also the name of the protag of Mayuzumi’s fave light novel. In hindsight, maybe Mayu shouldn’t have let Akashi read his LN…
- Also, the mural skit was set sometime during Winter Cup, but we don’t know if it was exactly after WC. In the worst case scenario, Mayuzumi came running all the way from Kyoto and in the middle of his exam preparations. RAKUZAN STOP BULLYING THE SENPAI
- At one point, Reo and Hayama ask to take a picture with their beloved senpai Mayuzumi-san. He gives in, but also snaps that “first-years are a different story.”
- Akashi and Mayu also meet Nigou. Mayu thinks Nigou’s face is annoying. Akashi then introduces the dog as Tetsuya No. 2, and that he looks like a certain someone, right? ^u^
- Last words from Mayuzumi had him declaring that he would not lose to Kuroko. He also says 「俺が、影だ」 which is, roughly translated, “I am the shadow.” Geez, passive-aggressive much?

That’s all I got. There was also a “Shadow Talk” with OnoKen but I haven’t seen a scan of it, or any translations yet. Also if you’ve spotted any incorrect info, or want me to add a few new stuff, let me know~  !EDIT! Here’s a link to the scans! 

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waaait hyuuga is homophobic??


ok, I should probably contextualize this a bit before throwing around accusations like that; after all, the whole debacle around Hyuuga’s recent behaviour derives from the way public perception of (male) homosexuality is often generally linked with femininity. While the other end of this spectrum is hypermasculinity, Japanese media is notoriously bad at differentiating between sexual and gender identity. In other words, for many people the concept of being gay, transgender, or just simply a crossdresser are literally one and the same.

Now, enter Mibuchi Reo, a.k.a the shining beacon of everything that is glorious in the world:

Meet Reo. He’s a libra. A second year student. An amazing shooting guard. A guy who has expressed that his favourite type of man is the “stylish” kind. What this means is that Reo is canonically gay. Now, because he is also an effeminate man (even called “Reo-nee” by one of his teammates), some Western fans have argued that Reo is coded trans instead of gay, which I personally find highly unlikely given that in Japanese media, trans markers are often attributed to cis gay men simply because the concepts are so rarely distinguished from one another – the backwards logic being that if you’re a man who likes other men, of course you want to be/dress up as/act like a woman. So, I am going to continue to refer to Reo as one of the rare examples of canon homosexuality in Kurobas.

Now, enter Hyuuga Junpei. During the Rakuzan game, we discover that as a fellow shooting guard, he has admired Reo’s abilities for a long time:

no homo

But wait! Every time someone admires someone, there’s some drama to be had. What would it be this time? Maybe Hyuuga’s discouraged by the fact that Reo is an uncrowned king and he isn’t. Maybe Hyuuga doesn’t like the fact that Reo is playing for Rakuzan, the Big Evil Team. Maybe Hyuuga doesn’t like the fact that Reo has such awesome and luxurious hair.



The “effeminate weirdos” Hyuuga refers to are, of course, okama; this is a alur that once again refers to men who express their sexuality/gender in a particularly feminine way. Given that Japanese media (and most media tbh) often struggles to understand the difference between gender identity and gender expression, using a term like this usually implies homosexuality more than any specific gender variant.

And Hyuuga has just told us he hates “those kind of people”.

Let that sink in for a moment.

Of course, you could say “well, Hyuuga never said he hates gay people! He just hates effeminate men!” Sure, this isn’t technically wrong, simply because a layer of arbitrariness always shrouds semantics. However, I would still personally argue that in this specific context, “effeminate weirdo” is a colloquial synonym for gay – what it implies is that you can’t be effeminate without being gay. No other “pretty” character in the series receives this particular treatment/attention, after all; Himuro and Kise (the latter in particular who expresses direct affection even towards his male cohorts) are never ragged on for being “girly”, because they are also not canonically supposed to be perceived as gay.

So, Hyuuga has admired Reo for a long time, and now he gets to play against him. I wonder what happens?




Translation: Reo is one fine ass shooting guard, but he’s an effeminate (gay) man so Hyuuga can’t respect him. Wowowowowowowowow ok.jpg

Now, fair enough, maybe we shouldn’t call Hyuuga a homophobe. Maybe he’s just 17 and stupid. Maybe, instead of blindly slapping on Western labels, we should call him a product of his cultural origin – after all, it’s not Hyuuga’s fault that effeminate men clash with the traditional (Japanese) mindset of everything serving a rightful and predetermined purpose in the world, so men who don’t act like men and women who don’t act like women clearly disrupts this perfect harmony.

Maybe there’s a lot of ways to explain away the fact that he directly express hatred towards men who deviate from gender (and sexuality) roles; maybe we can think of a lot of excuses for the fact that he intentionally refers to Reo by “okama” with derogatory intent (and not just out of ignorance without realizing it’s a slur). Hey, maybe it’s just a heated game, maybe it doesn’t mean anything!

Or maybe he’s just an asshole.