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Spring ~

I swear I’m never drawing umbrellas again. (Says the girl whose favorite romantic tropes include rain rip)


Curtain Call of Musical Kuroshitsuji: Noah’s Ark Circus

I found this moment to be incredibly endearing. As you probably know, because this was their final performance, Reo was very teary and shaky during the speech and he very much remained in that state afterwards. So as they made their final bow to the audience, he reached his little hands to the two people right next to him, Teruma and Yuta. He didn’t seem to have taken neither’s hand on the first try, but they soon joined hands, and then Reo turned to look at Teruma.

Long-time fans of Teruma’s William should know that he DOESN’T break character during curtain call. It’s something he has always done and he takes great pride in remaining stoic even as the audience cheer for him. But when Reo looked at him, he smiled to reassure the boy and that just made Reo hold on to them both harder, even to the point when Teruma had to let go because Reo and Yuta need to do a separate curtain call.

And of course Jinnai Soma was very upset about this whole thing lol

And here’s a picture of Teruma and his “eternal little brother” Reo because at this point why not.

Greetings in Te Reo Māori - Mihi

[When I went to New Zealand I took evening classes in Te Reo Maori; here are some of my notes.
Please note that this isn’t a complete list of every possible greeting but rather a list of the ones I encountered the most frequently. Feel free to correct me if you spot any mistakes/make additions :)]

Saying hello


Kia ora - hello
Kia ora kōrua - hello to you two
Kia ora koutou (katoa) - hello to you (all) (3 or more people)


Haere mai - welcome
Tēnā koe - greetings to you (1 person)
Tēnā kōrua - greetings to you two

Tēnā koutou (katoa) - greetings to you (all) (3 or more people)
Tēnā koutou, tēnā koutou, tēnā koutou katoa - greetings, greetings, greetings to you all (3 or more people)
Tēnā koe e hoa - greetings to you friend


Mōrena - morning
Ata mārie - peaceful morning
Ahiahi mārie - peaceful afternoon
Pō mārie - peaceful evening

Saying goodbye

E noho rā - goodbye (said to someone staying)
Haere rā - goodbye (said to someone leaving)
Ka kite (anō) - see you (again)
Aroha nui - lots of love (often used to sign off letters to friends/loved ones)

asianrapunzelofnow  asked:

Hiya! Can I get Mibuchi and another guy/s of your choice just admiring their s/o while they're going through their morning routine please? Basically domestic fluff, because it's the best. Thanks a bunch!!

HAIZAKI: He didn’t want to call himself soft. Because he really fucking wasn’t. He liked things rough, including sex. He liked seeing purple bruises blooming on his lover’s skin after a sleepless night filled with the echoes of skin against skin. That’s what he liked most.

But seeing you then had something different, sweeter, nagging in his heart. He liked it all too much, seeing you pad over to his bathroom, use the toothbrush he had prepared for you a few days ago, brushing your hair and humming to yourself. His heart warmed at the sight. He found himself wanting to see this again and again. And then you spoke. “Shō,” you said, words slow and tainted with sleep. “Do you want breakfast?”

He wouldn’t admit it to anyone then, but that might’ve been the moment Haizaki realized that he was in love with you. He tucked your hair behind your ear and nodded, smiling, “Sure, babe.” 

MIBUCHI: Mibuchi had always been more fond of physical contact. That was his love language as some might say. He always thought that touching and kissing and hugging and any form of physical interaction were the only ways one could express their love for their lover. But he should’ve known better.

Sitting there on the kitchen stool and watching you sway your hips to the voice crooning a sad melody from the speakers as you drifted around the space, Mibuchi found himself smiling. He hadn’t realized that he had been smiling until you tapped his nose and giggled. A sound that could rival the angels’ hymns in the heavens. “What are you thinking about?”

“You,” he answered earnestly before capturing your lips with his own. 

Ciaossu Famiglia! 

Guess what? It’s time for the KHR Fandom’s 2017 Secret Santa! EYYYYY ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و

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Just leaving this here for all your warm, comfy, chocolaty and cuddly Amedot needs.

moments in knb where i DIED

-Kurokocchi yelling out that he believes in Kise

-Kuroko smiling when Kise hugged him after they won a game in Teikou

-the Aokuro reunion fist bump (took u 2 goddamn years to do it u weenies)

-that pan up to the sky with Kagakuro at the end of season 1

-Murasakibara going back on the court because of Muro-chin’s tears



-tbh just any of them crying

-Akashi making Kuroko cry

-Aomine making Kuroko cry

-really all the crying I just can’t stress that enough

-this one I don’t actually feel that strongly about but it was pretty interesting; Haizaki keeping his shoes instead of throwing them out after losing to Kise

-Aomine and Kise being the only boy/boy pair in a school event (the rumours being that if you won you and your partner would end up together)

-Aomine telling Hanamiya he’ll lose because he pissed Kuroko off

-tbh anything with Reo being really gay (ESPECIALLY asking Akashi if he’ll accept his Valentine’s chocolates - and Akashi saying he will)

-Riko crying as she benches Kiyoshi, saying she’d rather him be physically okay even if he hates her for it

-Kiyoshi being #1 team dad and vowing to protect the members of Seirin WITH BLOOD DRIPPING DOWN HIS FACE HOW METAL

-Kagami going into the Zone pretty much because he saw Kuroko crying (also the senpais but shhh)

-Hanamiya being scared of Imayoshi

-Haizaki being scared of Nijimura

-that whole Nijihimu fanfic official light novel (ESPECIALLY Niji spending a whole paragraph talking about how hot Himuro is)

-also Nijimura comparing Himuro’s beauty to Kise’s

-Akashi laughing at Nijimura’s anger towards Haizaki

-Akashi and Kuroko eating lunch together

-this wasn’t ever shown but I need it in my life: blonde Nijimura

-Kagami’s soft little voice when facing a dog

-just all of Saikou no Present Desu

-anytime we see Murasakibara and Himuro hanging out outside of school hours

-Midorima’s family

-tbh any time Riko smacks the shit out of the guys for being pervy

-Momoi calling Aomine a ganguro pmsl straight to the kokoro

-Kasamatsu crying alone in the locker room (I should have mentioned this earlier)

-Kise learning to depend on his teammates

-when Kasamatsu helped Kise stand after he was injured

-Midorima defending his teammates

-Mayuzumi and Akashi parting on good terms

-Reo being the only one who didn’t get mad at Akashi when he was sucking balls during the RakuSei game

-Aomine putting his own place on the team on the line by defending Kuroko in Teikou

-anytime I see Kuroko standing next to Murasakibara tbqh so smol

-the wild animals analogy

-Furihata faceplanting and Akashi not knowing how to react and Reo actually needing to remind him of what he needs to do

-the stageplay and my obsession with stalking the actors on Twitter I love them so much

-I spent like an hour writing this and I cant think of any more but feel free to add your own fav moments

whitehoodkid  asked:

You should totally release your descent into madness webcam footage for when you worked on w2h

I made it sound funnier than it actually was. And I’m sure I turned on the camera in the first place because I thought it WOULD be, but I promise its just 2 or 3 hours of my dead, unflinching stare at the computer screen and mumbling REO Speedwagon songs. Maybe one day I’ll skim it for a funny clip or two and post that!

katsuki-donburi  asked:

I just wanted to point out because it's fun information, that in the circus DVD recording, you can tell that they use two different recordings because from "The Morning Circus Troupe" up until "NO!" Reo in one recording still had the black eyepatch in even though he was a page boy. So on the DVD, you can see that his eye patch constantly switches back and forth from the black one to the white one.

That is an interesting observation! (ok I will not admit I never noticed it until now haha)

So yes!

and 3 seconds later!

This interesting because on the DVD and in all their promo they always said this recording was from the Aichi daisenshuuraku, which can of course only be one show. Presumably the footage with the black eyepatch came from another performance since I do believe the majority of the DVD recording came from the Aichi finale since it includes the entire final curtain call.

On a related note, both Lycoris 2014 and 2015 showed the time and venue of the recording during its opening (after credits of the author, director and playwright), but Noah’s Ark Circus did not put the time and venue on screen, only printed them on the DVD cover.

On a more related note, while Lycoris 2014 was the complete recording of the show’s daisenshuuraku in Osaka, the Lycoris 2015 recording was the product of two different performances. Due to its China tour, Lycoris 2015’s daisenshuuraku takes place overseas and therefore cannot record its final show for the DVD. Instead, they picked Nov 26, a date around the middle point of their tour, to record. And on Nov 26, they did two performances. Evidence of these two performances can be found on Grell’s magic coat which went from having 2 buttons buttoned up:

to none

and to all three (almost immediately in the following second)

all within the span of 20 seconds.