reo one

probably one of my fav press photos of Noah’s Ark Circus so far

besides all the suit of shame of course lol
but yeah
I like how they captured this moment
when Sebastian and Ciel are not trying to drive each other crazy
also Reo is smol
and Yunbastian’s leeeeeeeeeegs are gorgeous

Back in Lycoris 2015, Toboso-sensei specifically helped Yuta get the kneeling right by drawing him how Sebastian would do it in the manga (90 degrees and such). And now he can do it so effortlessly. <3

I really like this :3

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Hiya! Can I get Mibuchi and another guy/s of your choice just admiring their s/o while they're going through their morning routine please? Basically domestic fluff, because it's the best. Thanks a bunch!!

HAIZAKI: He didn’t want to call himself soft. Because he really fucking wasn’t. He liked things rough, including sex. He liked seeing purple bruises blooming on his lover’s skin after a sleepless night filled with the echoes of skin against skin. That’s what he liked most.

But seeing you then had something different, sweeter, nagging in his heart. He liked it all too much, seeing you pad over to his bathroom, use the toothbrush he had prepared for you a few days ago, brushing your hair and humming to yourself. His heart warmed at the sight. He found himself wanting to see this again and again. And then you spoke. “Shō,” you said, words slow and tainted with sleep. “Do you want breakfast?”

He wouldn’t admit it to anyone then, but that might’ve been the moment Haizaki realized that he was in love with you. He tucked your hair behind your ear and nodded, smiling, “Sure, babe.” 

MIBUCHI: Mibuchi had always been more fond of physical contact. That was his love language as some might say. He always thought that touching and kissing and hugging and any form of physical interaction were the only ways one could express their love for their lover. But he should’ve known better.

Sitting there on the kitchen stool and watching you sway your hips to the voice crooning a sad melody from the speakers as you drifted around the space, Mibuchi found himself smiling. He hadn’t realized that he had been smiling until you tapped his nose and giggled. A sound that could rival the angels’ hymns in the heavens. “What are you thinking about?”

“You,” he answered earnestly before capturing your lips with his own. 

Takao: You’re beautiful, Reo-san.

Mibuchi: Kazu-chan…////////////

Did I ever mention how much I love TakaMibu/MibuTaka??? kyaa /)////(\ Rakuzan/Shuutoku will rise.

So, if some of my characters were in Miraculous Ladybug, I think Reo would def have a dog Miraculous (I’ve drawn him as such multiple times in the past, too.), and bless this idiotic affectionate gentle giant, he’d drive poor Adrien up the wall without even meaning to xD

Either he’d be too clingy, or he’d start a prank war with him. Oh god, the bad pun battles too. Poor LB.

I also think Devi would be a Tasmanian Devil,(And another character of mine, Vi, who’d be an Asian Fairy Bluebird) would just follow Ladybug around like a lost puppy.

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Since you seem to be pretty knowledgeable about KnB and its Japanese translations, I was wondering if you could verify something for me? I think it's somewhat accepted in the fandom that in an interview, Kagami apparently corrected what did he look for in a "girl" to what did he look for in a "person," or something along those lines. Idk, while I would love for it to be true, it seems to me that it was probably an awkward translation, but I have never seen the original source. Can you verify?

According to Kurofes he likes elegant women

It says “favorite type of woman” just like all the other boys:


“favorite type of woman”


“favorite type of woman” 

and so forth

except… Reo!!

It says “favorite type ♥”