*Update : Changed textures, and added some purple glow from below. Lol

Finally finished it, phew!

Here’s a fanart of Noisemaster from gigi d.g.’s comic “Cucumber Quest”.

I really really love his colors. So funky. I hope my fugly drawing didn’t butcher the awesome character hnng. I hope gigi sees this. I’m such a huge fan of her work TuT

Noisemaster = gigi d.g.

Fanart = Me, Renz1521

Me and my friends’ FE Heroes Summoners!♥ Made in collaboration with @aprilsierra (who did lineart), @miguimonkey (who did base colors), and @renz1521 (who shaded and rendered the bgs). I was the one who drew the sketch btw. It is also now our matching dp’s on Facebook!♥♥♥

Other people featured above is @delusionalonnasketchblog & @kaiser44!

EDIT: In order btw, left to right:

Upper: DelusionalOnna, ME, MiguiMonkey,

Lower: AprilSierra, Renz1521, Kaiser44

Character ain’t mine, but art is mine. No stealin’ 8U

Work in progress. Just moved Gumball so you could see the sketch underneath haha X) I hope to finish this because I have been EXTREMELY unproductive ever since I finished my thesis, and I’m just here waiting for graduation 8Y

Any (reasonable) feedback would be appreciated X) Tell me which Candy person would you like to see here, or what kind of sweets should I put in the back (is not a big fan of sweet stuff, so I don’t know a lot of candies or desserts. So here I am asking for help because I want the BG to be nice too TuT)