renz valerio


The Road - 2011 Filipino Movie

DW: November 30, 2011

MR: 7

A: the first trailer didn’t really leave an impression with me, but when they released the FULL trailer, i got goosebumps! ~_~ - this is why i wanted to watch this movie so badly.c:

C: Alden Richards - AR; Renz Valerio - RV, Carmina Villaroel - CV

MC: hhmmm.. i’m a bit disappointed, but considering that this is a Filipino movie, it’s not that bad.C: i liked how they presented the opening credits.. it’s fun ^_^  the resemblance between AR and RV is so visible, that if you don’t know them, you would actually believe that they’re related. :D  compared to his role in Alakdana, AR showed more substance in this movie.c: i strongly believe that CV can win an award based on this movie.^_^ i keep hearing about how the twist is so freaking awesome.. well, i think, that twist wouldn’t be considered a twist if you’re observant. ^_^ In spite of that, the movie is good, the storytelling is not mediocre, so it’s really something new. ^_^