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snk stickers! you can buy them on my redbubble here (x) in these groups or just one character by themself, and I’m gonna add more combinations than just these ones (like levi & eren together, mikasa & annie, etc)

I might make some more of side characters like petra, marlo, zeke, and whoever else, if anyone wants!


Working on a reincarnation AU I clearly couldn’t pass up the chance of taking the babies to the ocean *A* Timewise this would be before Eren found Levi, hence only the 104th squad.

Oh and this is only the first part, the original plan was to post many more at once but it’s taking much longer than anticipated so please have these for now ;A;

Attak On Titan

Eat like Sasha,
Care like Jean,
Lead like Erwin,
Fight like Annie,
Run like a Titan,
Smile like Marco,
Be odd like Mike,
Be proud like Ymir,
Be kind like Christa,
Be sweet like Petra,
Be smart like Armin,
Be loyal like Mikasa,
Be bad-ass like Levi,
Be curious like Hanji,
Be funny like Connie,
Be strong like Reiner,
Stand tall like Bertolt,
Fight for your dream like Eren


Tiny random Christmas present to you guys!

I’m still alive, though this is literally the first thing I’ve drawn in months -sweats- Hoping to get back to it from now on though (ง •̀_•́)ง
I know I have messages from forever ago sitting in my inbox and I’ll try to answer them within the next days, I’m so sorry…

Until then, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays <3