I mean clearly Marvel isn’t prioritizing romantic relationships

  • Steve and Peggy were involuntary seperated for like 70 years and then they renuite them only to kill her off
  • Tony and Thor had both their lover ladies written off as off-screen break-ups
  • Betty Ross is the most fucked over out all the women I listed, they pretend she doesn’t even exist, they tried to make Burcenat happen instead

And now the stuckies REALLY expect Marvel to give Steve and Bucky the same lackluster treatment as the rest of them, is that what they want?

-Mod T

okay but think how amazing it would be if jon and sansa reunited in TWOW or ADOS and littlefinger is with her and jon can BARELY CONCEAL THE RAGE that sansa had to live as a bastard for so long and she almost lost herself in this identity, but sansa would be like “but that’s fine, i always knew deep down that i’m not a bastard, and it kept me safe from being killed for regicide which i didn’t even commit. it’s fine jon, it’s over”. jon would only sigh and clench his fists and be all like “she didn’t deserve this”. and he would be completely moved by the fact that she based alayne stone on him, since he would never think that she reminisced about him at all when they were apart