High-Rise Movie Streaming (2016) HD

➣ High-Rise Movie Storyline
“ In the midst of a vast ocean stands the Elysium Tower – a glistening vertical city – a sanctuary for challenging times. Powered by sun and earth, designed by the greatest architectural visionary of the new millennium, Elysium is a self contained world. A world of commerce, cuisine and entertainment, featuring restaurants, swimming pools, libraries, cinemas, even a research hospital. It is not just the tallest and most technologically advanced work of modern architecture, but one that embodies the world’s highest aspirations. Dr. Robert Laing, a new arrival, settles in and adjusts to this hermetic life. But before long he becomes aware of something unsettling in the building. In an escalating atmosphere of unrest the residents break into tribal factions. Laing watches in horror as the myth of a utopian society is shattered. ”

➣ High-Rise Movie Detail
Release Date : 2016-03-18
Casts : James Purefoy, Reece Shearsmith, Jeremy Irons, Elisabeth Moss, Tom Hiddleston, Luke Evans, Peter Ferdinando, Sienna Miller, Daniel Renton Skinner
Duration : 112 minutes runtime
Rating : 5.2

why u should watch eureka seven

i wish i could make one of those really long ass posts to explain how much i love eureka seven bc this is honestly one of the best anime i have ever seen but im not rly gooD at that

i just

nice diverse cast? yes thank u. non-romantic important relationships? ill have that as well. GREAT storyline?? sign me the fuk up. BIG MECHAS??? yEAA!!! amazing soundtrack? u bet ur aSS

here’s the crew members (bc they live on a big ass ship that looks like a dragon how sick is that), and they all have unique personalities and have their role on board. that girl on the left in purple is the pilot of the ship. that guy on the far right is in charge of the ship’s weapons. the woman next to him is a doctor. that guy in green directs the magazine that relate the crew’s life. that woman with the gloves in the middle manages the ship’s goods and is in charge of buying food and stuff to keep everyone fed and alive on board (also i love her and she’s the best) aND I COULD GO ON

here’s the main character eureka, with her 3 kids. u see her go through so much character development it’s awesome. also kids?? i love them. they feel v real and it’s? nice to see. kids making dumb mistakes. kids being kids. i love it

here’s renton, the other main character, who is a dumb kid, and gets a crush on eureka after seeing her for .2 seconds. he joins the crew bc of her and gets into a lot of shit bc he’s a lil impulsive but he has a good heart. u gon see this boy grow a lot it’s rly cool

the story focuses on eureka and renton’s relationship, and daily life on the ship at first. daily life includes getting in the big cool mechas to fight bad guys, surf on sick waves, or delivering shady things to people to get $$$ bc u gotta feed the crew. the story gets a lil deeper after a few episodes when u learn things but im not gonna elaborate on that bc i dont wanna spoil u……. but its v cool

im nOT sure if im getting my point across but basically. u should give this anime a chance bc it’s awesome

and mechas……………….

also at some point renton gets to rub his nose on the pecs of a rly buff and hairy guy and i just want u to see that bc its amazing


probably one of the most memorable themes in any anime I’ve seen. It’s in my head often, even years later. It’s just plain beautiful.