So this is my 5000nd post and I wanted it to be something special. So why not make it a followforever bc you guys are the reason why i’m even here.

I started using tumblr because of one simple thing: Niall. As you know I adore that lil’nugget but tumblr developed into a place where I met friends! You guys are absolutely amazing and I don’t think you know how much you mean to me. And I owe it all to Niall.

Well enough ranting. I love you loads and you’re all Super Humans.

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(if I forgot someone, please dont hate me, you know I love you)

And the biggest hugs goes to all the beautiful members of the networks i’m in: RentaStyles & theDirtyBirdies you rock my socks everyday!

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My 5SOS Accent Challenge (or challenge idk)

I was tagged by maria//englishaffair

This is seriously so long because i just rambled and changed topics and started talking about  one direction too oh welllllll

I tag literally everyone who wants to do it! Make sure you tag me in it so I see! :)))))))))))))))


What is your name?
Where are you from?
What is your URL?
What is your twitter name?
Do you/have you ever written fanfiction/prefs/oneshots?
Have you done fanart? Can you show us?
Have you ever been noticed (tweet,follow ect) by the boys?
Have you ever met them?

Pronounce the following names:
5 Seconds of Summer
Luke Hemmings
Michael Clifford
Ashton Irwin
Calum Hood
Liz Hemmings
Mali-Koa Hood
Pronounce the following words:
Jiggly Puff,

Chocolate milk
Bass Guitar

Pronounce the following quotes:
‘Take me out of the oven cause I am so done’
‘Dammit this fucking nipple’
‘Why would I rick my own life to cross a road, it’s called common sense motherfucker I’m out.’
‘I want a puppy and I wanna name it poopey’
‘I don’t like people, I’m not a people person’
Pronounce the following bromances:
Pronounce the following songs:
She Looks So Perfect
What I Like About You
Lost Boy
Gotta Get Out
Try Hard
Wherever You Are
Out of My Limit
Voodoo Doll
Heartache on the Big Screen
Beside You
Heartbreak Girl

Teenage Dream
Good Girls Are Bad Girls
General Questions:
Who is your fave in 5 Seconds of Summer?
What is your fave 5sos song?
What was the first 5sos song you heard?
What is your fave bromance?
Have you ever seen them live? (If so, elaborate. [When/Where/How many times – if more then once])
Kiss, date, fuck, marry
If you could get a picture with only one band member, who would it be and why?
If you could only meet one band member, who would it be and why?
Do you have any merchandise?
If you could have lessons from one band member on their instrument who would it be and why?

To Mariah and Jess

Hellooo! I’d love to be a part of Rent-A-Styles because my blog is pretty new and I don’t know that many people on here, so I’d love to meet some new ones!

I also love to write fics so I’ll definitely be contributing to that. I have a love and special place for each of the boys so I can always listen to fangirling, I don’t have a #5 because lbr they’re all cutie patooties.

I hope you’ll consider me, you girls are so sweet :). Byeeeee! x


hi guys! I really want to talk more with you but it’s so hard due to time difference and all that other blurb thats on tumblr so i was thinking maybe we could set up one of those locked group blogs/chat?

(We got one for the dirty birdies network and it works really good)

So what do you think?

Join my blogroll :)

So basically I have like some mutuals on here so I wanted to make a blogroll with all you lovelys in it!

Just like this post if we’ve talked multiple times (even like once lol I still consider you a friend).

Or if you want to be in it, but we’ve never talked, then just let me know and we’ll be friends :)

if this gets no notes I completely understand ok

a letter to the Rent-a-Styles network


I’m Anna. I always find it really hard to write things about myself. I have no idea who I am. All I know is that I’m a girl from Sweden who according to all my friends is too old to fangirl over bands like One Direction.

I have been in love with various boybands since i was like 7 years old and I still love the Backstreet Boys so much. My dad bought me a M&G ticket to their upcoming show in March and I’m probably gonna pee my pants when I meet them (I’ll keep you posted on that one).

One Direction is a big part of my life and it hurts me that I really can’t talk about them with anyone cus no one of my friends care. So when I started my tumblr not so long ago I found a new world with people who understand me! Amazing people that liked me for me and my love for 5 crazy boys (mostly the blonde one with a cute accent).   

And this is me, taking the next step to find friends who like the same thing as I do. I really hope that you want me in your network cus it would mean the world to me.

And I just realise that I haven’t really written anything about myself yet so here is 6 things about me:

  • I’m extremely scared of birds
  • I work at a software company in Sweden but all I really wanna do is move to London and work as a PA.
  • I love to meet new people even if I’m the most socially awkward person ever.
  • I love traveling and wanna visit every country on this planet before I die.
  • I’m a gymnastics coach for a elite team of 8 year old girls (according to the head of the club, they’re gonna compete in the Swedish masters in a few years). Sometimes we play One Direction during our practise and dance together.
  • My tumblr contains a large amount of 1D pics/gifs/texts/videos but also some 5sos, BSB and UJ things cus I’m in love with all of them.

Well this is me and I hope you like me cus I already love both of you and your blogs.

Love A.

ps. since english is not my native language this text probably contains a lot of grammatical and missspelled words.

Hi guys!

it’s anna here…

I just want to wish you a happy new year! Thank you for being a part of this happy bubble.

I think that 2014 will be so much better than 2013 not because this year was a bad year; Honestly I think it was a pretty good one but next year will be even better!

I hope that every single one of you will do something that makes you proud of yourself in 2014 because that’s all that matters.   

Gott nytt år, jag älskar er!

(happy new year, I love you! - in Swedish)