So this is my 5000nd post and I wanted it to be something special. So why not make it a followforever bc you guys are the reason why i’m even here.

I started using tumblr because of one simple thing: Niall. As you know I adore that lil’nugget but tumblr developed into a place where I met friends! You guys are absolutely amazing and I don’t think you know how much you mean to me. And I owe it all to Niall.

Well enough ranting. I love you loads and you’re all Super Humans.

gottabegeorge / cliffordmepayne / takeitthroughthenight / zainsbird / bradfordboobear / moaningwithstyles / wrackedwithpayne / svcksharry / fckn1derland / 5secondsofgingerdirection / emceeniallerr / niallzcraic / ziamstyls / trizarrytops / blowsnialler / exoticharold / whyyhaz / criesbc1d / stylesfire / haroldsabs / lourinq / beminecurly / datingziall / dashofirish / liamwolve / boxingpayne / unionjadore / niall–james-horan / i-waslost-tillifoundyou / pancakebuddy / supernarryworld / ayyzen

(if I forgot someone, please dont hate me, you know I love you)

And the biggest hugs goes to all the beautiful members of the networks i’m in: RentaStyles & theDirtyBirdies you rock my socks everyday!

To Mariah and Jess

Hellooo! I’d love to be a part of Rent-A-Styles because my blog is pretty new and I don’t know that many people on here, so I’d love to meet some new ones!

I also love to write fics so I’ll definitely be contributing to that. I have a love and special place for each of the boys so I can always listen to fangirling, I don’t have a #5 because lbr they’re all cutie patooties.

I hope you’ll consider me, you girls are so sweet :). Byeeeee! x


hi guys! I really want to talk more with you but it’s so hard due to time difference and all that other blurb thats on tumblr so i was thinking maybe we could set up one of those locked group blogs/chat?

(We got one for the dirty birdies network and it works really good)

So what do you think?