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I Think I Might Be Dead

I might be dead. I honestly don’t know and it’s the most disturbing feeling I’ve ever had. Actually what is really unsettling is that that is the most rational explanation I can come up with.

This whole thing started late last fall. Looking back on other things that have happened to me it might have actually started way before that but for now let focus on that night last fall.

I was driving home after an evening of playing cards with friends in the city. It was getting late in the season and snow had begun falling pretty regularly. That night was no exception. It wasn’t a blizzard by any means but it was that type of snow with the huge flakes that fall really slowly. At night on the highway my head lights turned them into spots of reflected light in the darkness. It was kind of like driving through a field of stars just like what the pilots in Sci-Fi movies see right before taking off into hyperspace. The snow clouds blocked out even the light from the moon making it even darker than it usually is. The snow and the hour combined to mean that there were hardly any other vehicles on the road. One of the biggest dangers of driving in conditions like this is that the limited field of vision and the falling snow is almost hypnotic. It’s pretty easy to relax and kinda get sucked in to watching only the snow.

I was starting to fall into that state. I’d been driving long enough that the car had warmed up to a comfortable temperature and I’d settled in for the hour or so drive. When the peaceful star field in front of me was interrupted by the presence of two huge creatures my first thought was to be upset that they had disrupted my drive. That was quickly washed away by “Oh man this is going to suck”! There wasn’t really time avoid them by altering my course and there definitely wasn’t time to slow down or stop on the snow covered road. I crashed into the back end of second moose at full speed.

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