Closed | Theo & Leo | Rental


Theo bit his lip, unsure as to why he was so nervous. Maybe it was because Leo gave him a ware fuzzy feeling… He wasn’t sure but he liked it, liked spending time with Leo.

He walked down to his cell to gather some clothes, and his textbooks. He then grunted when a guard grabbed the back of his collar and yanked him out. “Oh fuck off.” He growled before pulling away. “I can walk there myself.” He said but to no avail. The guard still gripped his arm and pulled him along.

They arrived outside Leo’s door and he glanced around the hallway, before frowning when the guard knocked on the door and spoke, “Mr. Malikov, I have brought the slave you requested.” He said, before glancing back at Theo and pushing him in front of him. 

Theo quickly lowered his gaze, figuring it best not to piss off the guard. The sooner the big brute left, the sooner Theo and Leo would be left alone.

Rental || Klaus/Theo

Nik wasn’t sure what it was in the end that led him to fill out the rental forms, a few days of distraction, some amusement, no specific reason at all. But in the end he’d handed in the forms and was looking towards three days distraction. The vampire finished up his painting, completing some work for the next class, having sent for his slave to be delivered.

Klaus moved to clean off his brushes, leaving the canvas to dry before he heard movement outside his door. A slow smirk spread across his lips as he turned his attention to the door. “I told you I’d be seeing you again.” 


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The Ovida - Getaway Tiny House in the Woods

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Less than two hours north of Boston on I-93 are three tiny houses built by the Millennial Housing Lab – a startup that helps you get out of the city. Each house is unique and serves as rural rental retreat. Want to give tiny house living a try?

Pictured here is The Ovida, which can sleep 4 people. She’s stocked with all the essentials to make your stay comfy and fun. To learn more or reserve a tiny house sleepover visit the Getaway website. You can also find them on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Learn more about The Ovida « Getaway – Tiny Houses in the Woods

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Rental | Sinful Howls | Tiffany & Alica

[Future: November 30, 8:00]

Alica almost laughed in desperation about the rental note she just got. After all, the blonde never even bothered to think that the siren might take revenge on her. She wasn’t used to such things and well, didn’t she make herself perfectly clear? ‘I don’t fucking let anybody rent me!’ A large frown escaped her lips and as if it were the perfect signal, the guards intruded in her cell, forced her to strip to walk her around the school. Knowing her and knowing them, it was obvious that nothing happened without a fight and yet they were not only outnumbered, but also stronger than the wild little blonde. Again Alica found herself on that situation, walked around the school like a pet. She did her best to kick the guards off, trying to break free, but hey? What could one cuffed and gagged human being do against the embodiment of the devil? How lousy. Fortunately it was still early in the morning so only the minority got to participate in that little show, not that it’d make it less embarrassing. Exhausted and utterly angry they pushed her into the door of the root of all evil.

“Mmpff.” ‘To hell with this bloody ol’ gag!’ Of course, the first thing the blonde would do is snapping and cursing at her. Oh, she wanted to question her so badly and she wanted to tease and remind her and even more desperately, she wanted to be free again. Thanks to the device in her mouth, Tiffany pretty much could only guess about that, not that it’d be all too hard. Alica quickly decided for that scowling method again, looking for something to kick against the siren. After all, her legs were the only thing she could use to defend herself and oh, she’d use it as if it were life or death if that stupid little bitch would come any closer. Maybe her little metaphor wasn’t picked so bad, ‘cause Alica herself would be tempted to kill her for that freak-show of hers and admittedly, that’s just one of the reasons she was utterly afraid of what’s gonna happen.

Rental ~ Theo & Alison 2/6

Sitting in her suite, Alison relaxed on the comfortable sofa, feet up as she sipped a glass of champagne.  She was waiting for the guards to deliver Theo to her so that he could put away her things.  She could unpack herself, but she figured why not use the help available.  Plus, she could play with him after.  

When the knock came at the door, she smiled and rose, sky high heels clicking on the floor as she crossed the room.

Rental | Lucas & Candice


Lucas had been in his room, a smirk on his face. His sweet little Candice was his for the next week. He could do anything and everything he wanted with her and this thoroughly pleased him.

He leisurely walked through his dorm, awaiting the school day to be over before a smile drifted into his face as he heard a gentle knock onto his door then footsteps retreating as he heard the guard leave.

He set his drink down and moved to the door, slowly as he was in no rush and opened it to reveal his little play-thing. “Hello, Candice.” He purred in a silky voice.