rent: obc

Honestly, the best thing about cast recordings is that every time you listen to them, you discover something new. Something as simple as “woah, those hard-to-hear violins are maybe the coolest thing on this whole album,” or “wait a minute, in this song, there’s an underlying melody from a previous one that adds another layer and another message.” It’s really amazing how much detail songwriters and lyricists and orchestrators pay attention to, even when they’re not even sure that anyone will notice.

When you realize the last wave of people who will be obsessed and in love with the original cast of Hamilton has come and there will be very few from now on who will understand why Anthony Ramos and Daveed Diggs are on Hamilton Fanfic blogs. Who won’t be feeling a bit giddy when they think about their favorite. Who won’t know them as anything more than the voice that sang this part. The memes the gifs the snapchat and insta stories the phot series’ all of it. That Pipmojis are long since a thing of the past. That Janthony was Americas favorite couple. All of that, in a few years will be just people who were lucky enough to know the show before the OBC started leaving and the rays of sunshine began fading out.

  • Friend: Hey what kind of music do you have on your phone?
  • Me: Oh, um, nothing out of the ordinary *actually has 162791 original broadway cast albums saved*

ok obvi obc is perfect but dream replacements for dear evan hansen cast once they start leaving (hopefully never)

evan- anthony ramos/ austin p. mckenzie (COME BACK TO BWAY)

zoe- emma hunton

connor- alex boniello

alana- elle mclemore

jared- i genuinely can’t think of another person will roland is jared kleinman

heidi or cynthia tbh- heidi blickenstaff (this is what got me thinking about replacements bc HOW INSANE WOULD HEIDI SOUND SINGING SO BIG SO SMALL FR)

larry- matthew morrison i know this is a lot to ask but 


How perfect are they??