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My name is Sierra Ungard. I'm a 22 year old art student on their last semester of college. I just found out that my parent plus loans came up a little short to cover my living expenses. I need $625 to cover the amount I am missing. I need this money by the end of the week to be able to pay for my...

I need a little help with paying the rest of my rent! I would be forever grateful if you guys could help even if you cant donate a reblog would be great!

wow. shit is wild. some of my family (mom and her twin and their friend chigusa, who has been like a big sister to me back when i was in new mexico) is apparently visiting on oct. 4th. i had no idea. till the 11th.

my mom and her twin are both alcoholics, but they only get uncomfortably wild after 8-9pm, which conveniently is when i have to go to bed for work. they’re also kind of toxic as people but in small doses, you don’t get poisoned by it. :)

they said they would help me shop for some small essentials.. my family isn’t rich so the fact that theyre visiting and also helping me get like… cleaning supplies, kitchen things, etc, to help my apartment be less depressing and more livable is actually. kind of. nuts. i’m Emotional. i’m not used to feeling this way about my family.

now i actually feel motivated to clean my apartment…


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#duet #LightMyCandle #Rent @smule

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Rent as Hamilton songs

EDIT EXPLAINING SAY NO/SATISFIED: take key lyrics from those songs and put them into their counterparts. “and if you give a damn, take me or leave me” being sang by Maria, “don’t say no to this” sung by Maureen. “May you always be satisfied” sung by Joanne to Maureen, “Gotta look on the bright side, with all of my might, I’d still fall for him anyhow” sung by Angelica.