Roommate Needed ASAP in Orlando, FL

We are in a 3 bedroom 2 bath and our lease is up on September 30th. We desperately need a 4th roommate to help with the rent.

I work for Disney, my sister works for SeaWorld, and my roommate works for Universal so we are all theme park people. We are all also giant nerds, do not smoke, drink socially, and have one dog. We were hoping for another girl or NB or any non-male gender.

Please email me (or message me on tumblr) for more info or if you want to see the room. Rent would only be $430 a month!


I really should’ve been doing homework instead of making this, but I picked up my first foster kitten earlier today (!!!!!!) and he decided to be disgustingly sweet and precious and take a nap in the crook of my elbow while I was on my computer and I didn’t wanna be rude and wake him up by getting up and grabbing my textbook and pens and shit! So I made a math gif.

レンタヒーロー アミューズメントセンター


What would you do?

Option 1) Buy a house in an ok area (not terrible but not your dream area), with a new kitchen, partially renovated bathroom, and hardwood floors. Additional renovations would be ~15k that could be done over a few years. Plan to stay in the house for about 5 years & move to a better location. Would be able to buy this house now.

Option B) Buy a house in the area you want to live in. Pay about the same as option 1 (maybe a little more) and have to have complete renovation. Plan to stay in the house -TBD on jobs but ideally maybe 10+. Keep renting another 2 years, attempt to save for this house, and buy later.

Asking for help again

Sorry to bother again, but I’m asking for help. Again about Zürich, but this time it’s for the boyfriend.

Please, does anyone know anyone in Zürich that is renting an apartment? 1-2 rooms, with a kitchen, up to 1500 CHF/month, ideally 40-50 minutes or less away from ETH Zürich by public transport, starting from 10.9.2015? Can be furnished, but doesn’T matter if it isn’t, as long as there’s a functional kitchen and bathroom. He’ll be there for a year and a half, that is three semesters.

He’s been searching for about a month now and has had little luck, because it’s either offered by realties agents, who usually prefer to have lots of people interested and then pick someone (and they won’t pick a student, who is not swiss), or the contracts offered were not good for him. Please, anyone know anything? Could you please signal boost this? Thank you, and sorry for bothering you all again

today was the best and tomorrow is gonna be even better!! sorry i wasnt online much today, same thing is going to happen tomorrow. but yeah, im pretty happy right now, much better than yesterday

This wasn’t our best performance. I was sick and so was Emma, and we still had some work to do, and at the end we kind of panicked because a music cue was off but we still went for it and did pretty damn well. I’ve resisted posting this but on account of my directing project and what I’m doing it on, I’m going to post this finally as a tumblr exclusive. Here is Take Me or Leave Me from RENT.