rent the musical

  • someone: stories with queer/trans/PoC protagonists just don't perform as well because they're not relatable to everyone!
  • me: RENT is one of the most successful Broadway musicals ever and ran for 12 years after its debut in 1996, making it the 10th longest-running Broadway show of all time. Its core cast is made up of a Jew, a gay Black man and his transgender partner, a recovering drug addict, a Hispanic teenage sex worker, a lesbian, and a bisexual woman, all of whom are complaining and commiserating about how hard it is to be an oppressed person with no money but plenty of passion.
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  • me: also capitalism is terrible and measuring success by monetary value is destructive and demeaning
Quick Descriptions of Some Musicals

Hamilton: The Founding fuckboys Fathers in the form of highschool drama

Falsettos: Lots of Jews, lots of gay, lots of intense crying

Book of Mormon: Everyone is made fun of in this musical. Everyone.

Rent: Money is difficult, but so is AIDS and being gay

Phantom of the Opera: Mysterious man in a mask swoons you faster than you can say “Christine” no matter what your sexuality is

Newsies: Group of guys (that aren’t mormons) aren’t taking shit from no one (also the New York accent will stick with you, believe it or not)

Dear Evan Hansen: Sad musical about teen angst could never be so relatable

Wicked: Hey remember that one movie that comes on tv every now and then during the holidays that your parents reflect on? Yeah this is before that

School of Rock: Fake teachers and rebellious children who are all surprisingly talented


History is happening in Manhattan

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