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I just had a fell asleep on the couch and woke up in my bed experience and as an adult it was more of an inconviece and just plain weird

Does anyone else ever randomly think about the fact Rent takes place only 27 years after Hairspray? The characters of Hairspray could be the parents of the characters of Rent, that’s how close their timelines are.

!!Pay me to draw you something $NAME YOUR PRICE $15+$ - desperately need money for rent


hi friends. idk how to start off posts like this, so i’m gonna try and jump right into it. 

So a couple of months ago I made a post about moving out of my mother’s house and that fucked up situation and coming here to where i live now, and how stressful it’s been trying to make the money work. this is the post in question btw In that post I mentioned how I was now living in a room paying $200 a month or $50 a week and how it was hard to save money as soon as i moved in. Well it got.. harder.. I really don’t know why so many things had to happen this month, but I am buried rn. 

Currently I owe $100 in November’s rent and now another $200 for this month that JUST started. I was really hoping my paycheck would be at least $100 this week but it’s just barely even close at a whopping $72 rounded up

Honestly Idk what to do. on average I make around…$30-$70 a paycheck, depending on how many shifts I pick up that are hourly pay (I work busing and kitchen jobs at the restaurant I’m employed at) I really thought with the doubles I was doing I was going to make more than what I did. and I technically did make what I thought it would be, but again after taxes I’m left with crap. I make tips too, but because I have literally $0 on me at all times, it’s immediately spent on food. It’s either that or I’m scraping up loose change and buying things with that.

I’m so sorry to be making this post but it’s really really bad. I technically owe $300 rn, not including all the fucking cellphone bills I haven’t been paying that THANKFULLY my uncle is helping me out with right now. It’s just so fucking bad. I can hardly afford food for my cat or myself most days and I’m not trying to turn this into a huge pity party post but I really seriously need help. 

My bank account is linked to my paypal and not even that has a cent in it. 


If anyone can be as so kind as to like help me out here that would really rock

 I need to make at least $130 dollars to pay off at least this month alone and I can worry about the other $100 I owe in due time. 

I don’t have to worry about food for the time being cuz i stocked up on bread and mac and cheese, but yeah.

So how this’ll work is, name your price with a minimum of $15 and I’ll draw you something like this:

If you’re interested please contact me asap through fanmail or askbox 

I’ll be doing full body or whatever interests you, full color like the colored examples above no extra charge on color, no extra charge on extra characters, but I can’t promise backgrounds cuz i suck at them gomen

I literally need anything I can get, donations, commissions, gratuity, a box of money mailed to me, anything.

I really do not want to get kicked out of this place it is literally the only place I have left

and if you cant commission me, you don’t want to or whatever, please just like.. throw this post around or something. 


will draw: 


NSFW is ok with 18+ characters involved.

Please provide refs if necessary for OCs, that can be previous commissions you’ve paid for, or art you’ve drawn yourself, or a very in-depth written description with faceclaims and all that, I want your OC to look like your OC! <3

paypal only pls 

my paypal is: 

 [with my legal name presented so don’t be alarmed if you’re like who tf is this]

you’re allowed to do whatever the fuck you want with the thing i draw you, print it, burn it, sell it to google, idc I just need to make rent.

And lastly, I’d like to livestream the commissions as I knock them out, cuz that shit keeps me productive and on task. Thank you so much for reading and stuff I’m sorry for bothering y’all 

I’m making a list of things that I’m very happy don’t exist. please add to it

•the ending of the amber spyglass
•the second half of sword art online
•the book so long and thanks for all the fish
•fifty shades of grey, just in general
•my entire childhood
•the battle of hogwarts
•root a


Basically I’ve been pretty unhappy with the direction pay rent has been going art and format-wise, which is purely my fault for being completely inexperienced with creating comics and rushing to finish and post them. Which is why I’ve been putting off pay rent for quite a while now, save for drawings and comics unrelated to the main storyline, and in truth, will probably continue to put off the next update till I really figure out how I’m gonna go about doing it. Just note that some things may change, like the art and colouring style, but not the story itself. I’ve still got some major stuff lined up for y’all but it will just look completely different from the previous updates. 

The manhua ‘Their Story’/‘Tamen de gushi’ (which you guys should totally read or perhaps buy if you’re into dorky gay girls) has been one of my inspirations for creating the comic and actually my own art style. I’ve felt that it would really help me out a lot to really look at the way it’s been done and adjust my own comic to sort of mimic the style. It flows really well, it’s damn hilarious and I’m hoping that by using it as inspiration and reference for pay rent, it would change the comic for the better. 

I also don’t think that it’s gonna continue having a consistent update schedule because to make it look just the way I want, I’m definitely gonna need more time. 

Thank you so much if you’ve enjoyed my comic so far and if you could just hold out a little longer for the comic’s next update, that’d be awesome. I promise it’ll be back better than ever.

TLDR; I’m putting off the next updates of pay rent so I can improve it. Another comic which inspired me to make pay rent will hopefully help me make my own better as I try to grasp how to make comics. Pay rent is also gonna not update consistently as I try to make it look the way I want. Thank you for reading my comic so far, and It’ll be back so much better than ever.

Art commissions open! Please throw your money at me!

A LITTLE STORY: I’m freshly unemployed and about to move out of my abusive home to study at a uni far far away where i’ll be living on campus. I currently have NO INCOME other than to draw for you. So…

Here’s what I’m offering- A4 or A5 realistic graphite portraits of: 

  • your loving parents 
  • your amazing godsend sunshine pets 
  • your beautiful friends 
  • actual queen who we don’t deserve Viola Davis 
  • or whoever else you like 
  • Ariana Grande 
  • or whoever else you like 
  • Donald Trump sucking Mike Pence’s dick 
  • seriously I’m desperate enough to draw anything for you
  • as long as you have a reference photo for me 

Here’s some examples of what I have to offer:


All prices are in AUD. You can pay for your commission to my PayPal @ OR if you’re feeling a little generous today, you can donate as much as you like (I’ll send you a personalised lil thank you note with a free sketch of a dog attached just because I love dogs and I’ll assume you do too)

Details will be discussed in PM if you would like a drawing from me, or if you have any other questions before you decide, you can shoot me a message or send me an ask

My mom and dad are watching Victoria via PBS and already my mom is like, a lowkey Vicbourne shipper. I get it from somewhere.

Someone always asks how Tensaided stays in business, and I always point out that a) rental places still exist (I could go to one and rent stuff right now if I felt like it), b) EGS is a different universe, and c) the year is both unclear and slow to change.

Things Will Get Better, I Promise

I took a job working part time

at the Greeting Card Factory

because I am forty and still can’t afford

the house I rent, and now my wife’s

gone back to school so she can make

more than minimum wage;

and so I bring home an extra 445.00 a week

after taxes for writing things like,

“I will always love you,”

and “things will get better, I promise,”

and at first I thought of it as kind of an ironic joke,

that is is what a philosophy major is good for,

but as I continued to battle with depression

and feelings of self-doubt

that could cripple a rhinocerous,

I felt as if I may as well be writing

these sad little notes of inspiration to myself;

Of course, I had been too jaded by Camus

and years of existential suffering at the hands

of my own abusive father to admit it,

but I needed somebody to tell me,

“you can be anything you want to be,

if you just believe.”

And as cliche as it sounds,

and as much as I wanted to argue with myself 

that this is a lie told to us by those in power

to keep us working in factories

while they smoke cigars of burning bills,

most of my life

I have truly believed I am a bit of a loser,

who would never amount to much,

as so far that’s been awfully close to true,

so what have I got to lose now,

by telling myself,

“I am secretly a literary genius

and the world will soon recognize me.”

What have I got to lose

by bullshitting myself

in another direction?

living here is making me anxious again they don’t speak to me unless it’s to reprimand me and i just feel really unwanted and i think i need to leave i’m not trying to make mistakes but it seems like everything i do is a mistake and i think i’m going to just live in my room for the next two weeks until d goes back to work and i’m back at school and the only time we spend together is from 5pm to 10pm