rent confessions


May 31, 1924

On this very early Saturday morning Joseph Sbarbaro of the State’s Attorney’s office came into the room where Loeb was being held and urged him to confess. He laid out all the evidence they had collected against Leopold over the past several days: that the glasses found at the culvert belonged to him, that the murder weapon had been seen being thrown from his car, that the ransom notes had been typed using his typewriter and that they had evidence that both lied about driving in Leopold’s car the afternoon of the murder, invalidating their alibis. After panicking, calling for water and trying to make up several other stories, Loeb relented and gave a full confession.

When Leopold was told Loeb was confessing and given specific details (like the agency they rented their car from and the false name they rented it under) he confessed as well. After their confessions were taken down separately they were brought together and each statement was read aloud. The two argued back and forth about discrepancies in the other’s statements, specifically them each claiming that the other had been the one to actually hit Bobby in the head and stuff a rag in his mouth. Furious at one another, they shouted insults at each other when in the same room and each tried to prove that the other was the worse between them and had come up with the idea in the first place.

The Leopold and Loeb families initially thought there must be some mistake, that even now with confessions given, the situation would all reveal itself to be a misunderstanding. But when relatives visited and got verbal confirmation from the teenagers themselves that they had done it, they quickly began seeking legal help. Shortly after Loeb and Leopold had given their official confessions, Jacob Loeb, uncle of Richard, went to the home of famed lawyer Clarence Darrow to seek his services. He agreed to take on the case along with Loeb’s cousin Benjamin Bachrach.

For the rest of the day the teenage killers were taken by police along their murder route to prove beyond a doubt that their confessions were true and to gather a plethora of evidence against them. When their families or lawyers tried to go to the police station to talk with them or get them out of police custody into the Cook County Jail they were turned away with the excuse that no one knew where the boys were or when they would be back. It would take more than a full day until the lawyers had a chance to speak with their clients.

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After 3 years of on and off dating I moved in with my boyfriend.
I miss my apartment.
I miss being 25 and single.
I miss coming home to a completely empty apartment.
I miss my stemless glass of wine…for dinner.
I miss not being recruited for the bedroom at 11:00 on a Tuesday, I want to stay up all night and Netflix.
I miss leaving my apartment at 12 a.m. just for a drive, ending up in Miami for a large Styrofoam cup of Souse.
I miss not having to give my whereabouts to anyone, ever.
I miss not having to be responsible for making sure another adult is fed.
I miss it.
All of it.

I dont miss paying rent though.