rent confessions

I’ve never understood how people can so readily sell dolls to make rent. For something that comes up so often, you really should find a different option like everyone without dolls does, because youre just going to be so upset when its gone. When I get a doll, selling it is going to be off the table unless i just dont want it anymore, or theres really an emergancy with no other conceivable option, somehow.




After 3 years of on and off dating I moved in with my boyfriend.
I miss my apartment.
I miss being 25 and single.
I miss coming home to a completely empty apartment.
I miss my stemless glass of wine…for dinner.
I miss not being recruited for the bedroom at 11:00 on a Tuesday, I want to stay up all night and Netflix.
I miss leaving my apartment at 12 a.m. just for a drive, ending up in Miami for a large Styrofoam cup of Souse.
I miss not having to give my whereabouts to anyone, ever.
I miss not having to be responsible for making sure another adult is fed.
I miss it.
All of it.

I dont miss paying rent though.