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Well you guys, this is it. The last chapter for the story!!! I can’t really believe I finished this thing… (well there is now the sequel but still) I hope that many of you will be reading the sequel too, and that you will like the direction that the story is going to take. I will start on the story next week, and I hope you guys will be there for it :)

anonymous asked:

May I please get hcs for Koumei and Kouen and their woes and successes with past relationships and women, and/or their flirting/courting sty;e and overall attitude for marriage and co.? Thank you and welcome to the fandom! ^^

Well, I think I understood. If I got something wrong with the request, feel free to correct me, please ^.^; Oh, and thank you for your welcome, dear, it’s very sweet of you :)

Ren Koumei:

  • This boy never really pays attention to such trivial things as love. Sure, he’s not completely inexperienced, but isn’t the most knowledgeable either. Also, his lack of care towards his appearance makes him just a little self-conscious.
  • He would never admit that he felt glad whenever some of the servants confessed that they found him rather attractive; he simply thanked them without showing much expression, maybe just scratching the back of his head as one of his habits, and then walked away.
  • Koumei isn’t really one to start courtship. You could say and be sure that he feels a little bit awkward when around women who he is interested in. No conversation comes into his mind, and the time they spend together ends up as a long silence until one of them decides to stand up and leave.
  • Maybe he remembers having had some “romance” when he was a lot younger, like those created when you are children who don’t even understand what love is. Of course, that cannot count as a relationship, but I’m almost sure that is the closest thing he has had.
  • Koumei is pretty neutral about marriage. He knows it exists and acknowledges it, but he never really considered it. Maybe the faint feeling that he may could need to marry a princess from who-knows-what country, and wouldn’t complain as long as it was for the sake of the Koue Empire, but that’s about it.
  • However, there are times in which he wonders how it would feel to be embraced by a loving wife. He checks on how his face looks, and sighs, deciding not to pay much attention to such thoughts. But that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t need to feel loved by someone.

Ren Kouen:

  • Being the oldest doesn’t necessarily mean that he is the most experienced, but he has had his fair amount of lovers, in truth. None of them actually serious, as if just a fling, but still, that’s experience gained. This has caused many heartbreaks to those maidens who though they could have shared a beautiful love story.
  • His way of courtship is not as extravagant or indiscreet as other’s men way… He doesn’t even bear much expression other than a frown while the woman keeps trying to make conversation; he rarely responds with a brief monosyllable, or maybe a hum.
  • He never really paid that much mind to things like love. There were things to protect and to achieve, so this strange feeling was definitely not in his list of priorities. So you could say he never really had a “real” partner.
  • Rather than complimenting someone, he prefers being complimented (especially his goatee, of course). Not that he seems to show any reaction when being told he is handsome, intelligent, or any other compliment to come to mind.
  • He enjoys history, so a way to make sure the woman he is way is truly worthy of his affection is to start conversations about historical events. If she can’t keep up, or doesn’t show any kind of interest towards what he is saying, he discards the possibility of falling in love with her.
  • His thought about marriage is pretty much the same as his brother Koumei. Kouen doesn’t think of it as something to pay much attention to, since he could probably end up engaged to someone he doesn’t love to help flourish the Kou Empire. But, again, this doesn’t mean he is completely shut down to the idea; after all, a man is just human, and love is one of his primal needs, wants it or not.

Idk if anyone’s already done this but this is the first thing that came to my mind when I saw Chewie shooting (but not killing) Ren in that certain scene.

Other items from the capsule include:

CDS: Please Hammer, Don’t Hurt ‘Em by MC Hammer and Michael Jackson’s Dangerous album.

PHOTOS OF THINGS TOO BIG (OR ALIVE) TO FIT INSIDE: Bicycles, planes, trains, cars, politicians and celebrities.



BOOKS: A world atlas, history book, comic book, phone book, the Orlando TV Guide for the week of April 30, 1992, and a copy of the Book of Endangered Species



A VIDEOTAPE OF THE LIVE CEREMONY: Shot by a girl named Vicky who stood onstage to operate the Kid Cam.

THE CAMERA THAT RECORDED THE TAPE: This appears to have been unplanned. Mike O'Malley and Joey Lawrence both looked baffled about how to remove the tape from the camera, so the whole setup was tossed in at the last minute.


Which is probably the best thing they’ll pull out of there when they open it in April 2042.