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can u just fucking imagine edgar telling maria what to get from nori and he just cant fucking remember what the panda pearls are called

“now maria bring me his…mammal based circle things…..spheres….bracelet?? no wait…dog dish…nO…..somethin uwear around the neck…collar…..bring me his collar”

“dad dont you mean his ne-”


reason coughs. “…..panda pearls”


  • hux: would you rather fight 100 loth cat size luke skywalkers or one luke skywalker size loth cat?
  • kylo: does the loth cat have the force?
  • hux: ...yes
Not ‘together, together’ my ASS! I don’t care if this is kinda spoiler-y, this is part of the finale that mattered the most to me.

Dammit I thought they were gonna kiss in this moment. I actually leaned into my screen and started chanting, ‘Please kiss! Kiss! NOW KISS dammit!’

But they didn’t, obviously. But…at least we got to have a very touching shipper moment which was actually initiated by REN this time and that’s what made this scene golden for me.

We all know Nora’s feelings so the fact that this time it was Ren who initiated contact made me VERY happy as a RENORA/Flower Power shipper!

I’ve waited 4 seasons for this! I have endured four whole seasons for us to get to this point!

Dear RoosterTeeth, Okay we got some great RENORA moments, backstory and development this season. That’s beautiful. 

Please keep this up. We’ve already been hinted at Nora’s feelings for Ren from previous seasons (and even RWBY Chibi surprisingly) but if this moment here didn’t signify Ren’s feelings/interest in Nora ‘that way’ then I’ll be pissed.

Don’t let this drop RT. Keep it up. Let my babies kiss or at least date in Season 5. I don’t know what your plans for these two are for future arcs but I hope one of em leads to them kissing at least once at some point.

After this season, it’d be a shame if they didn’t.



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