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I don't mean to be a bother but I've been seeing a lot of palm trees in my dreams and a woman who calls herself Renpet. I did some research and apparently she is an Egyptian goddess but I couldn't find much about her. Could you tell me anything about her?

Hi, anon. I’m very sorry for not getting back to you quickly. Tumblr never sent me an E-mail that this was in my box. Without those notifications, I tend to forget to check my inbox on my app. :3

So, there is very little information on Renpet. I have heard of her, of course, but only in passing. She was a very minor deity as far as the information that has come down to us would have us believe. As found in The Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt by Richard H. Wilkinson,

A minor goddess who personified the year, and was recognized by the notced palm branch which was the hieroglyphic sign for “year” which she wore on her head. Renpet was quite frequently depicted in temple and other scenes but had no important cult.

The way it would appear is that she was only a somebody when it came to discussing the year, specifically the upcoming celebration of Wep Renpet (new year) and little else.

The Wikipedia page doesn’t have much more for you, either:

In the Egyptian language, Renpet was the word for year. Its hieroglyph was figuratively depicted in art as a woman wearing a palm shoot (which was a representation of time) over her head. This figurative woman was often referred to as the mistress of eternity.

And that kind of sums it up.

So, what we have here is pretty interesting, if you ask me. You are dreaming of one of the netjer with her classic symbolism associated and her name is revealed to you. This leads me to believe that Renpet wants your attention, for whatever reason. Many of the netjeru are shooting out and about the pagan scene, trying to get as many devotees as possible, from wherever they may find them.

As far as other sources, I really can’t provide any. I’m going to leave this open, in case any of my followers can help us with resources. So, follows, do you have any ideas where this anon can get some more answers, if any?