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Could someone do the ravenclaws playing Pokemon go please?

It all started when Lysander Scamander got stuck in the vanishing step on his way up to the third floor. Although renowned for his unusual behaviour, this was rather odd even for him. It wasn’t unusual for him to get stuck, of course (Lysander was a rather absent minded boy with an unfortunate disregard for his surroundings) what was unusual was how cheerful he remained despite having been stuck in the staircase for 3 hours. When asked why he was so happy he would only reply “I caught a charizard” 

Now the majority of ravenclaw tower decided simply to place the ‘charizard’ in the same category as the crumple horned snorkack or the nargle, but upon one retelling of the story a seventh year’s head shot up in disbelief. 

“Did you just say he caught a charizard?”

“Yeah, don’t worry man it’s probably just some weird thing he made up-”

“Who is this kid?”

So the seventh year wandered over to where the 13 year old Lysander was sat alone at a table overlooking the grounds, and cautiously pulled up a chair. The younger boy didn’t seem to notice he had company until the seventh year cleared his throat and muttered under his breath

“So I heard you caught a charizard?” Lysander’s eyes lit up and a small smile crept across his face. He nodded. The seventh year glanced around nervously, unsure what his friends would make of this conversation of apparent gibberish with a 13 year old and renowned liability. “How?”

And so it began. 

Soon the entirety of ravenclaw tower was filled with phones sent in from home and it was near impossible to cross the common room without colliding with at least one student. School work was dismissed as an unnecessary distraction and team rivalries became outright war fare when armed with supplies from Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes

It was said that pidgeys could be found in the owlery (this was true though in all honesty they could be found at every turn), squirtles were often discovered by the black lake, and a bulbasaur would require a trip to the forbidden forest. Not many students thought that particular risk was worth the rewards. 

Getting back into the ravenclaw common room also become something of an affair. “Is it possible to burn yet feel no pain?”

“Yeahhh if that ponyta loves you mate”

It’s safe to say that ravenclaw is indeed the house of nostalgia and reminiscence, even if the majority of the students never experienced the phase the first time around

Moodboard AU: Pianist!Leafy

Calvin still had YouTube as a side job, uploading once per week or so, but had to put it to the side to persue his musical career. Gone was Leafy the Youtuber, leaving only Calvin Vail, world-renowned pianist and composer. His coffee addiction and screwed up sleeping schedule never left him, but as opposed to a small life in Denver, he was gone every other weekend to Germany for his concerts, and his New York flat was littered with sheet music and other smaller instruments.

Someone should write an imagine about this holy shiT

Nathan is renowned over and over as an incredibly humble guy by those who know him and if there’s one thing I know is that having all that attention on you while being a humble person can be exhausting, so I imagine after a long day of press and welcome back events and so many congratulations and pictures and autographs for strangers and friends and family alike Nathan would just be drained, so much to the point where you almost thought he was upset or angry but really he was just exhausted, it takes a lot to smile all day and yes he was happy and so thankful for everything but he just didn’t feel like he needed to be made such a big deal, like he’s proud of his accomplishments and loves what he does but he’d rather celebrate with few, those closest to him, and after those long days of being celebrated and hailed a hero he’d just flop in bed and close his eyes and let out a long, deep breath and you’d crawl into bed next to him and not know whether he wants to be left alone for a bit or if he wants your affection but he’d just reach for your hand and lace his fingers between yours and squeeze it and let out another breath and you’d roll over so you were laying against him and his eyes would still be closed and his free hand would run through your hair and you’d just whisper how much you love him and how he deserves all the attention and he’d smile a little and glance down at you all sleepy and you’d lean up to kiss him knowing he sometimes doesn’t know what to say when someone says nice things about him but he’d be so thankful to have you there supporting him and being a constant source of normal for him in life.

The Making of 7 Iconic Movie Posters

While at Universal, one of the most unique design challenges Martin faced came from Jurassic Park director Steven Spielberg.

The assignment? Create a logo that could brand both the movie and the fictional theme park in it.

“We visited the set during the production and saw some of the dinosaurs and props,” says Martin. “They were actually going to have branded products, merchandise in the store in the film. They needed a logo to put on the items in the gift shop.”

Even though Martin had the help of his design group at Universal, it was customary to farm out some of the work with vendors and boutiques like the one he had come from. Each agency who agreed would get paid for their work and if the art was chosen for the film, that company would receive a “usage fee”.

Ultimately, they turned to the dinosaur logo that had been used on the cover of the original Michael Crichton novel.

“Chip Kidd, who’s a renowned book cover designer created the skeleton drawing,” says Martin. “We adapted his graphic into the circle and the type based on a quick, 1-inch thumbnail sketch the film’s production designer had sent over.

But Martin believed the movie logo needed more than just the dinosaur image from the book. He found a classic typeface (Newland), and added an inline for depth.

“We added this little jungle scene at the bottom in order to give it scale because without that the dinosaur could be any size — it could be a baby,” he explained. “With the jungle below it made the dinosaur look huge. That’s my contribution to making that logo work.”

Indeed! This was indeed painted by Louis Comfort Tiffany, the son of Charles Tiffany, the founder of Tiffany & Co. As a young man, Louis traveled the world to study art and absorb the culture of other countries. Tiffany based this work on photographs he made in 1871, just two years after the completion of the Suez Canal had stimulated new interest in Egypt and the Middle East. Louis later became a renowned designer and ran a large interior decorating firm. He and his staff designed those famous stained glass lamps and other glass art later in his career. 

Have a question on your next visit at the Museum? Download our ASK app and ask away. 

Louis Comfort Tiffany (American, 1848-1933). On the Way between Old and New Cairo, Citadel Mosque of Mohammed Ali, and Tombs of the Mamelukes, 1872. Brooklyn Museum

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,,If they criticize Ronaldo and Messi, how won’t they criticize me?” - Alvaro Morata for Marca

The same voice, other speech. He, the child who has left and came back as a man, faster, higher, stronger, two seasons of black and white, but finally
became the ,,9" of the Spanish NT and a new star signing for the team of the Champions of Europe. Coaches as renowned as Conte or Simeone wanted him. Del Bosque always protected him. Now Zidane whispers how important he already is, same Lopetegui, who never doubts this what Morata can give. ,,I can’t believe it", he says sincere, when he says about the offerts he have had. Perhaps he still hasn’t realize how good he is…

Journalist : ,,On Monday you appeared on Spain NT call up in a t-shirt that says ‘I have a dream’. What dream do you have?“

Alvaro : ,,I have a lot of dreams. Being here and win something with the national team is one of them, because I’ve been fortunate to win many things, but to
do it with our selection is the most beautiful thing that can happen to you as a footballer. I know it’s very difficult, all of us here know it, but I think
that there are players and quality to acheive it.”

J : ,, With 23 years, you’ve been the Champion of Europe, of Italy, Sub 21 and you’ve been honoured with Spain in Euro. How do you find it?“

A : ,,When sometimes you stop to think and to see where you actually are… All this goes very quickly and you have to stop to think, occasionally enjoy a
little, because it goes very fast. It costs to assimilate, you get into the maelstrom of matches, travels, national team, it’s a very fast rhythm of life.
You have to slow down and enjoy. If 10 years ago you had told me I would be here probably I wouldn’t believe. There are mnay factors: luck, work, injuries…
In the end there are many things. So you have to stop and enjoy and to think, because it is very difficult.”

J : ,,How’s Lopetegui?“

A : ,,Good, very good. I’ve already known Julen since a long time and I think that this change, his arrival is very importnant for us. A coach that didn’t
have the ambition of Julen wouldn’t take this national team that is known from being pratically the champions of everything. It shows the ambition he has,
his personality. He is in the same role as players, it’s a very, very difficult situation, probably it’s the sitautaion that you can’t see from the outside.
We came to the national team that was a champion two times in a row of the Euro and we feel the pressure, that when things start to not go so well, it’ll be
very difficult. But it’s something I have said many times, I personally belive in this team and these players. Of course, it’s true that our legends of football
have gone, but there will arrive others. The best example is Thiago. He has been injured, he has deserved to be in the national team and he is here now.
National team is a place where we have to look at all of us, Thaigo is a player who has the same style of those who are gone. I think there is reason to
have a confidence in this team.”

J : ,,It was strange to arrive and not see Iker?“

A : ,,The truth is that yes, it was strange. But even more than during trainings, when you don’t think about it, you notice it during dinners or free time. We all miss him terribly. I imagine that it’s weird for all Spain, because they were watching him in national team during soo many years. It’s weird,
definitely it is.”

J : ,,I imagine that you only have words of thanks for Del Bosque.“

A : ,,Yes, of course. He trusted in me when I wasn’t as good, he was continuing bringing me back, I played in Euro and he gave me all opportunities of the
world. I’m really thankful. I and all spaniards, because he is a coach who made all of us the Champions of Europe.”

J : ,, You enjoyed or suffered during this Euro?“

A : ,,I generally enjoyed it, but there was a moment of tension, when I hadn’t scored a goal in first match that we won for the minimum. At that time I was
a little forward to pass the time, playfulness, and I unburdened myself when I scored the first goal. Always when you are in good group with Spain NT, you
enjoy it. But to be honest, I think that we could do more on this Euro.”

J : ,,You’re already calmer after a summer of uncertainty? Because was a lot of talk about your future, even during the Euro…“

A : ,,Yes, it was crazy summer in this meaning. It was difficult for me to be at the Euro and everyday have 5 or 6 calls on the phone from different places.
Fortunately I was enough focused and professional to went through this the situation.”

J : ,,When you say different places you mean different teams?“

A : ,,Yes, teams, coaches, people…I also didn’t expect it, to go trough this situation. When the repurchase in Madrid finished and I came back returned to
belong to my club, there were still teams that very strong wanted to have me. I was freaking out because I haven’t score 20 goals in any year. I think I
still have a lot to learn.”

J : ,,And you’re happy now?“

A : ,,Yes, of course I am. How I could not be happy when I play for Real Madrid and Spain NT…It’s like a win on the lottery. (laughs) I couldn’t be happier. Things happen, everyone has its time and I have to work hard to continue in Madrid and in national team, but I will do it.”

J : ,,Why you decided to stay in Madrid?“

A : ,,Because, at the end I know that Madrid is a team most likely to win titles in Spain and Europe and because I think that I hadn’t stay this year in Madrid,
I would’ve regretted it all my life.”

J : ,,You feel that it’s the opportunity of your life?“

A : ,,Yes, it’s clear I think so. In this moment, if I could think about not staying longer in Madrid, it would’ve been because the club didn’t trust in me so much as I expected it. If I had gone I would have never forgiven myself.”

J : ,,When you hear that the BBC is non-negotiable, what do you feel, what do you think?“

A : ,,That we’re talking about three best strikers in the world and I also think that I can fight. In the team all player are important and the end they don’t play in many matches beacuse of  for muscle problems, punishments, etc. And you have to be prepared because you can get your time in any game, at any minute.
It’s right to fight and be prepared for such situation.”

J : ,,From the outside we could see a big pression on you to score. Did the goal with Celta unburdened yourself?“

A : ,,No, it can look like this from the outside, but every striker in the world, when doesn’t score goes to home angry. I think I had a great match in San Sebastián, I could scored 2 goals against Celta, but this is football, cruel. I played better match in Anoeta than against Celta, but I scored a goal at home. But it was a goal. After all nobody remember how it was, but only that you’ve scored it. This is what’s important. But I’m very tranquil, I know I’ll score many goals more. There are more players than only BBC to score.”

J : ,,What says you Zidane?“

A : ,,He says many things to with me, I’m super happy because we talk a lot. I had had him as a second coach before, in another role, and he makes me feel
important, he talks alomst everyday with me, before almost every match we talk, 10-15 minutes, he says what he expects from me…We communicate a lot and as I said he makes me feel important and this is what you need to never give up. I say it because now I care less about criticism, opinon of people…There will
always be someone to criticite you. But if they criticize Cristiano or Messi, how won’t criticize me. At the end, you have to care about it as less you can,
neither about good nor bad opinions, you have to work…And if then coach and club are happy of me, then this is it.”

J : ,,There’s more pression in Real Madrid than in Juve?“

A: ,,Yes, for sure. Here everytime you loose control or happens something people don’t like it…and you notice it. You notice that you’ve made something
wrong and you remember it all the match, that it can’t happen again. But I’m not the same player who left Madrid. I’ve played important matches, I’ve played
at Euro, the final of Champions League…It may seem that I have a big pression but it’s not like this. Just few people know that I have to play with almost
'asleep’ foot, sometimes I almost can’t wear shoes. And it makes me less happy at the field…From the outside everything may look different but I’m fine,
I’m happy. It’s true that I have to start to smile a little more in the field, I know it.”

J : ,,You’re stressed?“

A : ,,Yes. But less stressed. Many people have told me that I looked like this when I had left the Madrid…but it wasn’t true. I’ve had physical problems,
but I had to play because it was my time."J : ,,In what Italy changed you?"A : ,,In everything. Footballing, physically, potentially, tactically, do things with a sense … But I still have a lot to learn.”

J : ,,What Buffon, Pirlo or Chiellini have taught you there, that you wouldn’t learn in Madrid?“

A : ,,This what has caught my attention is how they treat fans and other people. I have never seen in my life a goalkeeper captain of his national team and Juve that stays signing autographs and until he didn’t sign it to everyone, he didn’t leave or go to his house. From Pirlo the ability to be heard in front of everyone, without attracting attention, he’s a super quiet guy but when he started to talk he became an authentic, real lider. And from Chiellini, he’s a guy, who has two faces, he seems to be a beast in the field and after the match he’s super nice and helps you in everything. It was an unforgettable experience. I feel very sorry that I didn’t return,  I went to fulfill a dream [back to Madrid], but there I have left many colleagues, friends and people that loved me a lot.”

Original spanish version you can see here.

Chef Yunho & Customer Boss Jae Pt 1: First Meeting ٩(^ᴗ^)۶

When Head Chef Yunho spots Boss JJ at his world-renowned restaurant, he simply cannot resist presenting something sweet to the even sweeter customer  in-person^^ <3 

Pt 2:

Update Logs


Larger world gen beasties can play with the items now. There was an unfortunate elven civilization called the Distant Oak that lost three druids in three years. The last one was killed by goblins and had their body hung from a pine tree, which must have made the goblins happy since they organized a yearly candlelight procession commemorating the event back at their tower. On the 110th occasion of the procession, the dragon Niweni attacked, killing several goblins and dwarves. Finally the beast entered the tower and stole the Renowned Gill, a legendary crossbow created by a dwarf for the chameleon demon 20 years before, bringing it back to the cave. 180 years later, the crossbow is still there, along with the dragon. There weren’t any attempts to recover it – such civilization-level quests are the last step for these world gen changes.


Started with temple relic storage as a test case, and that seems to work, respecting the pools and so forth. The game has display cases and pedestals now, in all modes. Next I’m going to finish the display jobs in dwarf mode before I get back to maps. You’ll be able to display any non-large object you like, and there’ll be new thoughts for displayed items similar to the admiration of architecture. So you can set up artifact display areas, or you can just use regular masterpieces, or junk, or skulls, as you see fit. The displayed items show like the food on tables so you can admire them yourself.


There was some heat-addlement this week, but I finished the dwarf jobs I needed to finish, allowed a museum zone to be designated from display furniture (which is more or less like a sculpture garden, but with the new thoughts for displayed items), and handled display furniture placement in adventurer-created sites. Cleaned up some errors with religions/temples in world gen that were impacting temple artifacts. Moving on to other building/map types next.

Do you love to dance? Join us on Saturday, September 10, on the Museum’s iconic East Terrace for a free, participatory dance workshop led by world-renowned choreographer and dancer Boris Charmatz. Open to all abilities, ages 18 and over. To learn more click here.


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Our fates have all been woven. We never know when our skein will be cut, so we need to make the most of our time until the Gods take it away. So Anna believes as she sets out on the path to become a warrior of great renown. Complications arise when Anna finds herself falling for her magical cousin, Elsa. Set in the viking era, but with a twist of magic. Anna and Elsa are related. Incest, magic, and vikings. Primarily Elsanna but other ships are involved. See story notes for details.

Different Kind of Strings

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by aftonbells

Near the end of their senior year, Cas has become a renowned pianist, and Dean is the lead guitarist and singer in an up and coming rock band in their town. Both have bright futures ahead of them in completely separate directions. After a chance meeting and a little help, they come to realize how important they are to each other; consequently throwing their carefully planned futures out the window.

Words: 11755, Chapters: 6/?, Language: English

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Daiya no Ace Act II Chapter 47: Baseless Confidence

Now, we move on to Inashiro and Teitou, another excellent battle between pitchers, or as nicely put by the announcer, the showdown between princes of east and west. This time between Narumiya and Mukai.

First I want to comment on Inashiro. What I find particularly interesting is the batting lineup, especially the top. Somehow, Narumiya ends up being lead-off hitter? Followed by Tadano, Carlos, then Shirakawa is the cleanup? I must admit I cannot recall the last batting lineup in Inashiro against Yakushi, but it’s quite a change from the previous summer lineup. Considering how many regular starters remain in the team, you’d think there shouldn’t be much change. But Narumiya who is the ace is expected to be the starter for Inashiro’s offense, followed by Tadano who ends up supporting his ace right next in batting lineup, whether by accident or purpose, then Carlos who is renowned for his speed like Kuramochi is put in third, and lastly, Shirakawa moved up to fourth. Damn, that’s so much improvement in batting if we based it on the positions. And… I cannot help thinking of the face off between Shirakawa and Eijun when Inashiro and Seidou will be more important because Eijun won’t only be dealing with the one batter he failed to take out, he will be also dealing with the cleanup, the best batter of Inashiro.

And…  may I say how proud I am of Tadano? Itsuki is one of my non-Seidou faves. I admire him for dealing with Narumiya and hold his own among his senpais. I don’t think there are many other second-year who is also regular starter like himself. So here is some highlight of Itsuki’s best (along with unexpected praise from his ace and senpai, Itsuki has Narumiya Mei’s Seal of Approval™)

Narumiya is really on top condition, his pitching from the beginning of the tournament until now is flawless, especially compared to the rest of aces in the semifinals who either slow-starting or inconsistent. I’d say from performance only, Narumiya is far ahead of the rest of the pitchers in Tokyo, both East and West, regardless of the outcome in this match or the next. It should not be surprising, considering that he has also the most experience than other pitchers, being not once but twice Koshien participant.

Then there’s Seidou. From these panels, it’s rather obvious there’s tension between Eijun and Miyuki (and probably the team?). Miyuki won’t make such face unless he feels guilty or blames himself of the calls he made earlier. He (and the team) has unintentionally implied that Eijun was less trustworthy than Furuya while ironically Eijun went on and performed exceptionally well and declared his trust on Miyuki. Their loss against Ichidai seems very much preventable in hindsight. But then again, hindsight’s 20/20.

I am rather happy that Kuramochi is the other person who noticed Sawamura sitting apart from the team. He lives up to his perceptiveness and care to his kouhai ;) Though it’s also interesting that Furuya is also among those who noticed Sawamura’s mood besides the usual suspects (Miyuki, Kuramochi and Haruichi). It not only shows how observant Furuya is, but also how well he understands his rival, who is also his friend :)

However, I rather disagree with Miyuki’s comment to Furuya that Mukai is not the type of pitcher he should take notes from. Even before I kept on reading the chapter, I was already frowning at the statement. You can always take note from other pitchers, skill is not the only defining characteristic of a pitcher, or an ace. I dunno, it’s such an odd comment from Miyuki. Why wouldn’t he want his pitchers or specifically Furuya to take note from Mukai? His style? His risky play? His selfishness? His calm? His ignorance? So many possibilities…

Because as we are given further insight to Mukai, it seems there is something Furuya or Eijun or Kawakami can take note from.

Mukai didn’t lose his cool even when he was behind, he didn’t force himself to pitch better or harder, he just pitched the best he could be proud of. He remained consistent and unwavering in his own style of pitching however impertinent and selfish he could be considered to be. He didn’t seek others’ approval but his own, he didn’t seek satisfaction but his own. He was similar with Amahisa that he left the offense to his teammates and let himself focus on the defense, so the only pressure he has is from himself, and no one else. In his own way, he is trusting the team as the team trusts him to pitch well.

I think that is the problem with Furuya. He is all too aware of the team that he focuses to much in helping the team win that he forgets to focus on his own pitching. He puts too much pressure on himself and has no escape from the pressure because he doesn’t derive pride/pleasure/etc. in his pitching. He becomes too tense. That’s my opinion.

Two innings to go, so the match might be concluded in one or two chapters. I am looking forward to see how Teitou will deal with Narumiya, it might give Seidou some pointers when it is their turn (They. will. meet. Promise me, Terajima-sensei!).

Lastly, thank you Sensei for putting our representative in the form of one female reporter, Oowada Akiko, along with long-suffering Mine Fujio who has to deal with her.

Shout out to @reliablesenpai for the quick translation. Thank you very much!

By the way! For some reason this got saved to my drafts, but here’s the description for the Round Table summer card!

Knights of Marines

Prydwen’s sails are drawn.

They may not have had any experience with ocean expeditions until now,
But Britain’s renowned Knights of the Round Table have nothing to fear.

Even if their destination is the vastness of the ocean,
The friends acknowledge, praise, and compete with each other.

“By the way, Sir Lancelot, do you know how to swim?”
“Of course I do. If I take off my armor, I should be able to
Swim across the Straight of Dover.
How about you, Sir Gawain?”

“Indeed I have no experience swimming in ocean currents,
But I have crossed a river in the midst of a storm.”
“……I see you both have considerable talent.
Well, as for me, I don’t want to drown,
So I don’t dive in unless a lady is drowning.
But, if I were to name a master of swimming in the Round Table—”
“““It’s definitely Sir Kay. He’s abnormal!”””

Under the blue sky, the knights’ laughter resounds.

“I’m sorry to intrude upon your conversation, everyone, but
You do understand your jobs as sailors, don’t you?
Sir Lancelot, redo the sails.
Sir Gawain, prepare lunch.
Tristan, please come to the captain’s room
Since it seems there’s talk of you bringing personal belongings without permission,”
He says with a pleasant smile.
“Ah, I’m so sad……
How did Sir Bedivere see through my secret so easily……?”
What We Carried: Fragments from the Cradle of Civilization Exhibit
Arab American National Museum

June 4 - Nov. 13, 2016

Main Floor Gallery & Lower Level Gallery

Free with Museum admission

Since 2003, more than four million Iraqis have left their homes and relocated in hopes of creating a better future for themselves and their families in a setting free of war and uncertainty. Many Iraqis sought refuge in Syria only to find another dangerous situation. Approximately 140,000 of these refugees have immigrated to the U.S., the majority with nothing more than the clothes on their backs and a small memento to remind them of home.

To document their life-changing journey and shed light on the trials and tribulations refugees experience in their search for stability, renowned freelance photographer and author Jim Lommasson has created a project documenting what it means to leave everything behind.

Lommasson invited Iraqi and Syrian refugees to share a personal item significant to their travels to America, such as a family snapshot, heirloom dish or childhood toy. Lommasson photographed each artifact and then returned a 13" x 19" archival print to the participant so the item could be contextualized by the owner. Exhibition visitors will receive firsthand insight into the consideration of what objects, images and memories might be chosen if one was forced to leave his home forever.


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meet n fuck kingdom

never played | want to play | terrible | boring | okay | good | great | a favorite

Meet ‘n’ Fuck Kingdom is truly the magnum opus of the Meet ‘n’ Fuck series, highly renowned for its smart, sophisticated writing and lovable, three-dimensional characters.

The decision to make the third Meet ‘n’ Fuck game a procedurally generated open-world sandbox roguelike was a risky one, of course, but it really paid off in the end. I was truly immersed in the world of Meet ‘n’ Fuck for the first time.

The addition of a crafting system also greatly improved the variety of the game. There’s never been a gaming moment more satisfying than when I finally crafted the Level 100 Enchanted Titty Armor that lets you meet and fuck simultaneously. Talk about convenient!

My only complaint is that the main questline is incredibly short, and the final boss is incredibly anticlimactic, if you’ll pardon the pun. The Dragon Lord might have a Level 100 dong, but you only get to fuck him for like a minute and then it’s over. What gives? It’s almost like they didn’t even beta test that part of the game! The ending did make me cry, though.

Still, the rest of the game is incredibly challenging, to the point where many gamers have declared it “the Dark Souls of Meet ‘n’ Fuck”. You’ll really need a stamina ring to get through this one, folks!

Unfortunately, Meet ‘n’ Fuck Kingdom proved to be an incredibly tough act to follow, and the sequel, “Meet ‘n’ Fuck Bubonic Plague” is widely regarded as the worst entry in the series, removing several of the game’s core features and featuring a boring, flaccid storyline.

Maybe one day the Meet ‘n’ Fuck series will rise again to its former glory, but for now, Kingdom is the last good Meet ‘n’ Fuck game.

In short, this really made my cook steam. 7.8/10