Dragons of Renown: Ugin

In the plane of Tarkir, in a deep chasm marked by a twisted stone structure sits an ancient dragon. He is watching Tarkir from his haven, surrounded by his spirit guardians, observing what has changed for the last 1,280 years.

Haven of the Spirit Dragon by Raymond Swanland

This dragon is older than the five dragonlords of Tarkir. He has wandered throughout the Multiverse, studying the intricacies of magic and ultimately transcending its colors. Once practically dead yet revived by a fellow planeswalker, he now plans his next step. His name is Ugin.

The Spirit Dragon

Ugin, the Spirit Dragon by Raymond Swanland

The spirit dragon Ugin is a planeswalker. At least seven thousand years old, he is a master of colorless magic and is one of the three planeswalkers that imprisoned the Eldrazi on Zendikar.

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This is just my opinion but if you’re an American and willing to move for your undergrad many Canadian universities are highly reputable and usually easier to get into since they tend to focus more on marks than anything, not to mention being cheaper than American schools, even for international students (in contrast to ivy leagues at least)

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Y'know what? I’ve seen this post float by a couple times, and I’m done turning a blind eye: ARTISTS, STOP ADVOCATING FOR A TIP CULTURE.

You know what a tip culture means? A tip culture means an environment where people cannot demand the amount of money they actually feel is reasonable for their services, and they’re dependant on the whims of their customers to provide a tip or they’ll be short a living wage.

It always ends this way because as soon as employees start anticipating tips, some poor fool will start devaluing their work in order to be competitive in hopes the tips will make up for it, and before you know it you’re in a race to the bottom.

Don’t do this! Don’t devalue your work! Don’t set your prices with the expectation of receiving tips which customers are under no legal obligation to provide! Demand what you deserve!



You should be DEMANDING the amount of payment you want, not begging for it!


 You think that giving an artist a few extra dollars after a commission is going to somehow completely devalue their worth? 

 I literally try to give everyone the benefit of a doubt and try not to say such mean things but there is no other way to explain what you just typed .  

Tip culture doesnt fuck up the prices of artists. Its fresh artists that goes way below minimum wage to sell their work. [ 10 dollars for a fully colored, fully shaded digital painting . seriously?! ] then it makes it harder for artists who actually have fair prices  to sell. 

Because there are artists who are willing to go balls-to-the-wall cheap for their work, ignorant buyers will wonder why another artist’s work is so “expensive.” 

Thats a whooooole ‘nother can of worms though. one that requires talking about fair pricing for artists, hourly wages, and the private/at-home art industry.


I get where you’re coming from if you were talking about tip culture and the dining industry [waiters and waitresses ]. I totes agree that they should bring up the minimum wage so tips wouldn’t be so necessary. 

I even get where arbitrarymelancholic is coming from when tip culture is no-no in some countries like Japan. and by all means, do you boo. I GET THAT. 

But none of that shit about about this . It is about artists who are making these wonderful, original, works of art for their customer . who bust their ass to make what they can , even have their prices cheap because some bit of money is better than nothing at all. 

Artists who are working hard to make some kinda income . Be it to reach a goal or to put food in their mouths . Artists who may not have another job. this is their only bit of money. 

No ,they dont expect a tip.  There’s no world-renowned tip culture for aritsts yet.  if there was we wouldn’t be having this conversation .  

But to give a tip to someone [especially a lot of our fresh artists who are in their teens ] is actually a pretty nice gesture. It makes them light up. It makes them happy. 

And it wouldnt kill you. Thats what it comes down to. Thats what pisses me off to even write this. That you feel like you have the right to stand up for artists about just giving a couple of extra bucks as a NICE GESTURE. 

THATS WHAT A TIP IS ABOUT. That is literally the definition . 

Like seriously? Who side are you on? are you not about making an artist smile? Do you not want to see this artist reach their monetary goal? Heaven forbid you give them some treat-money so they can get some coffee after busting their ass for you.  Are you grasping onto your dollars and cents so tightly that your knuckles turn white? 

Now, I do agree with you on something, tautefox. If you’re an artist and you demand tips for your work Then NO. bring your prices up. You shouldnt be struggling to make money like that. A few extra bucks on your prices would make all the difference. 


if you, a customer, already paid and you enjoy the work and your artist is generally pleased with the payment and the work… then go the extra mile like they did for you and toss a 5. Toss $3. 

Just don’t throw coins, they hurt. 

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St. Joan of Arc

heretic pride // the mountain goats

well they come and pull me from my house
and they drag my body through the streets
and the sun’s so hot i think I’ll catch fire and burn up
in the summer air so moist and sweet

and the people all come out to cheer
rocks in the pathway break my skin
and there’s honeysuckle on the faint breeze today
with every breath i’m drawing in

i want to cry out, but i don’t scream and i don’t shout.
and i feel so proud to be alive.
and i feel so proud when the reckoning arrives.

‘But, as the silver swans with joyful song
Convey those medals safely to the shrine,
Poets on earth renown and fame prolong
Which Time would to oblivion consign.
Wise and far-sighted princes (few among
So many!) who the steps of the benign
Augustus follow and hold writers dear,
Of Lethe’s waters you need have no fear.’
—  Ariosto, Orlando Furioso, 35.23


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“Safety In Science”

My brother was obsessed with fire. My mom only trusted me with the matches because she said that I was a worry wart and wouldn’t do anything foolish.

I was a fledgling pyromaniac when I was a kid. I actually have burn marks on my left hand from when I burnt plastic spoons and forks and the plastic dripped on my hands because I wasn’t paying attention. I still have a bit of preoccupation with fire to this day.

Was your mother worried about the wrong kid?

When I first met Zabuza he hadn’t hit his growth spurt yet (I had), so he tried to act all tough and shit but he barely came up to my shoulders?

It’s hard to be intimidating when the other guy is considering getting you a step stool so you can talk at eye level.

EDIT: Forgot to mention; I was 19 or so at the time. So not only was he trying to be scary and tough while shorter, but the bloke was 16 bloody years old

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Hey man, I see you like tokyo ghoul..I gave it a try since its all on my tumblr and woaaah its amazing, do you know if there's a 3rd season?

Yes! Tokyo Ghoul is amazing! Yes they have been working on a season 3 but the release date has been pushed back until nobody knows when. :/ But they’re currently working on a prequel called Tokyo Ghoul: Jack which should be released some time in August.

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When you get this, answer with 5 things that make you happy and send to the last 10 people you have notes from. You're BEAUTIFUL! And I hope you're having an awesome day! *hug*

I personally love this one because I always try and come up with five new things So here goes:

  1. The fanmail I got from renowned-bookaholic about my fanfic writing (it was supposed to be anon but I’m really glad it wasn’t) because oh, it was a lovely thing to wake up to this morning.
  2. Awesome roleplay threads with my friends. 
  3. Watermelon. I mean, fresh fruit in general always makes me happy, but juicy seedless watermelon is the best.
  4. My anon who wanted the Eddings-inspired fic has read The Mallorean and also totally sees my parallel of Sherlock/Molly = Silk/Velvet. I AM SO GLAD I AM NOT ALONE!
  5. Unexpected wi-fi at the doctor’s office. Boo-yah!