Skam and the budget

This is from Aftenposten (well renowned, old and conservative newspaper)  today haha


Skam and the budget

The least important that happened during budget deliberations, came when Labour’s Per Anders Langerød once again referred to the television series Skam.

- Mayor, one need not look far for evidence that we need more homes in Oslo. Just think of Isaac and Nora, whom in a cramped apartment most feel the growing city, said Langerød.

He was not the only one.


 Jon Reidar Øyan @jon_reidar

Hope Isaac is more proactive in his approach to Even than the Conservatives are to digitalization and will not wait passively for a message #osby #skam

1:18 p.m. - 7 Dec 2016

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 Shoaib Sultan @ShoaibSultan

#SKAM References  comes easy in #OsBy today :)

1:15 PM - December 7, 2016

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Mayor Marianne Borgen (SV) was forced to ask the city council members to calm down on Skam references. Otherwise it must be mandatory to watch Skam, so everyone can keep up, she admonished.

- It is mandatory! someone shouted from the council chamber.
 Erik Lunde @eriklun
#SKAM Has been mentioned several times in the pulpit than the elderly under this year's budget debate in #OsBy. Youth win.
3:01 PM - December 7, 2016
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This is from Aftenposten (well renowned, old and conservative newspaper)  today haha


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A Hug for Lillian

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Photo from @joshriggsphotography - Multnomah Creek, Oregon, begins from underground springs at Larch Mountain and enters the Columbia River at River Mile (RM) 136. Multnomah Creek is famous for Oregon’s number one tourist attraction, the world-renown Multnomah Falls. The Historic Columbia River Highway crosses Multnomah Creek (text from - Image selected by @ericmuhr Join us in exploring Oregon, wherever you are, and tag your finds to #Oregonexplored #MultnomahCreek #ColumbiaRiverGorge #Oregon via Instagram

Was just at the ASDA with my mam and came across Star Wars: A Visual Journey that had this in it. I’m quite interested in what some of ya’ll think about this @sanerontheinside, @deadcatwithaflamethrower, @jhaernyl, @meabhair, @lilyrose225writes, @kyberpunk, @markwatnae, @maawi, @eclipsemidnight

[transcript below for anyone who has an issue with the curly loops of doom heh]

Journal of the Whills, (Part) I

This is the story of Mace Windy, a revered Jedi-bendu of Ophuchi as related to us by C.J. Thorpe, padawan learner to the famed Jedi.

I am Chuice two Thorpe of Kissel. My father was Han Dandell Thorpe, chief pilot of the renown galactic cruiser Tarnack. As a family we were not rich, except in honor, and valuing this above all mundane possessions, I chose the profession of my father, than than a more profitable career. I was 16 I believe, and pilot of the trawler [Balancing], when my ambitions demanded that I enter the exalted Interplanetary Academy to train as a potential Jedi-templer. It is here that I became padawan learner to the great Mace Windy, highest of all Jedi-bendu masters, and at that time, Warlord to the chairman of the Alliance of Independent Systems.

Never shall I forget the occasion upon which I first set eyes upon Mace Windy. It was at the great feast of the [Pleabs]. There were gathered under one roof, the most powerful warriors in the Galaxy, and although I realise my adoration of the Master might easily influence my memory, when he entered the hall, these great and noble Warlords fell silent. It was said he was the most gifted and powerful man in the Independent Systems. Some felt he was even more powerful than the Imperial leader of the Galactic Empire.

YᴏᴜTᴜʙᴇ ⇾ Gᴀᴛᴏʀᴀᴅᴇ

Gᴀᴛᴏʀᴀᴅᴇ Aᴍᴘʟɪғʏ | Bᴇʜɪɴᴅ ᴛʜᴇ Mᴜsɪᴄ

┉ ╳ Pᴜʙʟɪsʜᴇᴅ ᴏɴ Dᴇᴄ ₆﹐ ₂₀₁₆

Nobody shows the power in the science of sound like D’Angelo Russell and Steve Aoki. Go behind the music to see how Gatorade, in partnership with Spotify and world renowned DJ Steve Aoki, created the ultimate personalized music experience built for athletes. Check it out:

Cᴀᴛᴇɢᴏʀʏ ﹕ ˢᵖᵒʳᵗˢ

Lɪᴄᴇɴsᴇ ﹕ ˢᵗᵃᶰᵈᵃʳᵈ ᵞᵒᵘᵀᵘᵇᵉ ˡᶤᶜᵉᶰˢᵉ

In Honor of Peter Vaughan, Here Are Maester Aemon’s Most Memorable ‘Game of Thrones’ Moments

On Tuesday, Dec. 6, the actor Peter Vaughan passed away at age 93. His agent stated that Vaughan “died peacefully with his family around him.”

In a career that started in the 1950s, Vaughan had gained new renown for his role as Maester Aemon on HBO’s Game of Thrones. The actor had appeared in numerous British television series over the years and was often recognized for his performance as the menacing Harry Grout in the popular prison sitcom Porridge.

Vaughan was a self-described character actor who considered himself very fortunate to have his extensive résumé. “They talk about actors resting. The only time I have ever rested in my 77 years as an actor has been when I’ve wanted to. Lucky, lucky, lucky,” he once said.

Outside his career in TV, Vaughan had prominent roles in Sam Peckinpah’s Straw Dogs, Terry Gilliam’s Brazil, and alongside Anthony Hopkins in The Remains of the Day.

In The Remains of The Day, Peter Vaughan with Anthony Hopkins in 1993.

On Game of Thrones, the actor stood tall amongst a cast of bombastic, dynamic characters and performances while playing the blind, soft-spoken maester tasked with advising and guiding Jon Snow and the men of the Night’s Watch. Above are three of his most memorable moments from Game of Thrones. Rest in peace, Peter Vaughan.

I hope you see this. I love this hero so much like, ( hulk is still my favorite) haha.. Merry christmas ! 

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He’s BUTT PONY! Well renowned for his cute, squishy buttocks, sworn to never rest until every butt in the world is appreciated! Powers include: Complimenting, Hugging, and in rare circumstances, Kissing! XD

Omg this is amazing! Totally wasn’t expecting this! Thank you so much this just made my day! :D

Tbh one of my favourite things in Flash V1 is how Barry just… conveniently happens to know a ton of famous people, sometimes inexplicably

I mean. A lot of Silver Age heroes did that but it stands out to me with Barry because unlike Reporter Clark Kent and Billionaire Bruce Wayne and so on, Barry has no logical excuse for knowing all these people.

Barry is portrayed as, outside of hero work, this completely average guy and everybody around him sees him as completely average and yet he just casually is longtime friends with astronauts and the best fashion designers in the world and world-renowned scientists and famous Hollywood actresses.

And this is as a civilian, none of them even know he’s the Flash!

I just love it so much

Crispovich radiohost!AU

radiohost!AU in the fashion of Welcome to Night Vale but set in Germany (in a place like Bielefeld) in which Georgij is this very renowned radio host - ‘cause his Cthulhu-like voice is really, really appreciated in a city full of monsters, supernatural beings and, in general, a big amounts of terrifying and inexplicable Things™ - who presents a very popular one-hour radio show, talking about Angst&Tragedy in literature, songs, movies, in shorts in every field of pop culture, what a pity he’s getting a little predictable, lately, speaking all the time about his broken heART OH NO GEORGIJ STAHP

Michele, instead, was a supernatural!soccer reporter - he made live commentaries and had a lot of fans but then Sara decided to quit her job as a co-host in order to follow her rising career as a singer and lute player. He had to accept the harsh reality and move on but he sank into a deep depression OH JESUS CHRIST and quitted his old show, asking to broacast in another time slot. So, he starts hosting a new show at eleven o’ clock in the evening - exactly a hour before Georgij’s show - and that’s how they get to know each other a bit better, since they have only known each other by side until this moment.

They find out they have the same, over-dramatic approach to Life&Love and all that’s in between, that their love life is quite unlucky (well well, Michele has accepted his separation from Sara but is still single and not quite familiar with the idea of loving someone in a different and healthier way, while Georgij is trying to understand how to tone down his emotion and not end up resulting so intense, people will fly away if you keep on acting like that, my dear) and that they have a penchant for the literature of their respective home countries. They start to become increasingly acquainted but during the first months they only speak when they meet at the radio, while they’re arranging things for their shows - sometimes Michele stays after work and they go out after Georgij’s show, they above all like to take long strolls in the not-so-sleeping city full of dark and terrors, THEY LIKE THE ATMOSPHERE.

Then one Saturday evening they both run into each other at the same party, the one that Mila and Sara organized to celebrate their first year together, and they found out that Georgij’s is the best friend of Michele’s almost-sister-in-law and Michele is the brother of the lover of Georgij’s best friend (WHAT A TURN OF EVENTS, ZOMG). They decide it’s a sign of destiny like serendipity I DUNNO and they start bonding even more, starting to date out of the radio and even in the daylight… Above all they start realizing they can be in a relationship with someone else without being clingy and over-protective - there will be quite a clash of similar attitudes, here - and they slowly but inexorably fall in love with each other. And they decide to give it a try, without creating unrealistic expectations but simply enjoying each other’s company day by day and finding out there’s someone else who can understand their, well, unique perspective about love and reality.

Late night work will surely become more tolerable - even quite enjoyable! - in the end.

It's About Time

read it on the AO3 at

by midnightsnapdragon

Even when his work brought him to the morgue, and he was met with contempt and a scathing remark, even when Lestrade made a point of forcing her to cooperate, it was a little while before the renowned detective took the trouble to give Dr Hooper a proper once-over. (The church scene in “The Abominable Bride”, from Holmes’s point of view.)

Words: 1965, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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Figure Skaters Mentioning Yuri!!! on Ice Masterpost

Evgeni Plushenko, one of the most renowned figure skaters, is probably who Victor is based off of. He is a 4x Olympic medalist, 3x World champion, 7x European champion, 4x Grand Prix Final champion, and 10x Russian national champion. His official Facebook page consistently posts about YOI, but it is confirmed that his media twitter is linked to the page. He has an official personal twitter and a media twitter account run by his staff.

Kenji Miyamoto, an ice dancer and figure skating coach who is the choreographer for YOI, posts about YOI on his blog. He has also choreographed for both Evgeni Plushenko and Yuzuru Hanyu in the past. Here’s a photo of him with Plushenko.

Evgenia Medvedeva, a 16-year-old Russian figure skater who is the 2016 World champion, 2016 European champion, 2015 Grand Prix Final champion, and 2016 Russian national champion, posts about YOI and other anime often on her twitter account. She also borrowed the official Japanese uniform from fellow skater Wakaba Higuchi and cosplayed as Yuuri! You may have seen her Sailor Moon program before!

Masato Kimura, a Japanese figure skater who has competed in national championships such as the 2015 Japan Figure Skating Championships, posts about YOI on his twitter and even posted a video of himself skating to History Maker.

Nobunari Oda, is a retired Japanese figure skater who is a former Olympian, 2006 Four Continents champion, 4x Grand Prix Final medalist, and 2008 Japanese national champion. He is also a TV personality and often gives figure skating commentary. He tweeted the following, which roughly translates to: “Yuri!!! On Ice is really amusing.”

Tarah Kayne and Danny O’Shea, are partners and American pair skaters who are the 2014 Four Continents silver medalists and 2016 U.S. national champions. They exchanged the following tweets:

Thanks to @offtosingapore for the last two!

Michael Martinez is a Filipino figure skater who is the 2015 Asian Figure Skating Trophy champion, 2x Triglav Trophy champion, and medalist at the 2014 Warsaw Cup. He is the first skater from Southeast Asia to qualify for the Olympics and the only athlete to represent the Philippines at the 2014 Winter Olympics. He tweeted videos of watching YOI and his resemblance to Phichit!

Johnny Weir is a renowned American figure skater who is the 2008 World bronze medalist, a 2x Grand Prix Final bronze medalist, and 3x U.S. national champion. Although he has retired from competitions, he continues to skate in ice shows and makes TV appearances. He has designed figure skating costumes for various figure skaters, including Yuzuru Hanyu. He retweeted one of Evgenia Medvedeva’s tweets:

Kevin Reynolds is a Canadian figure skater who is the 2013 Four Continents champion, 2010 Four Continents bronze medalist, and a 4x Canadian national medalist. He took a photo with a YOI poster he received from TV Asashi. He has also skated to Cowboy Bepop’s opening song in the past!

Ashley Wagner is an American figure skater. She is an Olympic bronze medalist as well as the 2016 World silver medalist, 2012 Four Continents champion, 3x Grand Prix Final medalist, and 3x U.S. national champion. She tweeted the following:

Nam Nguyen is an 18-year-old Canadian figure skater who is the 2014 World Junior champion, 2014 Skate America bronze medalist and 2015 Canadian national champion. He tweeted:

Deniss Vasiļjevs is a 17-year-old Latvian figure skater. He is the silver medalist at the 2016 Youth Olympics and also won bronze in the team event. He also won two silver medals on the ISU Junior Grand Prix series. He tweeted the following:

Michal Brezina is a Czech figure skater. He is the 2013 European bronze medalist, 2011 Skate America champion, 2009 World Junior silver medalist, and 2010 Czech national champion. He is also the winner of the 2014-15 ISU Challenger Series. He noted his resemblance to Jean Jacques Leroy.

Valentina Marchei is an Italian figure skater who is the 5x Italian national champion. She represented Italy at the 2014 Winter Olympics and placed 11th. She tweeted about her resemblance to Sara Crispino:

Courtesy of the artist and Sperone Westwater, New York

Two Exciting New Fall Shows for Richard Long

The trailblazing British artist Richard Long, renowned for his large-scale creations made using stone, driftwood and, in some cases, nothing more than his own footprints is being celebrated in two exhibitions this fall.

See more here

I think Dan has a tendency to forget that while a lot of us do find him attractive there’s only a tiny fraction of his viewers who are “dangirls” most of his audience is there because he makes good content and i wish he’d realize that most of us don’t give a shit when he uploads or what type of video it is or if it’s his normal style because in the end we all just want him to be comfortable with himself and his viewers