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  • Peggy is a thief, occasional muscle, and the mastermind behind their plans.
  • Daniel is the gadget guy who has never met a security system or a safe he couldn’t crack.
  • Jack is the femme fatale/pretty face front man, also useful when you need someone beat up.
  • Jarvis is their getaway driver who wonders how in the hell he got mixed up with this group of people, but obviously the reason is …
  • Ana, their cat burglar, who is also a crack shot with her tiny little garter pistol.
  • They are trying to steal a world-renowned work of art from the Stark mansion, if they can only get past his super high-tech security. No one planned for the flock of flamingos, however.

💛graff diamondsDivine Diamonds💛
Graff is renowned for exceptional jewels, beautifully illustrated by this 33.15 carat emerald cut stone, surrounded by oval, baguette and trilliant cut diamonds.
A total of 105 stones, totalling 39.49 carats are incorporated into the piece, each diamond placed by hand by Graff’s Master Craftsmen into a refined and minimal setting.


Yuri!!! on ice Musical AU that I spent too much time on and procrastinated posting -_-

I’m pretty sure a lot of musical AU’s exist already but this has been sticking around in my head esp after reading a lot of speculations that Yuuri is represented by the piano, and Victor the violin in the Yuri on Ice and Stay Close to me soundtracks.

In my head it works like this: Victor is a world renown Violinist who is pretty uninspired and unmotivated but he stumbles across Yuuri who is an obscure concert Pianist. Yuuri captures Victor’s heart interest after a performance, becoming Victor’s accompanist. The two of them perform duets together and basically become a musical power couple.

I guess it’s kinda like a Your Lie In April AU?except no one dies and they perform together more than once p l e a s e ;_;

Also If you are interested in other similar AU’s check out tanaw’s beautiful paintings and xrippuino’s your lie in april au which is great >_<

The Doomsday Clock was created in 1947 to representing how close we are to a global catastrophe. It’s maintained by the members of The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists’ Science and Security Board.

The group of scientists, including 16 Nobel Laureates, announced this morning that we have moved dangerously close to all-out disaster. The Clock’s recent advance to two and a half minutes means that scientists and experts agree that we are teetering on the brink of societal collapse or an apocalyptic scale nuclear war, which symbolically occurs at midnight exactly.

In the years since the Clock was created we have only been this close to midnight once, in 1953 when the Hydrogen Bomb was first tested. Further, the minute hand has only changed nineteen times since the Clocks creation.

This is not an announcement to take lightly or brush off – these scientists are all renowned geniuses in their respective fields and they have never been known to change the Time casually or without very strong reasoning.

To those that are sick of politics and don’t see the point in discussing the current state of the world: THIS is the point. THIS is the result of widespread apathy, lack of education, and disinterest in current events.

Once upon a time Rome was a magnificent and powerful empire, but it still crumbled to the ground at the peak of its glory. As an Archaeology student I can tell you that those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

The final sentence in the Doomsday report this morning gave a warning, “Wise public officials should act immediately, guiding humanity away from the brink. If they do not, wise citizens must step forward and lead the way.”


stars series: Hogwarts founders   ★ Salazar, Rowena, Helga, Godric

“A thousand years or more ago when I was newly sewn, there lived four wizards of renown, whose names are still well-known: Bold Gryffindor, from wild moor, fair Ravenclaw, from glen, sweet Hufflepuff, from valley broad, shrewd Slytherin, from fen. They shared a wish, a hope, a dream, they hatched a daring plan to educate young sorcerers thus Hogwarts school began.”

honestly my biggest pet peeve in fic AND in canon is everyone forgetting that kara is more than just a musclehead with the emotional range of a puppy and is actually a refugee, with her entire culture and language and religion wiped out, everyone she’s ever met dead, not simply a human with powers but a Kryptonian, always.

Who comes from a family of universe-renowned scientists, and was considered a genius by the standards of the extremely technologically advanced society that aren’t simply american humans in a few thousand years but people who probably have very different brains–along with also being created via the Codex and genetic manipulation (so it’s probably phased out any junk DNA, or vestigial structures–so, Kara probably doesn’t actually have an appendix or wisdom teeth tbh). If Kara had actually lived her life on Krypton, there’s a very high chance she would have went into the Science guild tbh

Really, imagine if you had gone through the equivalent of a rigorous phD program, and then all of a sudden put in a kindergarten science class. In the comics Kara was about to become the youngest person on the Kryptonian science counsel, ever

Yeah, of course Kara’s going to be bored with Earth level science, those science fairs that Alex dragged her along to are, to her, probably rudimentary at best, wildly off the mark at worst (and really–she’s been told to keep hidden. Genius children make news, genius children are noticed. Alex probably had a bit more leeway as the daughter of two world renowned scientists, already noticed by her teachers to be gifted but kara’s already the new adopted kid with the funny accent and mannerisms in a small town. That would be the exact opposite of laying low).

Lena’s probably a better tactician than Kara–a life as a Luthor would be a constant practice in tactics, long term planning. She’s definitely a brilliant scientist, but out of the two of them? Kara’s probably better.

And honestly? Lena realizing just how brilliant Kara really is, a fully fleshed three dimensional character, would be such a better story than just pretending that kara is an idiot with maybe 3 emotions.

Part of what makes Kara such a compelling character is that she’s been through so much, has so much anger and rage and sorrow but still manages to be a light and inspiration for others, intelligent, someone with a gift with words, a genius–someone who thinks of herself–Kara Zor-El, the powerless Kryptonian–as ordinary, someone not yet worthwhile, but she wants to be. She defeated Myriad through her words, through her sincerity and optimism, simply as herself. As Astra said, Kara “has the heart of a hero,” regardless of powers.Her heart is what makes her a hero.

tl;dr: kara is more than just a “puppy” who is incapable of intelligent thought


the dregs meme: [1/5] details - Inej’s daggers

Sankt Petyr, renowned for his bravery, on the right; the slender, bone-handled blade she’d named for Sankta Alina on the left. She recited the names of her other knives, too. Sankta Marya and Sankta Anastasia strapped to her thighs. Sankt Vladimir hidden in her boot, and Sankta Lizabeta snug at her belt, the blade etched in a pattern of roses. Protect me, protect me. She had to believe her Saints saw and understood the things she did to survive.

the signs as places

Aries: Land used for battle since man’s primitive years. An archaeologist’s dream. The soil is embedded with countless weapons and soaked in blood.

Taurus: An opera house, covered in flowering vines. Aging wine sits in it’s most vital rooms and singing flows through the halls endlessly.

Gemini: A colorful marketplace, bustling, busy, and diverse. Millions visit it each year despite the thieves and tricksters lurking in the alleys.

Cancer: A temple at the bottom of the ocean. Over thousands of years it has become the parent of an entire ecosystem. Some say sirens call it their home.

Leo: An archaic theatre renowned all around the world. Competition, drama, and festivals honoring gods reign here. This is where people become famous.

Virgo: A grand library with sunlight streaming through a glass ceiling. Silence is only broken by the flipping of pages. Dust never collects on the books.

Libra: A rose garden enchanted with the gift of making people fall in love. Thousands have found their soulmates in the oasis.

Scorpio: A castle overlooking the sea, blackened by arson and battered by war. It’s first layers are protected by curses, but deep within the walls are adorned in gold and ancient script.

Sagittarius: A crossroads. The paths lead to distinct, beautiful locations. Not only man travels down these paths. Creatures of all kinds follow them for reasons unknown.

Capricorn: A private manor upon a mountain, full of leaves changing color. It’s a picture perfect scene molded by sheer ambition and hard work. Those who dwell there are envied by all.

Aquarius: An observatory with unknown origins. It is the strangest place on earth where paranormal activity never ceases.
For centuries sightings of otherworldly beings are reported in its walls.

Pisces: A misty sea-side fair. Pastels emerge from the fog and the rides never stop. Lovers and dreamers go there to cry, laugh, and wander.

Day Seventy-Eight

-“I got… I got…. I got…”  a girl began, building up to something surely astronomical. “I got… TROLLS!” the girl finally announced, an enormous grin overtaking her entire face. I am glad that it lived up to all of the hype.

-A man walked towards me as I was stocking candy, not speaking a word, merely approaching me with his hands outstretched, handing me several boxes of Legos. Upon realizing this was not an offering, I questioned why he did not wait at the register where the light was on and the average person would have gone first.

-I believe that the world-renowned fashion leader Kenneth Bone has gone incognito and is shopping at my store, certainly preparing to present himself as our hero only to prove himself a villain once more.

-I rang up a man with a forehead larger than my future and eyes so deep they could have been a Jaden Smith tweet.

-I passed a copy of the National Enquirer with the headline, “George Michael: The Last Potato”. Later I realized that the headline was actually regarding the last photo of the man, not the last potato. This makes much more sense, but I stand by not questioning it after I noted what magazine it was.

-A woman slammed down her items and shouted, “Now you hold on just one minute, I want to check something.” I complied, expecting questions on sales or prices. Instead, she spent the next thirty seconds examining and digging around inside the waistband of her grandson’s pants. I hope that she found what she was looking for.

-I was asked the ominous question, “Do y'all participate in the chip yet?” I am becoming more convinced as time goes on that The Chip is a technocratic cult sweeping the nation, and that if we have not already capitulated, we will.

-In a magnificent illustration of things not to do at the checkout line, woman in her mid-fifties put me on Facetime with her husband. I was willing to give her a chance, but after confirming that she was not, in fact, married to Ryan Reynolds, I wish nothing more than to forget this encounter.

-The amount of people with thinning hair pining over my thick fluff is growing concerning. It is only a matter of time until one of them attempts to make it their own. I must start preparing now.

Okay but imagine and James and Lily didn’t die, and the Potter’s live their life fairly happily, and Harry still defeats Voldemort in the Second Wizarding War some way or another. But James Potter is sick of fighting wars that could’ve been stopped long before innocent people had to die, and despite everyone swearing that immature and always-joking James Potter would never become a Ministry worker, he takes up a career in politics. 

James becomes an unstoppable force of nature in the Wizengamot and the Ministry, he champions for muggleborn and werewolf rights, he implements a fair functional trial system, and helps to eradicate ancient laws and regulations that discriminate.

He becomes known for being something other than the father of the Boy-Who-Lived and First and Second Wizarding War veteran. His policies are renowned and he strides (no longer struts) down the halls of the Ministry, robes dramatically sweping behind him, greying temples and Dumbledore-style twinkling eyes.

“The company is now home to internationally renowned recording artists, including Little Mix, Susan Boyle, Ella Henderson, Il Divo, Fleur East and Fifth Harmony, while its television arm also includes Britain’s Got Talent.”

Seems like there’s someone missing from this list…hmmm…thinking…who is it??

The Pros and Cons of Falling in Love (M)

SUMMARY: Kim Namjoon, a world renowned bestselling author, has come down with the worst case of writer’s block. In an attempt to seek out a newfound inspiration and muse, he comes across you – an aspiring writer.

GENRE/WARNINGS: Author!Namjoon, College!AU; full of nothing but fluff, smut, and a hint of angst.

WORDS: 18.7k.

A/N: This is filth, I’m trash, goodnight. (Also this is dedicated to Lauren aka @fromthe-seoul who encouraged me to write this <3)

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Models Own are renown for their super cute nail polish stands, inhabited by an array colours that would put the biggest double rainbow to shame!
But the company is rapidly becoming known for much more than nail polish… Models Own have recently expanded and opened their first flagship store in Westfield Shopping Centre (Stratford, London) and filled it with a whole host of makeup products in a variety of stunning collections!! 
This week I received some of their latest products and they are simply amazing! 

Pictured above are 4 of their Luxestick lipsticks which come in 3 different finishes: 
Creamy Matte - available in 5 shades 
Velvet - available in 10 shades 
Matte - available in 10 shades

I have two lipsticks in a Matte finish (pictured left) and two in the Velvet finish (pictured right). 
Here are the swatches in both natural daylight and under mobile flash. You can see that the product stay true to the shade of the lipstick bullet even under the flash. Their staying power is fantastic and I had to use an oil-based remover to get them off my arm. 

Each Luxestick Lipstick retails at £7.99, but Models Own have an offer online and in-store during February where you can get a free Luxestick lipstick when you spend £10 or more. You just need to add the code LUXE10 at the checkout.

Next up are Models Owns ‘Colour Chrome Eyeshadow Kits’. When I popped in store a couple of weeks back the girls swatched these for me and I was absolutely blown away by the pigment pay-off! Much like the lipstick, I had to remove the swatches with an oil-based remover as they would not budge!

The kit comes with a little mixing tray, a primer liquid and the metallic eyeshadow. Again, 10 shades are available in this collection and I have 3 of them to show you. 
The consistency is very creamy and it glides on with ease using your finger or a brush. It’s a thick medium and a little goes a long, so you can use the primer to dilute the cream but I feel the thickness adds to the intense metallic pay-off.

I have swatched the eyeshadow straight from the pot on the left, and on the right I have mixed the eyeshadow with a tiny amount of the primer. If you use too much you get more of a wishy-washy pay-off so bare that in mind.
Personally, I don’t really see the point of the primer. There wasn’t any obviously contrast with and without the primer (unless you use too much) and it lasted just the same without.
I think it’s phenomenal all on it’s own! I will definitely be stocking more of these in my kit. 

Each Colour Chrome Kit retails at £14.99

The last three swatches I have to show you are from the MyShadow Cream Eyeshadow Collection. Once more there are 10 beautiful shades available in this range. 
Just to clarify incase you thought I had swatched the same shade twice, I happened to chose 2 almost identical eyeshadows from this assembly. I’m quite surprised by how similar they are, in my opinion I think one should have been a bit deeper or brighter in tone to differentiate the two. 

The MyShadow Cream Eyeshadows are less shiny than the Colour Chrome pots, but still have a gorgeous shimmery glow. The consistency is creamy with a smooth finish compare to the thick finish of the Chrome pots, and would go on the eyes best with your finger rather than using a brush. 

Each pot retails at £6.99

Overall, I am a massive fan of these products and I am excited by what Models Own have produced for us thus far! They have hit the floor running and I look forward to seeing AND trying more from them throughout 2017! 

Let me know if you have tried any of the Models Own makeup and what you think?


I don’t know if JKR is really lucky with names or she puts just THAT much thought into it, but

Hermione Granger-Weasley - one meaning of ‘Hermione’ is an ermine, which is a kind of weasel

Tina Scamander - There are layers upon layers of meaning in the names of Newt and Porpentina, by their own or together (which just adds to their perfection as an OTP). Her preferred mode of address ‘Tina’ means ‘river’. How surprised was I to find (from TvTropes) that ‘Scamander’ is the name of a mythological figure, to be more specific, a river-god? 

Even their grandson and granddaughter-in-law have complementary names.

Rolf and Luna - Rolf is a Germanic name from two root words, ‘renowned’ and ‘wolf’, married to the ‘moon’, ‘Luna’

I really like name meanings, and it is such a delight to discover all of these creative inspirations in JK’s wizarding world.