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Shownu: Gemini  ♊  🌀

Gemini-born men are some of the most attentive, intelligent, affectionate and gentle person one can meet in their lifetime. They are extremely open-minded, are curious and adaptable. They love to stimulate their intellect and enjoy conversations. They are extremely social and communicative, so they usually are loved by everyone.

Weaknesses: Over-thinking, anxiety, indecisive, nervous and inconsistent

HATE: Loneliness, being confined, repetition and routine.

In relationships: Gemini men have the reputation of falling carelessly in love. They enjoy the thrill of the fall and search the world for a partner that constantly surprises them and keeps them on their toes. They are of changeable nature and are really hard to tie down. Even deeply in love, they often appear/are detached or unfocused. Their partner needs to enjoy spontaneity and not plan too far ahead their future together, because it will scare them away.

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Minhyuk: Scorpio  ♏  💧

Scorpio-born men are sensual givers and seekers of the purest love. They are resourceful, always come up with solutions and are very brave. They are one of the most dedicated and faithful sign of the zodiac, which make them amazing friends. Scorpio men crave confidences and truth, they love to be there for people and never spill another’s secret! However, this doesn’t mean they trust back, for the Scorpio men are themselves known to be quite secretive.

Weaknesses: Distrusting, jealous, impulsive, secretive and violent.

HATE: Dishonesty, treason, revealing secrets, passive people.

In relationships: Scorpio are extremely passionate and their love can quickly turn into a devoted hate if they feel a partner betrayed them. Passion is known to burn and Scorpions are also known to sting impulsively. Scorpio-born men like to understand everything about their partner, but they also use their knowledge to hurt deeply with their words in the midst of a fight.

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Kihyun: Sagittarius  ♐ 🔥

Sagittarius-born are endless optimists who never sit still. They yearn for adventure, are generous and idealistic. They are intensely curious and enjoy to be challenged every day. Their bright nature and enthusiasm has made their great sense of humour famous. They are also known to be bad liars and, by consequence, will usually try to avoid lying at all.

Weaknesses: Will say anything no matter how undiplomatic, childish, very impatient, promise more than can deliver and pushy.

HATE: Clingy people, being constrained, off-the-wall theories, details.

In relationships: Sagittarius men are a bit unreliable in love. They tend to fall easily and need to have something to fight for to deepen their feelings. Their need for adventure tends to make them unstable, but they are never boring. They are amazingly fun, confident and caring lovers. Their honesty usually makes them trustworthy and faithful. If they decide to commit for good, they make incredibly strong life-partners.

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Hyungwon: Capricorn  ♑  🌱

Capricorn-born men are usually confident and are, by consequence, often extremely intimidating to others. They are good managers because they’re reliable, filial, disciplined and have amazing self-control. They are men with unstoppable ambition, are very wise, have old-souls and value highly their honor. They never gamble or improvise; They plan, rehearse and execute.

Weaknesses: Know-it-all, unforgiving, condescending and expecting the worst.

HATE: Almost everything at some point, they are easily annoyed.

In relationships: It takes them forever to settle down, but they are loyal and dependable. Their defense mechanism often makes them appear cold & aloof. They aren’t superficial and prefer intelligence or character over looks. They want a supportive partner who helps them achieve their goals.

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Wonho: Pisces ♓ 💧

Pisces-born are the giver of unconditional love. They are one of the most sensitive and delicate sign of the zodiac. Pisces are men exceptionally gifted of compassion and care about people’s well-being more than their own. They are altruistic to a fault and always try to make the world a better place. They are very intuitive, gentle, wise and romantic. They are also often spiritual, artistic and musical, they enjoy visual media and spending time alone.

Weaknesses: Fearful, overly trusting, sad, desire to escape reality, can often be a victim or a martyr.

HATE: Know-it-all, being criticized, rejection, the past coming back to haunt, cruelty of any kind.

In relationships: Pisces men are extremely romantic. They enjoy the feeling of being in love like no other and will believe they find the love of their live every time they fall for someone new. They are very spontaneous partners. They also are very honest but consider half-truths to be absolute truth, so their partners need to catch on. They need to find a strong foundation for their relationship to last, or they’ll want to find romance and excitement elsewhere. After all, they do enjoy a bit of chaos.

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Jooheon: Libra  ♎ 🌀

Libra-born men are extremely intelligent, sensitive and can see both sides of a situation.  They are also extremely charming and artistic. Libra are renowned peacemakers, they are gracious, fair-minded, social and very diplomatic. Usually fascinated by balance, they strive for justice, peace and equality. They sometimes love to mirror people’s attitude to avoid conflict, but their biggest fear is to lose or deceived themselves by doing so. Libra men have a strong intellect and keen mind; they like good books, insurmountable discussions and very talkative people.

Weaknesses: Indecisive, avoid confrontations at all cost, will carry a grudge & self-pity.

HATE: Violence, being alone, injustice, loudmouths & conformity.

In relationships: Libra men love to share everything with a partner so much that they can be perceived as a dependent and needy. If they take the relationship seriously they move very fast and talk about the future a lot, which can scare people away with unreal expectations. They only see relationship as long term ones and will probably be the partner that brings up marriage first. They are known to care deeply about their partner’s satisfaction and are very creative sexually. Libra-born can also be very susceptible and will sulk a lot since they don’t confront people directly. Be aware that they take everything as a personal insult. They usually choose a partner that’s their total opposite and completes them.

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I.M: Aquarius ♒ 🌀

Aquarius-born are uncontrollable and independent. They usually are dreamers, with very progressive minds. They are born humanitarian, dedicated to make the world a better place and are known to be witty and clever. Aquarius men are often shy and quiet, but they can be very eccentric and energetic if they want to. A bit 4D.

Weaknesses: Sarcastic, rebellious, temperamental, uncompromising, aloof.

HATE: Limitations, broken promises, being lonely, dull or boring situations, when people disagree with them.

In relationships: Aquarius are notoriously challenging lovers. They are known to completely shut down emotions they can’t understand or don’t want to deal with. A relationship with them takes time, trust, independence and a lot of understanding. However, they can almost be unconditionally trusted, they have extremely strong convictions and won’t ever betray them. They are loyal and are also famous for their sex drive. They prefer a partner that stimulates their keen intellect and enjoy unusual or creative dates.

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Remembering THE CROW (’94) by Susan Doll

As super hero films clean up at the multiplexes, I cringe at how such uninspired, colorless CGI-fests could do so well at the box office. But, don’t get me wrong. Despite this remark, and others I have made in the past, I don’t dislike the comic book genre. I dislike what it has become under the iron grips of Marvel and DC and their devotion to a single demographic.

I can single out favorites in the genre going all the way back to THE BAT (’26), a silent film directed by Roland West that was likely an influence on Batman creator Bill Kane. Speaking of Batman, I greatly admire Tim Burton’s interpretations of the brooding, cowled superhero in BATMAN (’89) and BATMAN RETURNS (’92). I also like Christopher Nolan’s reboot of the Batman character, though I prefer Burton’s. One of my all-time favorite comic book films, THE CROW (’94), is currently streaming on FilmStruck. What all these films share in common is an understanding of the artistic aesthetic of the original source material—a stripped-down, graphic quality that exploits angles, lighting and composition. These films are dependent on mise-en-scène, a traditional cinematic technique referring to the look and feel of a film controlled by the director, production designer and cinematographer. Further, the directors of these older comic book films knew and appreciated the visual language and symbolism of cinematic mise-en-scène, which is based in German Expressionism. On the other hand, the most recent examples are awash in computer-generated imagery (CGI), giving them a brassy, hollow look that makes many of them indistinguishable from each other.

THE CROW was based on James O’Barr’s graphic novel, a darkly romantic tale of violence, poetry and rock ‘n’ roll. Brandon Lee, son of martial arts legend Bruce Lee, stars as Eric Draven, lead singer in a rock band. Eric and his girlfriend, Shelly (Sofia Shinas), plan to marry on Halloween, but on the night before—called Devil’s Night in the Midwest—they are brutally murdered by a gang of thugs working for Top Dollar (Michael Wincott). A year later, a crow ferries Eric from the land of the dead to seek vengeance on the men who perpetrated the double homicide.

Director Alex Proyas amplified the novel’s melancholy tone with one of the darkest visual designs I have ever seen. Every scene is shot in high-contrast or low-key lighting; there isn’t one shot rendered in high-key lighting. The lack of gray scale recalls the graphic nature of comic books and graphic novels but also gives depth and richness to the images. The darks are not merely negative space but pools of shadows that seem to sculpt the buildings and alleyways that make up Proyas’s version of Detroit. THE CROW was cinematographer Dariusz Wolski’s second feature film after a decade of music videos and commercials. Born in Poland, he attended the renowned National Film School in Lodz, which specializes in acting, directing and cinematography. His talent for expressive lighting and striking imagery is evident in the films of directors who have consistently sought out his skills, including Gore Verbinski in his PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN (’03, ’06, ’07) trilogy and Ridley Scott.

Web commentators have compared the visual style to film noir, a valid comparison because THE CROW is a dystopic interpretation of the big city. The corruption associated with the urban world in noir is magnified tenfold in THE CROW: Nothing is left in the city but decay, decadence, and drugs. There is no art, no culture, no refinement. The large Gothic church that anchors the neighborhood is empty of both priests and parishioners. Only a hot-dog stand frequented by the last good cop in Detroit looks inviting, with its warm interior lighting and rich colors. THE CROW was produced and released in the early 1990s. By this time, the inner-city decay that had begun in the 1970s had turned into urban blight. The film reflects a widespread negative view of the big city just before a return to urban centers began to restore neighborhoods and focus attention on urban growth and renewal. No city was more affected by urban blight than Detroit; it’s very name was synonymous with a dystopic view of the inner city. Proyas and production designer Alex McDowell played on that reputation by offering a hellish interpretation of Detroit, where burning buildings constantly lit up the night sky.

THE CROW makes effective use of German Expressionist symbolism, adding considerably to a film in which dialogue is minimal and characters speak in melancholy phrases of portent or despair. The first image of Eric Draven is a bird’s-eye view of his dead body splayed on the sidewalk, a hint that fate or God is looking down and has something else in store for him. Visual clues of Draven’s doppelganger status are in most of his scenes. A doppelganger means a character has two sides to him; in this case, Draven is both living and dead. His large shadow is cast on the alley wall as he stumbles through the streets after rising from the grave; it is a literal depiction of his “dark side.” Close-ups reveal his face half lit and half in shadow. Most telling is the shot when Eric looks into a mirror, seeing his dark side for the first time. He cracks the mirror with his fist, distorting his reflected image. Draven’s abandoned, dilapidated apartment, which he shared with Shelly, looks like a set straight out of THE CABINET OF DR. CALIGARI (’19). Bars and bar shadows tell us that Eric is trapped in his fate; collapsed beams and destroyed furniture created a set design filled with diagonals and sharp shapes, reflect the chaos and instability of Eric’s twisted mind. That kind of direct connection between set design and narrative is missing from many contemporary superhero films, in which producers are more concerned with the bells and whistles of CGI than effective visual storytelling.

Older readers will recall that THE CROW was notorious because of the accidental death of Brandon Lee on set. The exact account of what happened is available to read in detail online: The short version is that a prop gun with a partial live round was accidentally used in the scene in which Eric Draven is shot. In a horrible version of art imitating life, Brandon Lee was shot dead in the scene in which his fictional character was shot dead. The film was near completion, with only a few production days left on the schedule. The producers decided to complete and release the film, using an early version of CGI to meld Lee’s face onto a stunt double’s body for the one scene that could not be rewritten. Lee was just beginning his career in action-driven films, revealing the charm and charisma of a bona fide movie star. THE CROW would have likely propelled him into superstardom and elevated him out of the shadow of his famous father. If ever a film was haunted by the performance of its star, THE CROW is it.

But, that was decades ago. Younger viewers are likely unfamiliar with Brandon Lee and the circumstances of his death. Ultimately, that tragic event does not weigh as heavily on the film like it once did. THE CROW stands on its own as a beautifully crafted comic book film with a heavy atmosphere, moody mise-en-scène and a serious treatment of the material.

A Touch of Evil (J2 AU) Updated!

TITLE: A Touch of Evil
BY: Nyxocity
PAIRING: Jared/Jensen
SUMMARY:  Jensen is an accomplished forensic pathologist hiding a secret life as a serial killer—a serial killer with a code that means he only murders other killers. His sister, Danneel, is lead homicide detective in the Dallas Police Department and Jensen works alongside her to solve cases, hiding his double life. A recent series of serial killer murders leads Jensen down a dark path of romantic messages secretly directed at him. Investigation leads them to Dallas Memorial Hospital where Jensen meets renowned trauma surgeon Jared Padalecki. Jensen is undeniably drawn to Jared by something he can’t define, something he’s never felt outside of killing. As the messages from the killer become more intricate, Jensen is pulled deeper into darkness, and unable to deny his attraction to Jared, he eventually finds himself at a terrible crossroads. Can he continue to keep his double life a secret and still discover the killer’s identity? Or will he lose his code and everything he knows he should care about in the process?

Chapter 1  |  Chapter 2  |  Chapter 3  |  Chapter 4  |  Chapter 5 
Chapter 6 (JUST POSTED)  |  Chapter 7  |  Chapter 8

Timeline of the 41st Millennium: 927.M41

The Fallaxian Scourging was a Daemonic Incursion in 927.M41 on the world of Fallax. During the battle, the renowned armoured siege units of the Hammeront IV Regiment under the command of Grand Marshal Lourgant, are wiped out when the army of Daemons overwhelms the Imperial forces. Such is the Departmento Munitorum’s administrative backlog that the Hammeront IV’s demise goes unreported, and they are subsequently ordered to the liberation of the Abraxis Citadel on Prassium. When the Hammeront fail to deploy as ordered, the Departmento Munitorum charges the regiment with desertion. They are all posthumously sentenced to death.

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im crying at the tags u put on my ryan gifset miranda why is it so accurate

listen 2013!ryan doesn’t kno how to parallel park meanwhile 2017!ryan can not only parallel park but he also is a world renowned man of espionage and anti-capitalist anarchy

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What did you do??

I raised the beautiful hypothesis that if I had my finger cut off, I could become a renowned artist and maybe even get assimilated to Van Gogh which, lets be honest, sounds frigging awesome ?! But Nem disagrees with me and raised tetanus and fevers and doctor stuff so yeh… Kinda killed the mood

  • ‪laurent: so nikandros sneezed and instead of saying "bless you" i accidentally said "shut the fuck up"‬
  • ‪damen: how do you accidentally say "shut the fuck up"?‬

Do you love period dramas? Do you want to support gay-centered media?

The Burying Party, written and directed by Richard Weston, is a film that follows the last year in the life of Wilfred Owen, a gay man whose poetry about World War I changed the landscape of war poetry and landed Owen a much deserved standing as one of the most renowned poets in all of English history.

As of right now, the film is only halfway to completion. Weston and co. are relying on crowd funding in order to get the film done, and they need to raise £5,000 ($6,585) total in order to ensure that the film is finished in time to be released on the 100th anniversary of Wilfred Owen’s death in November of next year. The campaign closes on Nov. 27, 2017. That’s where you come in.

Here is a link to their KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN, where you can read more about the project, as well as watch the trailer.

Please share the word about this project and consider supporting it if you can! Wilfred Owen was an amazing historical figure, and there isn’t nearly enough media out there actively honoring not just his poetic accomplishments but also his sexual orientation!

Katmai National Park and Preserve is world-renown for brown bear viewing. About 2,200 brown bears are estimated to inhabit the park, and more bears than people are estimated to live on Alaska Peninsula. For those who visit the park (or are frequent viewers of #BearCam), they can learn about a bear’s behavior – like this mama and her three cubs standing up. Bear cubs often imitate their mother’s every move, and standing on hind legs allows bears to get a better view or smell of what’s around them. Photo by A. Ramos, National Park Service.

Little Astro Things You May Not Have Heard Before


Geminis have sharply angled jaws from the side view with a little cleft in their chin. Their arms are long and the back of their skull is kinda flat.

Cancers have really defined lips, whether big or small

Scorpios have gummy smiles and baby looking teeth

Earth signs and water signs have really round and sturdy looking skulls , unless influenced heavily by an air or fire sign (through dominants and aspects).

The Midheaven at its most natural state is meant to be in a square from the Ascendant and descendant. The Ascendant and midheaven should never be more than or less than a square away from the midheaven. This is because the Natal Chart is settled on a perfect 360 axis where it has 4 major angles setting its basic shape up; 360 divided by 4 would give us 4 perfectly aligned 90 degree angled points (MC, IC, ASC, DSC) but of course no chart can be “perfectly perfect” so many people will have interceptions: where the midheaven is sometimes more or less than a square away from the Ascendant. This is why we see some people having their Ascendant and midheaven only being 2 signs apart or even as far as 5 signs apart.

earth signs often have very small and flat foreheads with a slope

Air signs usually have very high foreheads (the hairline is far from the eyebrows)

Water signs typically have high and flat foreheads

Fire signs have small but round foreheads

Aries rules the ears and the facial features (natural resonators) so they are often at the peak of being just as good with music and instruments like Venusian ruled Taurus and Libra

Many performers have their 10th house ruler (Midheaven ruler) in the 7th house

Actors have the 10th house ruler in the 12th house

Mutable signs’ calves lots of times have a curve to them, like a bowl-legged or bow-legged however you call it lol

Earth signs have really long necks and very long natural hair

Libras (and other cardinal signs) often have a softened rectangular or oval face shape

Leos have defined canine teeth

In Esoteric astrology, Uranus Neptune and Pluto are associated with Zeus Poseidon and Hades respectively and are considered the Big Three because they hold an intense amount of staying power in a person’s life when aspected greatly.

North Node in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th indicates minimal fame but fame nonetheless

North Node in the 9th, 10th, 11th, or 12th indicates more widespread fame

Having a water house Stellium (4th, 8th, 12th) makes you more likely to accumulate wealth in this lifetime

Jupiter in the 9th, 10th, 11th , 12th makes you more likely to be recognized for your talents in this lifetime

Having Mars or Neptune on an angle makes you more inclined to being a good dancer/take dancing seriously

Technically, Capricorn rising is the Ascendant in exaltation. Libra rising is the Ascendant in detriment. Cancer rising is the Ascendant in fall. Many wealthy and renowned people have a cardinal rising because they are able to overcome more mentally than the rest of us.

The asteroid conjunct your sun at birth can indicate any health issues you can develop in this lifetime

Gemini is Mercury as a child, excitable and willing to know more of the surrounding world. Virgo is Mercury as an adult, deep in thought and not so open to new ideas but still free thinking and willing to research until their wisdom dies out.

Uranus-MC = long term success after climbing

Inconjunct/quincunx couples stand the test of time when they work through their differences moreso than semi-sextile couples. When the semi-sextile couple works through their differences, there is so much frustration because they can see clearly the many similarities they share but even the slightest difference btw them just makes them lost all over. The quincunx couples see some similarities but many differences which allows them a broader space to map newly shared interests INTO the relationship as time progresses.

Sign placements are of least importance in examining a synastry chart. First look at house placements, then secondly look at Aspects, then look at sign placements lastly.

Juno in Earth signs love to dance with their partners

A harmonic chart is a detailed examination of the minor aspects in your chart. A conjunction in the 5th harmonic chart is actually a quintile in the regular natal chart. A conjunction in the 7th harmonic chart is actually a septile in the regular natal chart. 8th harmonic conjunctions are octiles. 9th harmonic conjunctions are noviles. 10th harmonic conjunctions are deciles. And so on so forth with other harmonics. Reasonably, you should only go up to the 36th harmonic but some go as far the 100s but I honestly don’t even know what they’d be looking at at that point.

You should take fixed stars into account for a karmic stellium, conjunctions only of course.

A sesquiquadrate is basically a softened (really weak) mixture of a trine and a quincunx. It’s not good or bad and, in that sense, has a 50/50 deal to it like a conjunction, though it does resemble the trine and quincunx more in aspect. However, if you can’t find information on a sesquiquadrate aspect, it would be wise to examine the conjunction of that aspect first then look at the the trine. Make a watered down hypothesis of the sesquiquadrate aspect after this.

Earth and Fire signs are personal, Air and Water signs are interpersonal

In Vedic astrology, Rahu is the North Node, Ketu is the South Node, Lagna is the Ascendant, and D1, D2, D3, etc are simply referring to your different harmonic charts. So D7 would be the 7th harmonic chart, which shows septiles in the Natal Chart. Rashi refers to the houses.

In Vedic astrology, the natal Navamsa Chart is the indicator of soulmates and marriage. They say to check it to find out more about your future marriage. In Western astrology, we call the Navamsa Chart the 9th harmonic chart.

In your Navamsa Chart, a planet (or planets) that is in the SAME house as it is in your Lagna (Natal Ascendant) Chart is considered to be the most powerful in your chart. Similar to a dominant planet, it is called the vargottma and your destiny is tied to this planet (or planets). This is even more powerful and significant if the planet(s) are with Rahu (North Node).

Realistically, Aspects between venus and mars are NOT indicators of marriage/lifetime commitment. In western astrology, the idealistic views of Venus and Mars have become too inflated; even in Ancient Greek and Rome, many did not correlate marriage with the two frivolous entities of Venus and Mars. They are related more to general love and lust than the more specified love and lust that is present in marriage. You would look to the Moon, Jupiter, Saturn, and Juno for marriage between two people. All four are the basis for stability and compromising in relationships, albeit in different mannerisms. Venus and Mars are secondary to them in all aspects.

The ruler of the 1st and the ruler of the 10th are typically in the same house in the charts of celebrities.

Saturn and Jupiter both in the 1st house people are often very lean and slender

In Vedic astrology, Nakshatras (using sidereal measurements) take up the entire zodiac in 27 divisions. For example, I am Mrigasira Nakshatra Ascendant bc I was born from 23-20’ Taurus to 6-40’ Gemini in Vedic. I am Revati moon because I was born from 16-40’ Pisces to 30 Pisces. It’s confusing at first but super easy to understand if you just google it lol.

Reputation Shouldn’t Be Taken Literally. But It’s Also True.

Every song on Rep so far is a mix of truth and drama. 

1. Look What You Made Me Do

No wonder we were completely confused when this song came out. On one hand, we thought it was about Kim and Kanye, but also maybe Katy. But then, as many people have noted, it could also be about how the way the media treats her. 

Her truth:

Any of those theories could be true because the song is about all of it. The song is her “re-birth”. She pulls a phoenix rising from the ashes:

“Honey, I rose up from the dead I do it all the time”

This is her truth. She got smarter and got harder from all of the drama and publicity she’s received over the past few years. But then…

Her Reputation:

She plays the mean girl. 

“I’ve got a list of names and yours is in red underlined”

Taylor Swift has better things to do than sit around and write down a list of people she wants to get revenge on. But also, if that did exist, I don’t think she’d really want to admit it. 

“The world moves on, another day, another drama-drama.
But not for me, not for me, all I think about is karma.” 

Again, people do genuinely believe she never moves on from drama and actually manufactures it so she can sell it in her music. 

“Look what you made me do”

She strategically makes the song about what other people did to her, not how she got herself into this mess. Essentially portraying her as girl who people say is always playing the victim.

2. …Ready For It?

Her truth:

This song is fascinating because it tells the story of meeting a guy for the first time and knowing that, going in, there are a lot of things that could cause problems. 

“Wonder how many girls he had loved and left haunted”

“Stealing hearts and running off and never saying sorry”

The song captures, in its rap-sung verses, the intensity of a relationship just beginning. The questions, the curiosity and also each person’s reputation. However, this is probably her most interesting truth: 

“Touch me and you’ll never be alone”

This is a fantastic lyric because it shows us the chaos of starting a high-profile relationship. Especially if you’re dating one of the world’s most renowned songwriters. 

Her Reputation:

We start out, right from the get-go with images of thieves and robbers. 

“Me, I was a robber first time that he saw me”

Now, this is exactly the line that sticks out to me because she’s directly addressing her reputation. She’s essentially saying that the man in question probably saw her as a man-eater (an insult she’s often associated with)

“Let the games begin.”

Taylor is seen as a girl who dates for fun. Always on to the next guy. Playing games with people’s hearts so she can write another song about it. 

2. Gorgeous

Her truth:

There’s a very clear story here. It should be fairly obvious at this point. From the Sunset and Vine reference to this pretty defining lyric: 

“And I got a boyfriend, he’s older than us”

Or this iconic line that describes my flirting strategy: 

“That I got drunk and made fun of the way you talk”

Not even to mention going home to her cats. 

Her Reputation:

I’ve heard people say this song can’t be satire, camp or a character because it’s “about Joe”. That’s ridiculous. Truth and satire can exist in the same song. We should know this well from Blank Space. 

And I mean, c’mon

“You’ve ruined my life by not being mine”. 

The media likes to think of her as a control freak, right? Manipulative and always looking for another man to date, she plays into this reputation perfectly. 

“I feel like I might sink and drown and die” 

Her phrasing should clear up any doubt here. Not to mention she’s probably drunk while she’s thinking this. This line is a comment on the public perception of how dramatic she is. It’s no secret that she sometimes seems to overdramatize the real-life events of her songs. 


There have honestly been great interpretations of this and I think they’re all pretty much true. But also, think about the songs in relation to the editing here. 

The album exists halfway between the real her and the media’s perception of her, just as every song has demonstrated so far. It’s a fascinating trick for anyone who wants to take these songs as fully the truth or fully satire because neither is right. 

So no, we can’t take these songs literally. 

But yes, we can take parts of them seriously. 

Why? Because there’s always a little truth to our reputation. 

Please reblog and send me your thoughts! 


u ask and i will deliver..!! though, to be perfectly honest, i wasn’t intending to have them fight… but this is super funny to me.