Got my handy-dandy screwdriver.

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Alfred: I’m bored…

Matthew: We could buy a mansion.

Alfred: Another one?

Matthew: Yea. 

Alfred:... at this rate we’re gonna have our own renovation show.

Matthew: Hey, we’re historically accurate renovators. 

Alfred: Heh. True. You still want that one up in Detroit?

Matthew: Mmmhmm. 

Two months in, and twenty pounds down! Haven’t been that low since my dad died four years ago; sadly I’m not in as good shape but eh, I’ll take it. I haven’t had time to exercise or walk properly the last two weeks as the husband and I have been working until 10pm every night on his father’s new tiny house in town. I tend to work in there all afternoon, too. Suppose that’s better than nothing, though. I’m so tired of painting but it looks a hundred times better.

When this is all over and we’re back from Toronto, I’m going to reward myself with a small tattoo for hitting my halfway goal. Have about a month to decide what and where!

Also, gave up on my POS fitbit. Stupid thing has refused to sync since Mother’s Day. Kind of surprised I don’t miss it.


renovations by in pastel

<br /><i>Via Flickr:</i>
<br />paperhangers by Racey Helps