Alfred: I’m bored…

Matthew: We could buy a mansion.

Alfred: Another one?

Matthew: Yea. 

Alfred:... at this rate we’re gonna have our own renovation show.

Matthew: Hey, we’re historically accurate renovators. 

Alfred: Heh. True. You still want that one up in Detroit?

Matthew: Mmmhmm. 

It's been awhile.....

So far behind with the blog but I feel I do have some excuse having fallen and broken my wrist in the line of DIY renovations duty. It’s probably entirely fair to say I was never going to make it as a builders labourer, should I have considered this as a career, even fairer to say I’m even less in demand now as a one armed version of my former self. Poor Steve is now having to carry on with all the work, predominantly without my help, although I am without question indispensable at passing things, holding things steady and making tea. Despite it being an accident and not really my fault, I feel tremendously guilty watching him grafting away alone. We are still ‘Team Tomich’ ….just the division of labour has temporarily shifted.
We are making inroads just not at the speed we would like, that said, it’s taking shape….
Prepping and cooking has been challenging in temp kitchen number 3. Microwave oven in the living room and oven in the shed. All this works ok with two good arms but not so with one, ergo Steve is having to help with that too. Still we are ok, far from starving and whilst everything just seems such a pfaff it is 'temporary’.
Spring is imminent. Getting to the end of our first winter here has been fine. Not really very challenging after what they say is the 4th mildest winter on record.
Being here to see the early signs of Spring is lovely. I’m seeing crocuses and snowdrops popping up all over the garden that I had no idea were there. Our seed potatoes have arrived and the veg seeds have been ordered. The mini orchard we planted before Christmas will need pruned. There is something very special about planting trees that will hopefully go on to benefit others long after we’ve shuffled off.
With so much work still to do before we have a proper kitchen the garden won’t be fully functional for a few years but I’m desperate to make a start even if it’s just in grow bags and planters this year. Going forward we’ll have raised beds as the ground here is so full of rocks and its future proofing for tired old gardeners backs.
The days are slowly lengthening with sunset well after 6pm now and the clocks due to 'Spring’ forward at the end of the month, by which time I’m hoping my incarceration in plaster of Paris will be coming to an end and I can 'gingerly’ get back to doing something productive.
There are buds on the trees, the sheep in the fields are getting ready to share their white woolly babies with the world and we are looking forward to some long sunny days. Yes life is still very good.
Onwards and upwards

We may be controlled by the City Council, and the Vague, Yet Menacing, Government Agency, and chemtrails, and the Secret Order of Reptile Kings, and the mysterious lights that hover above us, but we will not be controlled by a Smiling God! We are Night Vale! And we are, in our own way, free!

We must continue to fight, and resist. We must be the heroes we look for in others. We must no longer speak in code, but in action.


Welcome to Night Vale

Episode 48 - Renovations


KikiModo recently completed the renovation on this eclectic apartment located on Prince Street in New York City, designed to provide the ultimate Soho residence with four exposures that ensure a stunning view of the surroundings along with an interior that was created to require no maintenance for a period of up to nine years.

There are cast iron columns, exposed bricks and wooden beams to provide a warm and cozy ambiance inside with six large windows framed in wood to allow abundant natural light inside into the open living room.

The apartment spreads over a surface of 2500 square feet and has four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a media room with a custom Murphy bed, a private laundry room and a common roof deck. The living area has a fully integrated audio and video system with a 103” drop down projector screen and an eco smart fireplace.

The kitchen is fully equipped with professional appliances from SubZero, Wolf, Fisher Paykel and Miele and the cabinets are made of cherry wood with stainless custom-made counters.

Arrival of the ‘Siberian Larch’ wood for the external cladding on the refurbished dining end of the old extension. With each length at 6 metres we’d been praying for good weather when it landed as there was nowhere to store it to stop it warping. Thankfully we’ve had a couple of decent days since it arrived and Steve is hammering away as I write. The Siberian Larch, whilst much more expensive, has a much longer life expectancy and should more than see our life time out.