The Women of Night Vale

But can we talk the women in this episode. Even with Tamika and her army out of commission, women did all of the heavy lifting in this episode.

Maureen must have some serious brains to have figured out the whole “alternate dimension travel” thing, but what really excites me is the female leaders of the revolution.

Dana rescued Cecil. Dana, so excited that she may one day be great, but not seeing her current greatness Dana, who survived the dog park and the desert, has a freaking army. Those tall figures - her army

Mayor Pamela Winchell is fighting for her town.

And Old Woman Josie is back, and she still has her angels.

Look at these woman. They are woman of color. They range from children to the elderly. Some are warrior-like, some philosophical and caring.

They are leaders. Tamika, Dana, Josie, they inspire others to follow them, even into war.

And I’d follow them in a heartbeat.


And while whatever happens next…happens, I take you, Night Vale, to the weather!

*shows up months late with another ‘he is holding a cat’ thing* Tbh I started this because I wanted to create a dramatic setting and then put Cecil in light-up sketchers à la that one post but I was too lazy to color the whole thing, sO