This is Equinox Levesque. For the last 25 years, her parents have been Ambassadors to Sixam from Earth. She was born there, 21 years ago and had never been to her parents’ home planet. Until today. What she wanted for her 21st birthday was to go to Earth to help with Human/Alien relations there.Things are strained. Equinox has a vision for a peaceful place for both humans and aliens. Her parents helped her scout out a location. There’s the abandoned town of Newcrest. It had fallen on hard times and the residents had slowly left it for more prosperous areas. She plans to bring it back to life, one building at a time.

43 Ideas For Renovating Your Home

Here is a really great round up of 43 Ideas For Renovating Your Home. The true question is can you get through this collection of ideas without calling your local contractor to come do some work on your home? I know I couldn’t I already have called my local contractor so I can add more storage to my reading room. Enjoy reading! I know I did!

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Brighten Up Your Bathroom


The bathroom is one of the most important areas in the house for comfort and relaxation. Is there a better way to unwind than relaxing in a hot bath after long day at work? Bathrooms can become run-down and drab over time, and periodic maintenance or renovation can help you brighten up your bathroom. These are some simple ideas to get you started.


Installing new lighting is probably one of the most obvious ways to change the look of your bathroom. Whether it’s brighter light bulbs, or new lighting fixtures, choosing the right lights can dramatically lift the mood and brighten up your bathroom. 

Things to consider when choosing light fixtures for the bathroom include size, colour, style, and brightness. The fixture should not be too large, to avoid having it turn into the focal point of the bathroom. Instead, the size, colour, and style should harmonise with the existing décor. The brightness of the lighting should be appropriate, not too dim, or casting overpowering glare.



A fresh coat of paint is another easy way to update your bathroom. Choose a colour scheme that will harmonise with your other plans for the space. A touch of cream, white, or pastel shades can all bring brightness and light to the bathroom.


The flooring in your bathroom isn’t something you consciously notice every day. Yet, like the walls, flooring can impact the look and feel of any indoor space. Giving the tiles a good scrub, or replacing the flooring, can lead to a striking improvement.


Mirrors are wonderful features in bathrooms, because they can enhance the brightness of any indoor space by multiplying light. Mirrors can also make a space appear bigger than it actually is. Try choosing unusual frames or different shapes.


Renovation Ideas
If you’re after a completely new look for your bathroom, consider having your bathroom fixtures replaced. Cabinets, vanities, and basins can be upgraded for a fresh, modern look. Windows can be enlarged and updated, as can showers and bathtubs. 

Written by Kathy Collins