OUR PICK OF THE WEEK - Saphir Renovateur

Here at Styleternity, I’m all about that long lasting sartorial quality. As somebody caught up in this whole #menswear thing I think we sometimes attach too much importance to the ‘next’ big purchase. The problem with this obsession is that your closet fills up with a whole bunch of stank product that you thought it was an appropriate idea to purchase 'at the time’ while the things that are heavy in your day to day rotation get worn into the ground without proper maintenance/alteration.

Nowhere is the problem more apparent than footwear: the foundation of any solid kit, fresh footwear sets the scene for a correspondingly great outfit. Unfortunately many of us lack the time and patience to really care for our shoes the way we should, and while Saphir Renovateur will not make a regular and thorough cleaning of your favorite C & J unnecessary its a pretty good temporary fix when you don’t have the time to stomp out a proper shoe shine.

Made with mink oil, the Saphir renovateur is the very very next level version of an all points leather treatment. Throw that ratchet Zanolin Kiwi shit into your nearest incinerator because Saphir is the benchmark when it comes to footwear maintenance. This oil based cleaner re-hydrates and cleans leather while simultaneously giving it a low matte shine. Used alone its a great temporary fix or as part of a routine (with separate polish and buffing) will result in that glass like patina the lads at The Armoury have been on for some time already.

Available at Kent Wang


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