DARTH TALON was a female Lethan Twi'lek who became a Sith Lady in Darth Krayt’s One Sith in 137 ABY. Talon was styled with black Sith tattoos covering her body including her head and lekku; each tattoo had been earned in ritual combat and inscribed by Krayt himself. As a Sith apprentice, she was trained by a fellow Twi'lek Sith Lord named Darth Ruyn, whom she later killed on Krayt’s command with a swift decapitating strike of her lightsaber, shortly before ascending to the rank of a full fledged Sith in Krayt’s Order.

         Recognizing her unshakable loyalty, Krayt anointed Talon as one of his two Hands, thus making her an extension of the Dark Lord’s own will. In this capacity, Talon found herself working alongside her Hand counterpart, Darth Nihl. Talon was often tasked with her Master’s most important missions, including the capture of the Jedi fugitive Cade Skywalker, and his training in the ways of the dark side of the Force, until her apprentice renounced the One Sith. Talon always remained loyal to her lord Darth Krayt, even during Darth Wyyrlok’s attempted takeover of the One Sith, aiding Krayt in his recovery and along with Nihl fighting off the Sith who stood between Krayt and his former Voice, witnessing his return to power. When Darth Krayt finally fell during the Battle of Coruscant, she entered hiding along with the rest of the One Sith, working from concealment to achieve their goals by less overt means.  

                                                    “I am Darth Talon. I am your death.”

You will lose nothing of what you have renounced for the Lord’s sake. For in its own time it will return to you greatly multiplied.
—  St. Mark the Ascetic

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❝Let my heart be hardened.❞

The Prince of Egypt sentence starters | selectively accepting

« Your heart will have to turn into a diamond, from this moment forth. »

And though he said that, Fëanáro knew that his own was still made of flesh. Undressed of his armour, its pieces lying about until they started the march itself, he was naked even in spirit, and all the anger that pooled in his eyes and weighed on his forehead did not prevent whatever was within his chest to be flayed bloody.

« Remember this, Morifinwë: that the Black Foe may have taken your grandfather from us, but my wife’s own choice took your mother from you. Aulë’s mellifluous words poisoned her mind, and now she would take you from me also. I would not allow it, and so that she could bow her head to our jailers again she then renounced us all. Such was her true disposition, in the end. »

Betrayal was a suppurating wound when it came from those you once trusted and loved the most, and Nerdanel’s eyes as she asked him to send her youngest sons back to her, like sheep nudged back into their cage, told him all the words she had never pronounced aloud. Far easier had it been to stare into his half brother’s, even with all the insolence of Ñolofinwë’s pride; the anger that had come from that had not been tainted by sharp remnants of lost hope; that affection had faded so much earlier. 

He lifted his sword from the floor.

« Do not have a heart of stone, for it crumbles easily. Let it be a diamond, my son. A diamond. »

Here we have our Pokemon Go gym leaders doin’ their thing at the dog park

I love how instantaneously Spark was decided to be a complete wastoid dingbat, it’s very endearing and almost has me renouncing my Mystic affiliation for Instinct

also HEY BEEN A WHILE HASN’T IT?? crazy how all it took for me to start drawing again was the overwhelming impact of a staggeringly massive international phenomenon. Hope you’ve all been well! We’ll talk soon 


Bisexual author Nicole Kristal has been creating these awesome images for the #StillBisexual campaign, highlighting the phenomena where bisexual characters on TV are not allowed to use the word ‘bisexual’ to describe themselves.  It ties into a phenomena we’ve discussed a lot here, The Missing B Word.  Over and over again bisexual-behaving characters are gay/straight-washed or only allowed to remain attracted to multiple genders if they renounce labels entirely.  The word bisexual is treated like a dirty word or as if it doesn’t exist entirely.  

- Sarah 

A Children’s Illustrator Is Losing Fans Because Of Her Anti-Racist Art

Illustrator Mary Engelbreit has made many fans for her work in stationery, home goods, and children’s books for over 30 years.

But today, some of those fans are not so happy with anti-racist artwork she’s posted on her Facebook as a tribute to Michael Brown, who was killed nearly a year ago.

The posts have indeed resulted in a lot of backlash from fans renouncing the artwork (though Engelbreit has also received a bunch of support).

Some comments, specifically one that questions Engelbreit’s dedication to diversity, got a response from the artist herself.

Still, many fans continue to comment in solidarity

“There are no words to express how little I care if I lose every bigoted, racist, homophobic and/or sexist follower I have.”


Our society needs people like this woman…


ya lit meme: [2/10] series or books  the lunar chronicles by marissa meyer

Cinder flexed her tongue, testing it, and raised her voice.“I am princess Selene.”
Levana leaned forward. “Your are an impostor!”
“And I am ready to claim what’s mine. People of Artemisia, this is your chance. Renounce Levana as your queen and swear fealty to me, or I swear that when I wear that crown, very person in this room will be punished for their betrayal.” 

  • baby: M... m...
  • parents: Mama? Are you trying to say Mama?
  • baby: Mindfang holds the key to a more complete understanding of Vriska's character development throughout Homestuck. Once we understand that Vriska's obsession with Mindfang didn't just extend to mimicking her questionable taste in romantic partners and dashing murderhappy persona in Act 5, but to her entire way of being, we can more clearly see the ways that even in Act 6, when Vriska seems to renounce her villain persona for a hero persona, she is still performing a facet of Mindfang: the heroic revolutionary who rebelled against the Condesce alongisde the sufferer. While (Vriska) reacts to Aranea's exaggerated but relatable attempts to also become Mindfang by dropping the Mindfang persona and revealing the more sensitive, unsure Vriska who was sealed away inside, the only significant deviation Vriska makes from being Mindfang 24/7 is her relationship with Terezi. Is the alpha Vriska aware that her desperate desire as a kid to become more like Mindfang has consumed her? Is she aware that (Vriska) is not an impossible deviation from Vriskahood, but a version of who she really is without the crushing veneer of Mindfang? And if Vriska survives her Mindfang-esque heroic sacrifice in the dream bubbles, will she ever be able to peel the Mindfang off of herself, or has she become the mask?
Even in that most important area of her life, live, she had failed to commit herself. After her first romantic disappointment, she had never again given herself entirely. She feared pain, loss, and separation. These things were inevitable on the path to love, and the only way of avoiding them was by deciding not to take that path at all. In order not to suffer, you had to renounce love. It was like putting out your own eyes in order not to see the bad things in life.
—  Paulo Coelho, Bride

“Luke stared at his father beneath him, then at the Emperor, then back at Vader. This was Darkness - and it was the Darkness he hated. Not his father, not even the Emperor. But the Darkness in them. In them, and in himself. And the only way to destroy the Darkness was to renounce it. For good and all. He stood suddenly erect, and made the decision for which he’d spent his life in preparation.”

- James Kahn, Return of the Jedi novelization

I want to spend a lot but not all of my years with you.
We’ll talk about kids
                             but make plans to travel.
I will remember your eyes
                             as green when they were gray.
Our dogs will be named For Now and Mostly.
              Sex will be good but next door’s will sound better.

There will be small things.
I will pick up your damp towel from the bed,
                                                           and then I won’t.
I won’t be as hot as I was
                              when I wasn’t yours
and your hairline now so
When we pull up alongside a cattle car
                              and hear the frightened lows,
                              I will silently judge you
                              for not immediately renouncing meat.
You will bring me wine
                              and notice how much I drink.

                                              The garden you plant and I plant
                              is tunneled through by voles,
                                                              the vowels
                                                              we speak aren’t vows,
                but there’s something
                              holding me here, for now,
                like your eyes, which I suppose
                                                              are brown, after all.
—  Rebecca Hazelton, You Are the Penultimate Love of My Life

As always when Leia thought about this, she called upon what Luke told her of their father’s last hours. He had renounced darkness, saved Luke, and became Anakin Skywalker again. 

Whenever Luke told the story, a beatific smile lit up his face; his memories of that event gave him a level of comfort and even joy that sustained him. 

Those were memories Leia couldn’t share.

Reasons why Finn is amazing
  • he renounced the first order for himself. He didn’t do it cause he fell for rey or befriended poe, he did it cause of a voice inside of him.
  • has no problem admitted he is afraid 
  • will go and help a girl he doesn’t know, but when he sees she can handle herself, doesn’t go and act like she’s weaker 
  • was willing (and almost did) die for a girl he barely knew cause he cared about her
  • is actually really awkward and doesn’t let that stop him 
  • oh and john boyega is a darling

Y'all so pressed about the revelation that “anti-racist hero” Atticus Finch becomes racist when he’s older as if he’s a real person but y'all don’t even take the next logical step of critically engaging with the fact that it’s a reality and innate fear for every black person that the few good white people will as they age eventually tread into conservatism and/or full-fledged racism as so often happens when the thrill of youth and edge of renounced privilege wear off and allyship becomes less preferable to the security of assimilation

No shade

There were 100,000 votes for Harambe.

If you think voting is a fucking joke, then you should renounce your citizenship because you have no business helping to determine the future of this country.

People fought and died for the right to vote, and you made a fucking joke out of it.
The Mormon Church won't baptize or bless children of same-sex parents
The LDS Church confirmed Thursday that children living with same-sex parents or guardians will not be allowed membership in the church.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (AKA the Mormon church) has announced that it will not allow the babies of same-sex couples to be baptized, blessed or otherwise offered membership in the church.

A child with same-sex parents who still wants to be a Mormon cannot be baptized until they turn 18, renounce their parents’ “lifestyle” and move out of their parents’ house. After that, they still have to get special permission from church officials in order to be offered membership. 

Here are the new additions to the church handbook: 

Woooooow. This is a new low.