I have a birth name that doesn’t exist in this country, and in fact has been formally and bureaucratically renounced, so that I can have access to these benefits of citizenship and assimilation as supposedly they afford me. And even my last name is an Anglofication of how you pronounce Xu in Mandarin. Naming is a consistent collision for me of life-self and poetry-self, navigating similar concerns in different ways.
—  Wendy Xu, interviewed by Kaveh Akbar for divedapper

I’ve given up on my quest to be cool. Having replayed a few of my less than gold standard missions in GTA V, finished watching a Watch Dogs let’s play and reading all the new gossip about a new Last of Us game before school starts again, I have officially renounced myself as a level 100 meganerd. But not just that. I’m never going to be as cool as the characters in these games. God damn it. And here I thought I could be the new Nathan Drake.

  • baby:M... m...
  • parents:Mama? Are you trying to say Mama?
  • baby:Mindfang holds the key to a more complete understanding of Vriska's character development throughout Homestuck. Once we understand that Vriska's obsession with Mindfang didn't just extend to mimicking her questionable taste in romantic partners and dashing murderhappy persona in Act 5, but to her entire way of being, we can more clearly see the ways that even in Act 6, when Vriska seems to renounce her villain persona for a hero persona, she is still performing a facet of Mindfang: the heroic revolutionary who rebelled against the Condesce alongisde the sufferer. While (Vriska) reacts to Aranea's exaggerated but relatable attempts to also become Mindfang by dropping the Mindfang persona and revealing the more sensitive, unsure Vriska who was sealed away inside, the only significant deviation Vriska makes from being Mindfang 24/7 is her relationship with Terezi. Is the alpha Vriska aware that her desperate desire as a kid to become more like Mindfang has consumed her? Is she aware that (Vriska) is not an impossible deviation from Vriskahood, but a version of who she really is without the crushing veneer of Mindfang? And if Vriska survives her Mindfang-esque heroic sacrifice in the dream bubbles, will she ever be able to peel the Mindfang off of herself, or has she become the mask?

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Please! Do 6 (is that... lipstick, in your collar?) With Steve?? 💞

6: “Is that… lipstick, on your collar?”

.    .    .

Tony was hosting a gala at the Tower in honor of Bucky being renounced as alive again by the U.S Government, which was a hefty feat with his track record, but with your political standing you were lucky to be in good graces with the Secretary of State. The tribunal had gone well and here you were, dressed in your best floor-length gown that Natasha had gifted you on New Year’s after saving her life.

You were making your rounds with everyone and managed to snag Bucky away from a group of people that were pelting him with questions, the broad-shouldered man released a heavy sigh as you lead him by his cuff link. You drew to a halt and turned to face the handsome soldier, the relief evident in his grey gaze.

“How’s being alive again treating you?” you smiled, taking the stem of sparkling champagne from his fingers and replacing it with the glass of whiskey you had ordered before finding him.

Bucky tipped the dark-colored alcohol at you in thanks and you sipped from your switched drinks, before Bucky cleared his throat. He glanced around at the bustling main floor of the Tower and replied, “I haven’t worn a three-piece suit in seventy years, so that should answer your question.”

“Well, you look quite handsome,” you said, brushing your fingers over the red velvet material of his tie to straighten it. Bucky’s lips were curled into a fond smile when you looked up and you patted his cleanly-shaven cheek. “You’re the man of honor tonight, and I don’t need your tie to be crooked the whole time.”

He shrugged, “That’s why I’ve got the most beautiful woman here to fix it.”

“Mmm… in your dreams, Barnes.” You stepped away and pressed the edge of your flute to your red-stained lips, letting the champagne glide into your mouth. 

Bucky finished off his glass in one swig and chuckled, “Doesn’t hurt to try.”

You both turned to face the crowd and Bucky brushed his gloved hand against the small of your back, leaning into you and pointing out onto the dance floor to where Steve’s towering figure could be spotted from a mile away. He had shucked his jacket and was dancing stiffly with a woman.

“Seems like Steve still can’t dance,” Bucky commented into your ear. 

You snorted, “I wonder what she’s going to tell her friends after tonight. I bet her first text will be: Captain America can not dance – in all caps.”

“I think it’s more like: Captain America can’t dance, but he’s an excellent kisser, with that heart eye emoji.”

You looked over at Bucky and gaped, “Did you just say ‘emoji’?”

“I’m not that old,” Bucky stated, before his fingers curled around your hip and he tugged you against him to press a peck to your cheek. “Thanks for the drink, darling. I’ve got to win a bet with Sam and get laid tonight, so I won’t be seeing you for breakfast, but I will be bothering your assistant for lunch with you.”

His hand slipped away from you as he moved down the steps and descended back into the crowd, seeming to have already chosen his bedmate tonight. You watched him for a moment and finished off your champagne, before you set it on the table nearby with Bucky’s whiskey glass. 

It was time to seek out Pepper and tell her you were heading in for the night, because you actually had a job aside from Avenging.

.    .    .

You winded up a few floors below the gala in the kitchen, heating up leftovers and listening to the hum of the microwave while leaning against the center island. It was a pleasant shift from the constant noise of so many bodies in one room and the constant symphony of the hired orchestra.

F.R.I.D.A.Y’s voice rang out and announced, “Miss Y/N, Captain Rogers has arrived on this floor.”

You pushed off from the counter and set your phone aside, glancing at the time left on the microwave before turning to see Steve enter the kitchen. He was wiping at his mouth and holding his suit jacket, a white smile blemishing his features as soon as he saw you.

“Thought you’d be in here,” Steve said, slinging his jacket onto the counter and moving to lean against the stove across from you. 

You raised a brow and asked, “Wouldn’t you rather be upstairs scoring a lady tonight?”

“That’s more of Bucky’s thing,” he scoffed, before you both about jumped out of your skin when the microwave went off. 

Steve stepped aside to let you grab the plate of food you reheated, the feeling of his gaze following you to the silverware drawer and then to where you sat at the center island on a bar stool.

You scooped up a piece of lasagna and blew softly on the steaming food, glancing briefly at Steve. “So, what was that whole stunt on the dance floor?” You gave him an once-over and noticed a smudge of red on the white of his shirt, you narrowed your eyes. “Is that… lipstick, on your collar?

Steve craned his head and pulled at his button-up to examine what you pointed out, before he licked his thumb and rubbed at the mark–only making it worse. He sighed and looked back at you, “She wanted to dance and I didn’t want to turn her down, and then she just caught me by surprise. I didn’t want to kiss her so I kind of… just, left her there and came down here.”

“Who would think?” you mumbled around a mouthful, before swallowing and continuing, “Captain America being chased off by the first woman showing interest.”

Steve wasn’t amused. “Maybe she isn’t the woman I want showing interest.”

You set your fork down and slid off the stool, adjusting your foot back into your heel, before grabbing a napkin and running it under some warm water. The lipstick stain on Steve’s collar was really bothering you and you stepped towards him, grasping his button-up and wiping at the smear.

Steve swallowed and you felt his racing heartbeat beneath your hands, it thundered against his ribcage and made you slowly look up to meet his breathtaking gaze. You asked softly, “And who is the woman you want showing interest?”


.    .    .

The next morning Bucky walked onto your floor talking about terrible sex and asking for tea to only find Steve crouched in front of you as you sat on the kitchen counter, your fingers wound in his short hair with his head buried between your thighs, and Bucky immediately tripped on your bookcase and tumbled to the floor.

Steve stood up quickly and licked at his lips glistening with arousal, wide eyes fixating on Bucky groaning and clambering to his feet across the room. You were still breathing heavily and pressed your face into Steve’s bare shoulder, grumbling softly, “We should’ve kept him dead.”

Bucky snapped, “I heard that!”

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i don’t get why “born this way” is considered THE gay gaga song… “telephone” is by far superior. it has everything born this way has and more. a harp, an actually good beat. Beyoncé.

subsequently Judas is the second gayest. what’s gayer than renouncing Jesus Christ and bathing in wine while making out with Judas surrounded by naked heretics


#ThyCaptionBe: Worst Dentist Ever

You captioned this detail. And we’re revealing the full story now.

Medieval dentistry? Witch hunt? It’s actually the martyrdom of Saint Apollonia!

Here’s the full story:

Like many a beautiful and chaste female martyr before her, Saint Apollonia suffered great bodily harm with grace. 

She was killed during Roman persecutions against early Christians in the 3rd century. Even after soldiers seized Apollonia and violently broke and pulled out her teeth she refused to renounce Christianity or pray to pagan idols, instead opting to throw herself into a fire to preserve her faith. 

Adopted as the patron saint of dentistry, she was often included in personal prayer books and called upon for protection against toothaches.

#ThyCaptionBe is a celebration of modern interpretations of medieval aesthetics. You guess what the heck is going on, then we myth-bust.

The Buddha’s Mindfulness

Mindfulness supports the moment-to-moment intention to not cause harm, to be kind, and to renounce those thoughts and actions that lead to heedlessness. Without wise intention and wise understanding, mindfulness is aimless, and therefore not the Buddha’s mindfulness.

- Phillip Moffitt, The Mindfulness of the Buddha.

“Are you sure about that, Alíc҉e?̀ D̕͜a̡̨͠v̶̛͘͟i̵̢͢͡d̷̢̀͢͞?͟͟͏̨ Ç͠h̷̸͡͞e҉̕҉̶̢s̷̨͘͟͠h̀͘͠i͏̴͢r̵͘e̴͝ C̸̶̸̷̶a̴̢̡͞͝t͝͏?̀͏̴”

it always makes me sad knowing that Allen basically renounced his identity - the very thing he wanted to attain ever since he first woke up with amnesia - in order to keep the memory of Teacher alive, as well as save him at the end of the novel.

If targeted killing outside the law has been so attractive to a president who was a constitutional law professor, who opposed the war in Iraq from the very beginning, who ended the Central Intelligence Agency’s torture program, and who announced his intention to close the Guantanamo Bay detention camp on assuming office, it is unlikely that any successor to his office will easily renounce the seductions of the drone.

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i totally agree with your opinions on sex work and the porn industry in particular but i follow some (current) sex workers whose ideology is basically: yes porn is harmful and misogynistic, so is everything in the world, but you need to reform it, not renounce it bc by not watching porn you could potentially put porn actresses out of jobs. what do you think about this opinion, it feels flawed to me?

thats just not how it works. first of all, most people are watching free porn on the internet anyways. porn is a multi billionaire dollar industry, and you’re not doing the actresses a favor but consuming it. are we also supposed to purchase things made by child slave laborers, because otherwise they could be out of work? the work is exploitation and violence.

porn actresses will not lose their jobs, and if the porn industry was to be ended, the goal would be to have security measures in place to help the actresses transfer out of that field and into other jobs. 

the world is harmful and misogynistic, but porn is filmed rape, actively reinforcing rape culture through it’s consumption. 

Suzanne was desperate to do something she felt would legitimize her, or that would be perceived as legitimizing her. Something that would cause her to seem desirable. Ideally, she would accept the marriage proposal of a member of the Royal Family who would renounce his throne for her. Since this was hardly likely, she concentrated on an alternate plan: getting work.
—  Postcards From The Edge by Carrie Fisher