reno, nv


Reno NV Color. The City of Quaking leaves comes alive every year in Red, orange, yellow and evergreen. The desert wind whistling through lonely cottonwoods and crackling aspen trees adds an amazing element that can only be found in the Western High deserts of Nevada/Eastern California.

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 Reblogging to get ready for the October photo season.

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Some weird things I found at the Goodwill in Reno, NV. I still can’t tell if that Rockband guitar was $3.20 or $32… I also don’t know why they were selling an open and probably used copy of Final Fantasy XI in the case, or why the line to the register is like walking through a dollar store where things can be over a dollar.


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This was on the register screen… It’s the middle of July and that movie was in theaters two years ago.