reno rude

-slamming fists on table- Just! Because! A person! In! A same! Sex! Relationship! Is! The! Bottom! -breaks table- DOES NOT MEAN THEY HAVE TO BE CUTESY AND HELPLESS


All this request for Final Fantasy VII characters had me go back down the memory lane to FFVII:AC when it came out for whatever reason. These two’s bromance scene before they blew up the bridge was absolutely fantastic. Reno came off as a bit of an airhead but I can kinda understand that the movie would be too serious and no fun if they didn’t change something.


Since the Shinra photo book is taking forever and a day, gathered up a few of my faves and made a photo collage.

A2 poster (17 x 23 in), on 160gsm card, which I’ll be selling at any cons I trade at this year. I imagine postage will make them prohibitively expensive for overseas buyers, but they’re $20USD + whatever postage/handling is (likely to be around $10USD but don’t quote me just yet) if anybody’s interested. Ping me over the messaging system if you are and we’ll sort something out.