this was the first time the “a” was proposed for the lgbt acronym.
“we could help add ourself to the list minority groups.”
there was no “a” when it mattered most, there was no “a” until the 21st century. the next time you hear aces say they were around as long as other lgbt sub-communities, show them this.
this proves they were never a minority and were trying to be for /only a decade/.
there is no “a”, please don’t try so hard to seem oppressed, you aren’t. this post was the beginning of asexuals pushing themselves into a community they don’t belong in, as having no sexuality means there’s no discrimination, therefore they aren’t apart of the variety.
spread this like wildfire. aces, we believe you are valid and deserve happiness, but stop saying you’re a part of the lgbt community.
thank you.


Happy 20th Anniversary of Final Fantasy VII!!!!!!!

As a fan, I’m so happy that I can celebrate this day!
Rufus Shinra and the Turks mean a lot to me and I also love the main characters!

Too bad I couldn’t draw them either!( But I’m sure many other artists would)

By the way I am uploading 2 versions. 

1. With Rude’s Sunglasses 2. Without Sunglasses

ok just reposting this so everyone sees why lgbt people want aces out of community, this was honestly disgusting and offensive and the generalization and hate of lgbt people is so prominent with this anon’s message. so like…. please rb this and share it cause this was nasty @ aces if youre gonna send anon hate don’t trigger mentally ill people thanksies