You're Dead
Norma Tanega
You're Dead

Artist: Norma Tanega
Track: You’re Dead
Album: Walking My Cat Named Dog
Label: New Voice Records
Year: 1966

I first heard this song as the theme to the hilarious New Zealand Vampire Comedy Mockumentary What We Do In The Shadows, and I was floored.  Of course I thought it was probably the work of some modern, indie singer-songwriter lady, but it turned out to be by former camp counsellor and erstwhile lover of Dusty Springfield, Norma Tanega.  

Honestly, I had heard very little 60′s Folk music that had such beautiful darkness to it… the song just seemed to be thematically post 80′s.  You would have thought that Norma Tanega would have been more likely to have been the girlfriend of Rennie Sparks rather than Dusty Springfield… but you, like I, would have been wrong.

An Interview with Andrew Bird by Rennie Sparks of The Handsome Family

In the song “Eyeoneye” you sing, “No one can break your heart so you break it yourself.” Do we need our hearts broken? 

Well, I think it might be impossible to break one’s own heart but I thought it was worth bringing up as a possibility. We all know that massaging your own shoulders or cutting your own hair doesn’t feel the same as when someone else does it. The idea that one’s heart has to be broken so that one can know love and therefore have lived, that’s sort of a backward way of going at life.

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