Rennie Advice for Fantasy Writing

- Swords were expensive and not common.
- They required a lot of maintenance, to keep them sharp and rust free, to ensure they weren’t bent or cracked or chipped.
- You wouldn’t just adventure around with a notched blade.
- A razor edge would not cut through bone; for that, you need a chisel edge.
- Swords are heavy, you can’t just pick one up and be able to start swinging accurately.
- Never throw. Dumb move, now you’re unarmed.
- Bows take years to learn well; crossbows don’t.
- Always unstring bow when not in use.
- Always carry extra bowstring, don’t let it get wet.
- More commonly quiver is hung from the belt.
- Arrow wounds are serious. No valiant pincushion charges, no ripping it out. Require medical help.
- Shields aren’t just for hiding; they’re for crowding and breaking teeth.

If I think of more lessons they taught me, I’ll add.


I’m sorry for the lack of activity, I’m dealing with a lot of health problems and spending time in and out of hospital. They haven’t quite figured out what’s wrong with me yet but they know it’s affecting my kidneys, bladder, pancreas and gall bladder.. so it’s a little scary… 

I drew this about a month ago, but I felt like it was pretty relevant now. Also I haven’t uploaded anything in a while. 

Thank you everyone for the support and well wishes. I’ll get through this.