KuroKen Month Day 30: Free day –> GENDERBENT KUROKENNN <3

*slams fists on table* there is not enough genderbent and/or fem!kenma and kuroken in this world!! Why???? we must change this. be the change you wish to seeeee ahahaha


Oops…. welp I got another betta! (I got him on june 18 from the same place I got Smith) This is my little grump he’s a halfmoon with one big ol elephant ear fin and one little fin. The first pic is him at the store as they were getting him out and the next are a few days later his colors are a bit more brighter! Right now he’s in a small tank (1.5 gallon I do water changes every other day) I have a small sponge filter and a heater in there and he’s doing pretty well. He’s going to split the 10 gallon with Smith until the all my media is cycled then he will move into his own 10 gallon and then Smith will have his own as well! He’s also the only betta that likes the leaf hammock thing! Oh ya! I just named him Renny!(it means small but mighty) he has a trumpet snail with him( it came on the plant) and a zebra nerite snail named Reginald or Reggie for short. Hes very photogenic, but i dont have a good camera to take pictures of him :/ and hasn’t fully flared since I’ve got him, he like half flares at the snails though. So yup that my little Renny whom I love very much! (he’s actually very small compared to Smith)

🔞  Full of Passion… Seduction… Pleasure… | CLICK TO SEE FIFTY SHADES  OF GREY FULL HD


Release Date : 2015-02-13
Casts : Max Martini, Jamie Dornan, Luke Grimes, Jennifer Ehle, Marcia Gay Harden, Eloise Mumford, Rita Ora, Rachel Skarsten, Dylan Neal, Andrew Airlie, Emily Fonda, Callum Keith Rennie, Anthony Konechny, Dakota Johnson, Victor Rasuk
Duration : 125 minutes runtime

Rating : 9.8

💑 💋 💏 F.I.F.T.Y  S.H.A.D.E.S  O.F  G.R.E.Y 💑 💋 💏

Just finished watching Fifty Shades of Grey and I gotta say… the film was beautiful. Yes, I am using the word beautiful to describe this movie. I went into the theater completely prepared to be embarrassed because of how graphic it was supposed to be, but I was extremely surprised by how I actually felt. 

The movie is getting a really bad rep because of the bad writing and graphic scenes that are in the book that it is based on. However, the movie is not just a “sex movie” like everyone says. It’s pretty hilarious and romantic. The sex scenes were extremely dialed down and they all served a purpose. If you thought the pointless sex in The Wolf of Wall Street was acceptable, then you would be more than okay with the content in this Fifty Shades. 

Before I watched Fifty Shades of Grey, I watched a lot of interviews with the cast of the film and was confused as to how they could possibly describe the sex scenes as being classy and elegant. But then again, all I had to compare it to were scenes from Game of Thrones, True Blood, The Wolf of Wall Street, etc… After watching this film, I can honestly say that I completely agree with the cast. There was nothing “dirty” or “wrong” about what I was seeing on the screen. Sam Taylor-Johnson, the director, did an excellent job with this movie. She made it very tasteful and easier to accept. This film could have gone in a very bad direction, but thank god it didn’t.

For those of you that think that this movie is glorifying abusive relationships, think again because I think that it actually empowers women. I’m sure that you can argue, with quotes from the book, that I’m wrong, but there are many differences between the film and the book. In my opinion, they cut out many of the scenes that were considered controversial. I watched the movie looking for signs of an abusive relationship, but I really didn’t see anything of that nature. In fact, all I saw was this confident and empowered woman that made all of her own decisions. She was not forced to do anything that she didn’t want to do. She wanted to explore Christian’s dark world and her own sexuality. You can argue that Christian abuses her physically and emotionally, but he does what she tells him to do. When she says stop… he stops. He tries to give her what she wants.