I stole this from another story I was writing. I thought it was funny. Enjoy! (475 words)

In the morning Tony walked into the kitchen and got hit in the face with a toy arrow and looked up to see Clint perched up on a stool at the counter with a cup of coffee and his toy bow. “Oh good morning Tony”

“Who the hell are you trying to shoot?”


“How well do you think that will go?”

“The most she will do is throw it at me or slap me so I’m fine.”

“If I did it she would actually try to kill me till you pull her off me,” Tony said before making himself some coffee. Pietro walked in with Thor and Bruce close behind him, all three got shot buy fake arrows. Thor and Bruce brushed it off and continued their mission of coffee.

Pietro smirked and said, “You shouldn’t mess with me.”

“And why is that?” Clint asked.

“Because you talk in your sleep and my room is next to yours.” Clint looked down and blushed then shot Steve as he walked in. Steve started cooking everyone breakfast like normal. Steve always volunteered to make breakfast as long as there was coffee already made when he got there.

By the time breakfast was half made Wanda walked into the room and stopped the fake arrow mid air and placed it on the floor before walking over to Pietro. A minute later Natasha walked in and when it hit he she walked over to him with it in her hand, everyone watching them. She put her hand on his shoulder and smirked, “Can’t wait for training today Clint.” Then licked the toy arrow and stuck it in his mostly full coffee cup. He smiled at her as she sat next to him, everyone watching.

“What just happened?” Tony asked.

“I think she just promised to kick his ass later,” Steve said.

“But the arrow?” Wanda asked.

“I’m not sure,” Steve said as he looked at them confused.

The rest of the morning went by normally. Everyone wished Clint luck as he and Natasha went to go trane. Clint went and go get dressed and met Natasha in the training room. He walked in to see her turning on the playlist they use to train, she had on a pair of nike shorts and a tank top. They always trained to the same music, once on a mission with everyone Clint and Natasha broke out into song as they beat everyone up. “So how are we training?” Clint asked alone to get a smirk as an answer.

The rest of the team sat upstairs planning out Clint’s funeral. “Should I got check on them?” Pietro asked and got a nod from Tony. Two flashes of silver and one red Pietro later everyone was informed that Clint and Natasha didn’t need any help what so ever in the relationship department.

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