rennerection (n.)

1. a sudden, overwhelming amount of feels for Jeremy Renner that cannot be contained; side effects include gross sobbing, whale noises, and squawking

  • When I saw the trailer for The Bourne Legacy before the film, I got the worst rennerection and was worried that others would notice.

2. what happens when Jeremy Renner accidentally takes Viagra before a flight

  • One time Jeremy Renner took Viagra before a flight and he got a rennerection.
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Skip to 6:30 and watch in fullscreen. You’ll thank me later.

Internally spazzing out

I commented on the video of Jeremy Renner on Jimmy Kimmel (part 1) from yesterday and it has 200 likes because I used my lovely new word rennerection and omg what if Jeremy reads it I’m spazzing out right now guys PEOPLE ARE USING THE WORD RENNERECTION NOW AND I CAME UP WITH THAT THIS IS THE HAPPIEST DAY OF MY LIFE

sorry did that sound really self-centered I’m just really happy right now