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Chris Evans

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see how his chest kinda rise up at the end? so cute <3

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Chris Evans


Hey Marvel world! I’m 18, I’m brown, I’ve been told I’m a total dork. This is kind of crazy. But I want to be your next Iron Man. I think I’m the BAMF you’re looking for. Here’s a couple pics of me just so ya know. Give me a shot and help a kids dream come true?! Please????


Team Captain America: ..So if you could undercover in Hydra. For justice.
Sherlock: Boring.
John: Sherlock.

Team Iron man: Mycroft Holmes recommended you. Find who killed my father.
Sherlock: Get out.
John: Sherlock.


When you’re on a team with the Hulk and Thor
And we’re all up there on the movie screen,
Will the people believe that I’m not quite as tough?
Will anyone even notice me?

But listen I’ve got powers too, they’re pretty sweet.
I promise I can do so much more than just archery.

I’m serious guys.
I’ve got a collection of scarves and berets.
I play trombone in a ska band.
I once got to second base on my Tinder date.
And my cat has got its own Instagram.

I tell you now
I kick ass at Mario Kart.
This year I played an extra in Paul Blart.
I can open a pickle jar.
I’m friggin’ Hawkeye.
Maybe I’m as super as they are.

So maybe I still haven’t lost my virginity.
But when I bowl I always score at least 70, after six beers

Yes I know ‘bout Captain America’s strength.
Hulk becomes a towering man.
But I got seventh place in my fantasy league.
And I once butt-dialed Jean-Claude Van Damme.

When I go to Chipotle I get free guac.
I flirt with the cashier and she says I rock.
I own water-resistant socks.
I’m friggin’ Hawkeye.

Maybe I’m as super as they are.

Maybe I’m as super as they are.
Maybe I’m as super as they are. 

okay why aren't we talking about this?

Do we have a cat? [Clint Barton x Reader]

Word count: 965

Warnings: Language

Storyline: Loki turns you into a cat and besides Tony who finds it very funny, Clint is pretty decided to kill the vilan.

Author’s note: That was a difficult one, I’m sorry if it sucks.

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“Since when do we have a cat?”, Clint asked as he watched the cat trying to climb on his lap. If it wasn’t because he wasn’t crazy, he’d think the cat was trying to say him something. Suddenly, she had appeared in the hall, she had meowed and she had followed him everywhere.

“I don’t know but Tony’s going to freak out if he see it”, Natasha said as she looked at the feline that was still trying to get Clint’s attention. Tony hated cats; he thought they were traitors. 

“Maybe we should leave it here”, Clint half-joked, making Natasha laugh.

“If Y/N sees the cat, she’ll want to adopt it. You know it, right?”, she added. A grimace appeared in Clint’s face. As much as he would like to see Tony afraid by a simple cat, he didn’t want to argue with his girlfriend about having a pet. They’d had that talk many times and every time they finished arguing. Clint thought they didn’t have enough time to take care of the animal, while Y/N thought that with effort, everything was possible.

“Okay, time to go, little one”, he said grabbing the cat. Just when his hands touched the cat, she began to purr. “You won’t convince me. It’s not you, it’s me”, he said. Natasha softly laughed.

When Clint was ready to take the cat outside, she began to stir in his arms and she started meowing like crazy. “What the hell!”, he shouted when the cat scratched him. He dropped the feline and he watched as she ran away, disappearing from his sight. “I think she understands me when I talk”, Clint said as he observed his arm, looking for damage. 

“And she’s crazy in love with you too. Y/N, be careful! Clint’s has a new suitor!”.

Suddenly, they heard a high-pitched scream. “Who the hell let a cat in here?”, Tony screamed. They heard steps approaching the kitchen, which was where they were. “You”, Tony yelled pointing at Clint. “You let that thing in”. 

“That thing is a cat and no, I didn’t let her in”, Clint answered calmly. 


“It’s a female, I’ve checked”, Natasha confirmed. Tony was stunned for a few seconds, then he shook his head.

“I don’t care, we have to find that thing”, he insisted. “And kick it out. I don’t like cats, they’re traitors. I don’t want one in my house”. 

Natasha rolled her eyes but didn’t say anything, after all, that place had been built with Tony’s money.

Clint and Natasha followed Tony to the surveillance room, where there were a lot of computers and screens that showed what happened at the Avenger’s base, just as it recorded everything that had happened in the last twenty four hours. “Let’s see where the hell is that cat”, Tony muttered as he searched in the screens. Clint leaned against one of the desks, he crossed his arms over his chest and waited for Tony to find the cat. He wanted to finish with that nonsense once for all.

“Don’t you think it’s strange that, out of nowhere, this cat had appeared?”, Natasha asked.

“What do you mean?”, Clint said with a frown.

“There’s absolutely nothing around the base and it’s to far for a wild cat to come here”, she explained. “Maybe we should look at how it entered here”.

“That’s not important”, Tony mumbled.

“For God’s sake, Tony. Do what I said”, Natasha demanded. Tony muttered some offensive words as he did what Natasha had told him. Clint paid more attention because he was curious about what his best friend had said. And what appeared in the screen left him shocked.

“What the hell…”, he mumbled. It was Y/N arguing with Loki and, suddenly, becoming a cat. The cat he had held a few minutes earlier. “I’m going to fucking kill him, do you hear me?”, Clint yelled. “I don’t care he’s Thor’s brother and I don’t care he’s trying to win to earn heaven, but it’s clear he’s not trying a damn thing”. Natasha grabbed his best friend and stopped him.

“Stop, Clint. We don’t even know where Y/N is. Or most important, Loki”.

“Maybe he has to kiss the cat”, Tony said.

“Stark, this isn’t a fucking Disney movie”, Clint grumbled. “Where the fuck is Loki?”, he asked looking at the screens. Finally, Natasha pointed one of the screens where Loki could be seen threatening a cat with his rod. Clint ran out of the room, followed by Natasha telling him to calm down and Tony chuckling. When he found Loki, he jumped on him and started beating him until Natasha and Tony got him away from him. The cat, or Y/N, was standing there, swollen like a balloon and grunting.

“You need him alive to get Y/N back”, Tony said, trying to calm him down. Loki laughed and laughed, clearly amused by the situation. Tony had trouble keeping a straight face, he was amused by the situation as well, although havin a cat next to him was making him hysteric.

“You just need to ask”, Loki said before Clint could threaten him. He pointed the cat with the rod and, suddenly, Y/N appeared. Say that she was angry was an understatement. She looked at her boyfriend and friends, and then he looked at Loki. She hit him with so much force that knocked him down.

“Next time you decide to have fun with someone, you know with whom you don’t have to play”, Y/N grumbled.

“I fucking love you”, Clint mumbled as he went to hug her.