renner's army

Jeremy Renner on Jimmy Kimmel.

Part 1.

  • Of COURSE he’s not able to enter like a normal person. Instead, he brings poptarts, jumps a little and sticks his freaking tongue out.
  • AND he’s not able to sit still for just a SECOND.
  • A to V. God dammit. Camping on a plane. Dennis Hopper’s daughter. I’m freaking out. This can’t be healthy at all. ICE! HAMMER! Argh. I’m dead.

Part 2.

  • Did I mention that I just died?
  • I’m dead.
  • I can’t.
  • This is more than I can ever take.

Part 3.

  • And GOD, he’s running and gliding and beating that bad boys up like a BOSS.
  • Back in the studio - his gesture. Hawwww.
  • “I think it’s better without him (Matt Damon)” - true thing, Jimmy, true thing.
  • Chicken livers in the pocket. So the wolves won’t eat his beautiful face. Interesting… xD
  • Of COURSE he was riding the motorcycle by himself. Because he’s freaking JEREMY RENNER.

And now it’s over again. And I’m dead. And everything’s Jeremy and stretches and poptarts and A to V and chicken liver.

I just ordered poptarts at Amazon.