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I want you all to know what to expect of me when I’m making movies, and that’s the fact that if there are white people in the movie they will intensely and irredeemably unlikeable. not a kylie renner situation where they’re still kinda cute and have layers to their character, I’m talking they’ll be the lowest of the low and ugly as shit. everyone interesting, smart, beautiful, and complex will not be white. I don’t want anyone @ing me asking abt “when will this yt get a redemption arc??” bc they won’t. ever.

My reaction to the Chris Evans & Jeremy Renner situation at the moment, is this: 

Both of their comments were horrible, but I am a lot more angry at Jeremy Renner than I am at Chris Evans.


Chris Evan apologized

I am still disappointed in him greatly, but he apologized in a way that acknowledged that he was wrong, & that people were justified in feeling hurt & disappointed by it, & I am glad he did. 

It’s incredibly hard to unlearn the toxic ideas that our culture is saturated with, & sometimes even good people can mess up in really bad ways that can cause harm. What matters most to me is how people react to being called out on that, & Chris Evans responded with maturity.

Jeremy Renner didn’t apologize. He made an excuse for his actions.

He said essentially that he was sorry that people were offended, & refused to acknowledge the harm he caused by putting blame on those hurt by his actions, & added further justifications his behaviour. As well, he denied the impact of media on shaping societal norms & it’s influence on people by downplaying it as a ‘fictional’ insult, thus ignoring the importance of Black Widow as a media figure & in the lives of countless women.

That is not an apology. 

paigeherbie  asked:

I totally relate to the erasing Finn post you made, but was kind of perplexed by you saying Kylie Renner isn't a lead. (hilarious nickname by the way) If anything the story revolves around Rey, Finn, and Kylo. Poe was initially supposed to die early in the series, it's just because he became so popular that they decided to make him a key character.

Kylie Renner (nickname cred to @jedipilotstorm) isn’t a lead/main character. He’s the villain, the antagonist to the two protagonists/mains–Finn & Rey. 

The story revolves around Finn & Rey who share a common enemy–Kylie Renner. 

When discussing lead/main characters, they are usually the heroes/protagonists (occasionally an anti-hero). Darth Vader wasn’t the lead in the original trilogy, it was Luke. Anakin was the lead in the prequels because those were expressly about his turn to Darkness. 

Yes, part of the current story involves Kylie Renner’s development into a villain, but that’s because narratively heroes usually must face villains. Kylie Renner is there to serve Finn & Rey’s story, not the other way around. 

Finn, Rey, and Kylie Renner are not a trio. Finn & Rey are the heroes, and Renner is the villain. All of the marketing conveys this. Finn/John & Rey/Daisy are always paired together in interviews and behind the scenes footage. We even got exclusive bonus footage of John & Daisy discussing preparation/filming for facing the villain. We get promo pics of Finn & Rey back to back, weapons drawn. Etc.

It’s like Harry Potter. No one would argue that Lord Voldemort is a lead. Harry, Hermione and Ron are the main characters. The story is about Harry and how Harry defeats Voldemort. Similarly, here, the story is about Finn & Rey and how they will defeat Kylie Renner.  

Today I got to twohand ruffle Frank Grillo’s hair and got held at gunpoint for a photo op.

I was about the eighth in line for Grillo’s autograph. He actually did two autographs for me (in spite of the con staff next to him saying up no. He signed them faster than they could shame him for it XD).

And I’m just like, dude, I always like the villains. You’re awesome. Can I ruffle your hair?

“Hah yes you can.”

So I get both my hands into his hair and he’s laughing his ass off. I have no fucking idea what he uses to keep his hair that vertical and that fucking soft.

“Why are people so obsessed with my hair?!”

To which I replied, “You don’t need to know. Just know this will be in my fantasies for about a week.”

He laughed.

Renner’s autograph, I brought something. A fan poster. Slid it to him and said, “I figure you haven’t signed this today.”

Renner responded with “Actually, I’ve never seen this. Ever.” While looking entirely nonplussed. 

I’ve never done a photo op before but I was warned it’s FAST, it’s assembly line, barely thirty seconds for a photo.

So as I walked up to Grillo I pulled my airsoft and flipped it to hand to him. “Want to hold me at gunpoint for this?”

And he took my airsoft, “Is this fake? It is? Absolutely!”

Didn’t have enough time to really get situated. 

Renner, then. So as I walk up, “Considering I’m dressed as Coulson, I’d like to be lecturing you. Can I be gesticulating while you look completely done with my shit?”

And Renner snorted and said he could totally do that.

They’re total sweethearts. Seriously. 


“Architecture and building is about how you get around the obstacles that are presented to you. That sometimes determines how successful you’ll be: How good are you at going around obstacles?” [x]