Rebels Without Causes: Tumblr Magazine PH's Bloggers Who Matter - Part 3

Photos are from the bloggers themselves; credits to their photographers *winks*

Here is Tumblr, if you prefer to see and understand it in numbers.

As of June 2014, this microblogging site has a total blog population of about 192 million, with over 83.1 billion blog posts, all managed by about 280 employees, housed on its three offices at NYC, RVA, and LA. [1]

The website itself has been available to 13 major languages in the world, and has 37,000 registered meetups all over the globe. [1]

Tumblr’s blog population is enough to occupy the citizen count of the United Kingdom and Japan, combined. Surprisingly, these two countries ranked 3rd (4.4%) and 4th (3.6%) place, respectively, as the top countries that visit Tumblr. [2]

Obviously, United States of America ranked 1st with 32.8% of the total site visit. To much surprise, India ranked 2nd with 8.3%, and on 5th place is France with 3.5% site visit. The Philippines? At the bottom of the list with 1%. [2]

In a global view, Tumblr ranked 35th on popularity (19th most popular in the United States). [2]

In April 2013, the website received more than 13 billion global page views [3], and come June 2014, over 96 million posts are created on the site each day[4]

AddThis, a social media bookmarking web technology company, noted in 2011 that Tumblr had increased by 1,299.5% in terms of growth in content sharing, with Facebook on the side that makes up sharing on the web at 52%. [5]

In the Philippines, Tumblr is the 16th most popular site based on a combination of average daily visitors and pageviews. 1.1% of Tumblr users come from Philippines and they generate 1.0% of the pageviews on Tumblr. [6]

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Rommel Rebucan
20, “Certified Unemployed”

Benok: “Being a graduate of Fine Arts, I really want to be an animator, and because of this, I see myself twenty to thirty years from now as a successful animator in Pixar or DreamWorks, if not, maybe in Japan. Kung hindi naman, I would be on a advertising company doing *of course* advertisements for a certain product. But still I will pursue my dream job which is to be an animator/illustrator. Medyo bihira kasi yung nag-o-offer nyan dito sa Pilipinas, kaya I have plans to go somewhere na may nag-o-offer ng [ganung] klaseng job.”

John Carlo Tagata
18, Information Technology Student

JC: “I have my own successful efforts in making a difference. As much as I try to fulfill my goals and my dreams, I have always put the sake of others into account. Most of the time, I’m a son that is trying to make his parents proud, or I’m a brother who tells his younger siblings to live wholesome lives. Sometimes, I’m an active volunteer taking 1-hour rides out of town to help "unreached” people live better lives. Just recently, I’m a student-leader working to help students understand what IT is. I have gone beyond my comfort zones to change the lives of other people. My whole life does not revolve around me, and I think that makes my existence relevant.“

Jan Michael Rebuyas
22, Writer and reporter for The Philippine STAR

Mike: "In all honesty, I’m just some plain old hobbyist with equipment that I don’t even deserve. (But my parents think I do, so who am I to argue?) With my blog, I’m just trying to keep track of my life and all the everyday sh*t that happens in it and share just a tad bit of it with anyone who would care and want to know. One of the most memorable things to happen to me on Tumblr were the times when my photos got into the *featured* tags, which honestly was quite a surprise since I don’t think that I’m that good of a photographer.”

JL Javier
19, Information Design Student

JL: “One of my favorite quotes is really cheesy: "Find what you love and let it kill you.” That’s design and photography for me. I owe much of my strength and confidence to these two things even though, at the same time, they drive me insane. / We all matter to something or someone, the same way that the people around us have influenced us one way or another, making them relevant to us. I try to be the best version of myself I can be not just for others, but also for myself. I don’t think it matters what exactly your relevance is, as long as it helps you and the people around you grow.“

Roye Julian Serrano
21, Multimedia Arts Student

Roi: ”I write endlessly on my journal, read books (and not inside a goddamn Starbucks, because I’m not a hipster and just because there are other places to get better coffee), and I love taking photographs. I usually get bashed whenever I post something, especially a photograph. I usually just shake it off, because I believe that if I keep on doing what I love, people will start to understand and soon appreciate what I do.“

Rennell Salumbre
22, Freelance Photographer / "Tambay Most Of The Time”

Rennell: “I love music and photography. I want to work in both industries as much as possible, but of course, I prioritize photography since that’s where I, somehow, excel in. I used to play the guitar kasi but then, no improvement with my skill kaya I stopped. How I wish I could sing din. Pero I take photos of musicians naman sometimes kaya I think my photography will also be a help na rin in the music industry. Haha!”

Nicole Cortez
18, Journalism and Media Studies Student

Nicole: “I can’t say I’m out to change the entire world and I’m not that ambitious, but I want to make a difference in the lives of people through my writing, to advocate good causes and champion them all. I want to be able to draw out of my mind the perfectly tailored sentence—the phrase that makes everyone else sit down and realize ‘Ah, so that’s what it’s all about. I have to do something about it.’ I dunno. I want to grow into myself and grow outwards and spread my roots to each person I touch. I know these are small things, but hey, they’re good things nonetheless. At the end of the day, I think, doing good things for people is way more important than anything else anyway.”

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PHOTOGRAPHER'S HONOR ROLL 2014 - Rennell Salumbre

On our annual Photo Issue, we continue giving the spotlight to some of the best photo bloggers we’ve never featured before or those unheralded lens men we would want everyone to discover for the love of God and photography. This year, we start the roster for our annual honor roll with 22-year old AB Political Science Graduate from the University of Santo Tomas, Rennell Salumbre. 


What are the main differences of you in and out your blog?

I am a little bit nicer personally. Just a little bit. 

How did you end up flirting with cameras?

I was into guitars back then but I sucked at playing thus, I decided to take up a new hobby, which is photography.

Where do you draw your inspirations from?

A friend told me this “kung hindi maganda tingin mo sa mundo, paano gaganda mga kuha mo?” – Just think that a lot of good things are happening in your surroundings, your world, that for me, is enough to be inspired.

Give us some tips on choosing the best camera for starters.

The best camera is the one that you can afford. Seriously.

If you are not taking photos, you’d be…

A tambay… or taking up a master’s degree in public administration and governance.

What do you like to photograph?

Almost everything except for events and I’d rather focus on people and landscapes.

What’s the funniest thing that’s ever happened to you on a shoot?

I can’t remember anything funny that happened during a shoot but recently, I almost got into a fight with a “photographer” who has his camera with an attached telephoto lens hanging on his shoulders. He was at my back and when I turned around, my bag hit his lens. He was so mad and told me, “MAG-INGAT KA NGA! [unintelligible]” but I didn’t want to fight back because it was so hot that day. That was really funny because he looked stupid. There are a lot of people in the event and why the hell would he bring his telephoto lens in that kind of event. For what? To say that he can afford expensive gear? BS.

Do you prefer to photograph in color or black-and-white? Why?

It actually depends on my mood. But before taking a shot, one of the first things to determine is what kind of post-processing technique to apply in the photo. It’s called pre-visualization, you dig?

Who are some photographers who influenced you and your style?  

You guys better check out – Filipino - Raul Echivarre, Red Ognita, Geloy Conception, Francisco Guerrero, Raymund Isaac, Nina Sandejas, Bong Bajo,  Christian Sangoyo, Ben Chan (Blacksheep Manila), BJ Pascual, Shaira Luna, and Christian Lim.

Foreign – check out the masters! The magnum photographers. Then, JoeyL!

What equipment do you use?

I use a Canon and Fuji system.

Tips and pieces of advice for brewing/starting photographers.

I am not credible enough to give tips and advices to other photographers but what experience thought me is to always find what makes you happy. - (Labo nito haha!)

As far as your memory could remember, what was your first photograph? 

A selfie! Won’t let you see it though. :P

Among all the photos you’ve taken, which is your most favorite? 

I actually don’t have a favorite photo that I took. I dunno, maybe it’s one way for me to be hungy in having a real good shot, to have that favorite.

Aside from photography, what are your other interests?

Love interest. <3

Weird things we don’t know about you.

There are reasons why I keep these kinds of things hidden.

(all photos were editor’s choice –photographed by Rennell Salumbre)