KKC - smells II - Wise Man’s Fear

WMF (39 hits altogether)

  1. Denna - wildflowers, autumn leaves, road dust and summer storm (again!!) / selas flower, green grass, road dust (the freshness and the road dust are the most significant [and some kind of storm: mostly summer, once spring])
  2. Crucible (University) - ammonia, charred flowers, acid and alcohol (I don’t think this is relevant, maybe delete it later)
  3. Plum bob - nutmeg and plum
  4. Rennel Wood - no smoke, no stink
  5. Thrice Locked Box - citrus and quenching iron
  6. Felurian - clover, musk, ripe apples fallen to the ground
  7. Cthaeh - Rhinna wood - smoke and leather and lemon
  8. Vashet - clean weat, oiled metal and crushed grass
  9. Loeclos/Lackless box - spicewood, lemon

Maserati Soldini VOR70
Good Morning its Sunday, July 19, 2015 7:58 AM (GMT+11) . We are approx 134mm NNE #SamanIsland of #PNG and #BellonaIsland lies 191nm to our East in the Soloman Islands Sailed distance 3783nm from #naha #okinawa for #Brisbane

The Rennell and Bellona islands are a province of the Solomon Islands comprising two inhabited atolls, Rennell and Bellona, or #MuNggava and #MuNgik(in #Polynesian). Rennell and Bellona Islands are the only islands in the Melanesian Solomon Island archipelago classified Polynesian.

The people of Rennel dates before 1400 AD when clansmen left Uvea (now Wallis Island) and crossed the Pacific ocean to settle on the islands. Captain Butler of HMS Walpole discovered the islands in #1801

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fall--out--boi asked:

What happened at CHS?

So former students are not allowed to go on campus anymore apparently. I tried to get a visitor pass for lunch and they were like “oh starting this year you’re not allowed on campus. Sorry.” And I was like are you fucking kidding me?! Rother wtf. I ended up sneaking on campus anyway and seeing Ms. Rennell in the math office.